That Should be Me (BTR love story)

What if Gustavo has a niece? she has a full package but refuse to use her gift.. but thanks to her bestie she agreed to try it as long as they come as a package... what if Kendall for for one of them but he never tell her about Jo? what if james want to make a move to Feisty girl but the truth is she is vulnerable,, this is a story about family, friendship, betrayal, love, and BIG TIME RUSH :D read it if you wanna know


4. The performance


(the guys arrived at the foundation)

 *James POV*

Oh My God, look at her. Is she an angel? I bet she is. Who is she? Is this love at first sight? OMG that smile is beautiful. Okay after we perform i’ll talk to her and ask her out that’s for sure.

* End of POV*


Logan : James!! JAMES (hit back of his head)

James : Oww.. what was that for? (hit back of logan’s head)


James : HA!! Mommy’s boy... (do the teasing dance)

Logan : That’s it ( start fighting)

Cindy : umm... excuse me, are you Big Time Rush?

Kelly : GUYS STOP!!! Umm.. yeah they’re Big Time Rush, I’m kelly their manager.

Cindy : okay please follow me. (smile)


*Kendall POV*

Wow.. she is.. Unbelievable... What am i saying? IDIOT!! You already have a girlfriend. Kendall SNAP OUT OF IT!!. But she is so pretty and her smile make my heart’s beat so fast. KENDAL SERIOUSLY STOP IT!! I’cant she is so gorgeous. Uurghh... this is soo hard. I can’t stop stare at her. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!!!!


Carlos : Dude!! Are you okay? Are you starring her?

Kendall : Pfft...No. why would i do that? I already have a girlfriend and like I said I would never cheat on my girlfriend

Carlos : okay. Then stop starring at her.

Kendall : i’m not starring at her

Carlos : yes you are.. you’re doing it right now

Kendall : can we please stop talking about this?

Carlos : Fine.


Uurgh..  What should I do? If the guys know that I might have a crush on her, they’ll say “I TOLD YOU SO”. Uh okay, at least i’m not gonna see her again, so i don’t have to worry. Just sing and then go.. that sounds like a plan. (exhales)

*End of POV*


--Perform Time--

LM : Good Morning Everyone.. This Morning we’ll see a lot of talented kid that will perform in front of us. So let’s begin the show, shall we? First, we have a young girl that want to sing with a help from one of my daughter’s friend. LET’S GIVE IT UP for JAMIE and CINDY...

Cindy : Good Morning Everyone..

Jamie : Hello.. Today I want to sing a song that I wrote with Cindy’s help and this song I dedicated for my mom who already passed away 2 years ago. I hope you’ll like it. It’s called “I MISS YOU”

 (Cindy Plays the guitar and then sing the song with Jamie)


*Kendall POV*

Dang it!! She is good singer.. and she can play guitar too. Ooo maannn, where have you been all this time?? why do you have to appear when I already have a girlfriend..  GOD please help me!!

*End of POV*

Kelly : wow.. she is amazing.

The boys : Agreed...


--After every kids perform—

LM : Well... i guess everykids already show their talent, don’t they? Now there are some girls who really talented but they’re so shy to show their talent in front of people but today they want to show you all what they have. Now GIVE IT UP for my daughter Lilly and her friends Chelsea, Maddie, Cindy.

Lilly : Umm.. hey everyone. I’m Lilly and this is my friends.(point to maddie, chels, and cindy) we want to sing a song that we wrote together. we just want to tell you if someone always bully you because you’re different..

Cindy : Or they always call you a loser..

Maddie : Or they always make fun of you..

Chelsea : I will say..... WHO CARES?? DON’T EVER THINK ABOUT ANYONE OPINION! If you think whatever you do is a good thing just DO IT.


*Nobodies POV*

The girls Begin To sing “A LOSER LIKE ME” and surprisingly all the guest and the kids are dancing and singing with them. Lilly’s mom realized that maybe gustavo right. Maybe Lilly has to start singing career. So Lilly’s mom record that peformance with handycam and send it right away to gustavo without asking her daughter first.

*Ends of POV*


Kelly : O My Godness... They’re so amazing...

James : and They’re HOT and my Angle.. I can’t believe she can sing that great. She’s not only pretty, but also can sing and write a song. How cool is that??

Logan : Whooaa.... ( still staring at Chelsea) I like the blonde one.

Carlos : WHAAT!! No you can’t, she’s mine...

Logan : NO, SHE IS MINE..

Kendall : GUYS....CHILL. there are 2 blondes which one did you choose??

Logan : the sunglasses one

Carlos : Phew... I’m the other one.

Kendall : Geezz.. you guys really idiot..

Carlos/Logan : Heeyyy... you’re idiot

Kendall : Oh really!!!! (starts arguing)

Kelly : guys, stop fighting it’s your turn to sing.

LM : Now it’s time for the guest star. this band already go on tour to everywhere. This band will teach us that we can give up for chasing our dream. Do you kids want to give up?

(J&F): NOO

LM : Good, because No matter what happen if we have a dream we can do anything.. LET’S GIVE IT UP FOR BIG TIME RUSH

(big time rush sing “famous”, “city is ours”, “big time rush”)


--In the middle of BTR performance (at backstage)--

Chelsea : The guest star is BIG TIME RUSH!!! OMG, why didn’t you tell me?

Maddie : whoaa they’re good.. (peeking from the curtain) i thought they always lipsing when they perform. I guess i’m wrong.

Lilly : Nahh...  maybe they’re good singer but they’re still a jerk.

Cindy : I told you not every guy who joined the band is a jerk.

Lilly : Oh really.. we’ll see about that later.


--end of performance--

BTR: thanks kid and remember never giving up your dream if you want to living up your dream. OKAY!!

(J&F): OKAAY!!! (Claps their hands)

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