That Should be Me (BTR love story)

What if Gustavo has a niece? she has a full package but refuse to use her gift.. but thanks to her bestie she agreed to try it as long as they come as a package... what if Kendall for for one of them but he never tell her about Jo? what if james want to make a move to Feisty girl but the truth is she is vulnerable,, this is a story about family, friendship, betrayal, love, and BIG TIME RUSH :D read it if you wanna know


7. The Rules


---at the mall---

Lilly : so, what do you want, guys? (drinking smoothie)

Cindy : you’re really smart lilly.. (smiling)

Lilly : oh please.. cindy and chelsea never ditch classes but maddie i believe she ditched class a lot

Maddie : hey.... that isn’t true. Just sometimes ( giggle)

Chelsea : Btw, we wanna talk about something.

Lilly : ok, this is sound serious. Is that something wrong?

Cindy : well um.. we know that gustavo come to your house a few days ago.

Lilly : greeat.. my mom told you, didn’t she? Let me guess she want you to talk to me about singing thing.

Maddie : umm.. you’re wrong. Beside you’re a butt head i don’t want waste my energy to talk about that.

Chelsea : actually yesterday we met gustavo and your mom. They want us to start singing career with you. Gustavo wanna make singing group.

Cindy : but don’t worry we wasn’t answered right away. So what do you think?

Lilly : what do I think? Are you serious cindy? You are asking me that question?

Maddie : lilly, could you please calm down little bit. We knew that you hate this so much but did you ever think about us? Maybe we want this or maybe we want to be famous?

Lilly : guys, going to music industry and start singing career is not like snaping your finger. It’s hard and full of drama. Trust me a lot of people change because of that for example become obsessed about popularity in public. I don’t want to see people that i care change like my father.

Cindy : lilly that’s why we have you.  You can help us. C’mon lil, we can do this if we always stick together.

Lilly : Fine!!! But if we wanna do this we have to be serious. And we have to make rules, DEAL?

Cindy : deal

Chelsea : Fine by me

Maddie : Wait a sec, what rules? You know that i hate rules.

Lilly : maddie if you really want this we have to make this rules to keep our head in the game.

Cindy : lilly’s right, if we want this, we have to do this right.

Maddie : fine, what is the rules?

Lilly : ok, mm.. this is the rules.

NEVER QUIT. that’s important ok, if you’re quit that means you’re done. No matter how difficult it is, we must stay strong. DON’T FIGHT BECAUSE OF GUYS. You wanna know why? BECAUSE THAT’S JUST STUPID. Beside it can distract you when rehearsal. SLAP THE REBEL. That means If one of us broke those rules, we allow to slap her to make her remember about these rules.

Simple rules, right guys?

Cindy, Chels, Madd : yeah,, really simple (look terrified)

Lilly : (smiling) ok, then. Tomorrow after school, we’ll go to rocque records

Cindy, Chels, Madd : ok.


---next day after school---

Lilly : Ready guys?

Cindy, Chels, Madd : Yupp..

(go into chelsea’s car)


--- in Rocque Record---

Lilly : guys, before we go inside i wanna tell you, don’t—act—like a little girl—in the candy store!!! I mean it.

Cindy : what are you talking about? This is just a record company.

Chelsea : yupp, beside we’re proffesional.

Lilly : Right, we’ll see about that later.


---a few minutes after entering the building---


Maddie : Cindy, stop embarrasing us,  OMG-OMG-OMG-OMG-OOOMMMGGG, THAT’S JONAS BROTHERS, WHERE’S MY CAMERA? (taking Jo-Bro picture)

Lilly : Cindy, maddie stop doing that. Chelsea please help me. Chelsea???

Chels : ( act like maddie and cindy probably even worse) OMG—OMG—OMG.. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS, I MET JORDIN AND THE JONAS BROTHERS, BEST DAY EVER!!!!

Lilly : Oo boy, (grab emergency bullhorn and push the button)

Cindy, Chels, Madd : (cover their ears) what was that for??

Lilly : I already told you guys, Don’t act like a little girl. you guys are embarrasing. Now BE QUITE!! And hurry up.

Cindy, Chels, Madd : sorry ( blushed)


Lilly : mm.. excuse me, i need to see gustavo rocque, i’m his niece.

??? : well really, ok then maybe you should wait for him in the “gustavo’s niece” waiting room

Maddie : Woowww, there are a lot of girl who want to be just like you.

Chelsea : but she’s his real niece.

Lilly : it’s okay chels, i can handle this. (grab phone and call gustavo). Here for you from Gustavo.

??? : yes boss? Okay,, sorry boss. (hung up and give phone to lilly) sorry girls

Lilly : see? I’m not lying. But that’s okay. You just being a great bodyguard, what’s your name? I’m lilly, and these are my friends


Cindy, Chels, Madd, lilly : nice to meet you,

Cindy : we have to go inside now, bye

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