That Should be Me (BTR love story)

What if Gustavo has a niece? she has a full package but refuse to use her gift.. but thanks to her bestie she agreed to try it as long as they come as a package... what if Kendall for for one of them but he never tell her about Jo? what if james want to make a move to Feisty girl but the truth is she is vulnerable,, this is a story about family, friendship, betrayal, love, and BIG TIME RUSH :D read it if you wanna know


8. Welcome To Palm Woods


---Gustavo office-- -

Kelly : girls,, welcome to the Rocque Records. Gustavo will be here soon.

Lilly : thanks kelly

Gustavo : (entering the room) My beautiful Girls, (give them a bear hug)

Lilly : we’re fine uncle.

Gustavo : have a sit girls..

Cindy, Chels, Madd, Lil : thanks ( sit down)

Lilly : we’re here because we want to tell you that no matter what our decision is you have to take it with pleasure okay. This is for our best.

Gustavo : oh no,, are you guys serious about this? Are you need more time to think about it?

Cindy : no our decision can’t be change again. That’s because... WE AGREE TO MAKE SINGING GROUP AND START OUR CAREER.

Gustavo and kelly : REALLY!!!!

Cindy, Chels, Madd, Lill : REALLY...

Chelsea : BUT in one  condition. we’re not gonna abandon our school.

Gustavo : That’s for sure. So that means we have a Deal?

Cindy, Chels, Madd, Lill : Deal..

Lilly : Ooo man... I can’t believe i just said that

Gustavo : ok then, tomorrow you’ll move out to palm woods and—

Cindy, Chels, Madd, Lill : WHAATT????

Gustavo : What?? Did I said something wrong?

Chelsea : what do you mean “MOVING OUT”?

Gustavo : you know, live in other place, new place for sure.

Maddie : We know what MOVING OUT means. Chelsea Wants to know Why are we moving out?

Gustavo : your home so far from here, it waste so much time. You know time it’s money, right?

Cindy : But gustavo, what about our Friends? Our parents? my little sister? And our school?

Gustavo : you can still see you friends again in the weekend.  You live in palm woods with LM, i already meet your parents and they excited about this. Your sister, she’ll move out to palm woods too. Oooh yeah about  you’re school, you guys are leaving Mckinley High School and Monday you’ll go to Palm Woods High School, Yay!!

Cindy, Chels, Madd, Lill : WHAAATT!!!!!!!!!!!


*Saturday 8.00 a.m*

---at palm woods---

LM : girls, i’m gonna fill the papers first. You guys just go to the apartment. Our apartment in 3B.

Girls : OK

Lucy : I can’t believe this we’ll live here... in Palm Woods. (checking around and smiling)

Maddie : i can’t believe you guys agreed to go to school to palm high.

Chelsea : you really wanna talk about this again??

Maddie : YES!!

Lilly : hey you are the one who really want to start this singing thing. So let it go, will ya! We gonna go to palm high.

Cindy : (exhales) c’mon madd, you can’t mad to us for the rest of your life.

Maddie : Yupp, I CAN

Lilly : wait a minute, I heard that palm wood has the greatest pool around here. Wanna check it out, maddie?? COME ON, you love awesome pool right??

Maddie : errgh, FINE but this doesn’t mean I forgive all of you.

Lucy : Maddie, wanna race to the pool?

Maddie : OF COURSE (start running as fast as lucy)

Lilly : oh boy, i’m gonna follow them ok. (start running too) MADDIE,, LUCY,, WAIT UP

Chelsea : WAIT, LILLY!! Who’s gonna carry all of this luggage.

Cindy : (giggle) hey i’m right here you know. Don’t worry i’m gonna help you.

Chelsea : Ok, i’ll carry Lucy and Lilly’s luggage, you carry Maddie’s

Cindy : are you sure? i mean, you carried 3 luggage and i’m 2?

Chelsea : I’m positive (walk away). Hey cindy do you wanna race to our apartment?

Cindy : Ok. (look at the luggage) this should be easy. (carry maddie’s luggage but strugling) errgh,, what the hell is she put in this luggage. CHELSEA????

Chelsea : (turn around) she brought her whole wardrobe and other stuff. see you later (gigle and run to elevator)

Cindy : (facing down, still triying to pull the luggage) errgh damn it, why this luggage don’t move??

???  : Hey new girl,,, do you need any help?

Cindy : thanks, It would be great. (look up) I’m..... YOU??? What are you doing here?

??? : I live here. You...mmm..(start to think her name) shoot i forgot...what’s your name again?

Cindy : It’s cindy.

James : Right, cindy.. do you still remember me?

Cindy : of course i remembered you. (whisper to herself) it’s hard to forget that annoying face

James : did you say something?

Cindy : heh?? Nope...

James : alright then..  ( take all her luggage and start to carry it) errgh, this quite heavy. Are you brought your whole wardrobe? (smirking)

Cindy : well for the records  i only bring one luggage, it’s in your right hand. The other one it’s maddie’s luggage. Dont be such a little girl and  start carry those luggage.

James : ok..ok.. geez. So what apartment?

Cindy : 3B.

James : well, we’re in the same floor. I’m 3J.

Cindy : great.. hey did you remembered that you still owe me something?

James : owe you?

Cindy : yup.. you owe me an answer. A question that i asked you when you visited the happy orphan house. When you want to anwerd it, i had to meet LM. 

James : ooh, that one..

Cindy : yess... that one. Soo why are you looking for Lilly, huh??

James : hmm... I-I want to..... (gulp) I want to... (inside thought: shooot.. think..think. why am i looking for lilly. Come on james.)

Cindy : James... james.. are you daydreaming??

James : what?? Noo, mm,, i’m looking for lilly because i want to..... mmm.... give her necklace back..

Cindy : what? Lilly doesn’t lose her necklace. Dont lie to me James. Tell me!!

James : ok..but please dont let her know about this.

Cindy : ok, soo???

James : i kinda had a crush on her (blushed)

Cindy : really? Well.. good luck with that..(smirking)

James : ok what’s wrong? (accusing tone)

Cindy : nothing..

James : Reaally??

Cindy : well mmm... you know lilly is kinda HATE you, not just you but all guys that join in a band. She thought that all you guys is a jerk.

James : what? I’m not a jerk. Why is she thinks like that?

Cindy : maybe that’s because her first boyfriend is join a band. He always slap or hit her when she make tiny little mistake but she never mad or upset about it. Then, he’s cheating on her over and over again. Until someday i took her to his place and he was making out with another girl.

James : that’s terrible. what kind of monster that dare doing that thing?

Cindy : i’m not done yet james, do you wanna know what happened that monster? Well lilly rearranged his face and she broke his arm. Yupp, there i already said it to you.

James : WHAT?? S-she re-rearranged his face??

Cindy : yess.... that’s up to you. You want to believe me or not. James, are you okay? (waving her hand in front of his face) HELLLOOOOO... JAMES!!!

James : do you think i had a chance to get to know her?

Cindy : well, as long as you dont make that terrified face in front of her and just be yourself i think you had plenty of chance. Let me tell you this, lilly had a dream guy list, and i know all things in her list. You wanna know what, you got almost perfect  score from her list.

James : ALMOST?? What was i missed?

Cindy : you are in the band. She hates that remembered??

James : yeah right... well here we are, apartment 3B.

Cindy : thanks james, you know it’s really nice chat with you. Dont worry i’m gonna help you get lilly ok..

James : Really?

Cindy : yup, idk why but something inside me said maybe you’re the one for her. This is reaally weird.

James : thank you.....thank you....thank you.....( hug her )

Cindy : ok..ok..james...I----cant----breath

James : sorry...sorry(let her go). i’m tooo exciting  

Cindy : yeah, i know.

James : well i gotta go now. See you later cindy, bye

Cindy : bye james... (entered the apartment) OH----my----gosh.. this is SOOO COOLLLL... we got DDR and A SLIDE!!!!!!

Chelsea : yeah, can you believe we got this in our apartment? You need to check out our room.

Cindy : right. ( run to the bedroom) OMG... I PICK THIS ROOM. THIS IS MINE NOW....

Chelsea : (smile) cindy, i’m sorry i’m cheating on you on the race.

Cindy : it’s ok. Beside do you wanna know something? BTR lives in palm woods.

Chelsea : WHATT???

Cindy : why are you soo surprise about that?

Chelsea : hmm.. no reason

Cindy : Okaay then.. hey i wanna check out the girls, wanna come?

Chelsea: nope, i still need to unpack my luggage. Hey cindy could you buy me blueberry smoothie?

Cindy : sure..

(cindy went to elevator, but the elevator door was closing then she run faster)


??? : (push hold button)

Cindy : thank you..first floor please(panting)

??? : (push 1 floor button) are you okay?

Cindy : i’m fine thanks, by the way i’m cindy.. (look at his face) KENDALL KNIGHT??

Kendall : (inside thought : shit, this girl... what is she dong here? ) yes, it’s me. You’re the girl that sang in the foundation right?

Cindy : you notice me?? (Inside thought : OMG...OMG he noticed me,, ok calm down, you dont wanna look like a freak in front of kendall)

Kendall : Well... kinda (smile). so what are you doing here? ( inside thought : please dont tell me she just move here )

Cindy : i lived here now... i’m in 3B.

Kendall : (inside thought: Damn it... she lived here now. I’M DOOM) how’s your apartment? Do you like it?

Cindy : absolutely love it... i got a slide and a DDR, how cool is that??

Kendall : you got a slide? Swirly slide?

Cindy : where did you know the slide is swirly?

Kendall : i had a slide too and a foosball

Cindy : Cool.. i guess everyone have a slide.

Kendall : not everyone, just us (smile,elevator door opens, and they continue their talk) so, uhm.. i like your song. Is that original song?

Cindy : what song?

Kendall : the one that you sang in the foundation

Cindy : ooh that one..uhmm, yeah... I know it still not good but...

Kendall : WHAT? NOT GOOD??  Are you kidding me??? That was great song..

Cindy : really? Thanks... (blush)

Kendall : How many song that you have written?

Cindy : not much just....

Lucy : (Run as fast as she can) CINDY....CINDY...(panting) maddie.. she....... (look at the guy behind her sister) OMG.... KENDALL “freakin’ HOT” KNIGHT..

Kendall : Ehm.. I didn’t know I change my middle name but thanks... I guess (smile)

Cindy : ergh... kendall this is my little sister, lucy.. that apparently didn’t know how to socialize with a new people.( stare at her)  

Lucy : sorry... hi I’m lucy, nice to meet you.

Kendall : it’s ok, I’m flattered actually (smile)

Cindy : ok now, tell me what happened?

Lucy : Right. maddie,, she fell really hard from her skateboard.

Cindy : WHAT? Where is she now?

Lucy : in the park, come on ( pull cindy, and they run to the park)

Cindy : ok..ok.. see you later kendall

Kendall : bye cindy (inside thought : aww man.. what should i do now? i really need help right now. maybe someone in the apartment can help me. But who? My mother? Or katie? Or even James? Aww maannnn......)

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