That Should be Me (BTR love story)

What if Gustavo has a niece? she has a full package but refuse to use her gift.. but thanks to her bestie she agreed to try it as long as they come as a package... what if Kendall for for one of them but he never tell her about Jo? what if james want to make a move to Feisty girl but the truth is she is vulnerable,, this is a story about family, friendship, betrayal, love, and BIG TIME RUSH :D read it if you wanna know


9. The Pair up and song writing,, What??


---with maddie (alone in the park)---

Maddie : dang it, i cant move.. where is lucy anyway. She said she gonna find help. It’s been 15 minutes and she’s not coming back. Great..

?? : Are you okay? (smile)

Maddie : (look up) yes I am fine thanks.

?? : are you sure? because you don’t look fine to me

Maddie : who do you think you are?? Just get away from here and leave me alone will ya, I dont need your help.

?? : OK,, Then I dont wanna help you..

Maddie : FINE!!!

?? : FINEEE!!!(walk away)

Maddie : errgh... stupid guy (tried to stand up but fell again) AWW...

?? : (Turn back to maddie)

Maddie : why are you coming back?

?? : although you’re a pain in my ass, i cant leave you alone in here.(carried her bride style way)

Maddie  : What the hell are you doing!!! PUT ME DOWN!!!

Cindy : Maddie,, what happened to you?

Maddie : Cindy, finally... now put me down, cindy will help me.

Cindy : I cant help you alone, you’re too heavy.

?? : (smirk)

Maddie : I saw that carlos.. Dont smirk at me..

Carlos : What??

Cindy : carlos, can you carry her to our apartment in 3B, please?

Carlos : sure, as long as this annoying little girl want me to help her..

Cindy/lucy : (stare at her : said you want him to help you)

Maddie : (stare at them back: I dont want him to help me)

Cindy/lucy : (gogle at her : maddie)

Maddie : (Gogle at them back : Fine) can you help me, pleasee????

Carlos : My Pleasure. ( giggle)



Kendall : (go to kitchen and see a note from his mom)


I go shopping to whole foods.

There’s still a leftover lasagna and pizza in the fridge




-Kendall POV-

I’m hungry. Mmm... pizza sounds great. (put pizza in oven). Ok... it’s been a few days jo didn’t reply my text message or pick up my phone call. What the hell is she doing right now? is she cheating on me? Nahh... she probably busy.  And now. what should i do with cindy? I mean she lives here now, that mean I’m gonna see her lots of time, i didn’t say that I hate that but... AARGH, I’m a mess..

-END of POV-

Katie : (come out from her room and smell something) Mom?? Guys?? What is that strange smell?

Kendall : (still day dreamin’)


Kendall : (wake up) wha----- (look to the oven) SH*T....(open the oven and take the pizza out) ouch, aww man, the pizza burned.

Katie : wow, you seem distracted. What happened with u?

Kendall : (throw the pizza into garbage) nothing

Katie : fine, can I guess? Is it because the new girl next door? Or maybe Jo?

Kendall : what?? Where did you know all of that?

Katie : hey rumors spread really fast here.. So it’s true?

Kendall : I’m---- (phone rings) hold on, hi kelly. Ehem... now? uhh, ok then. I’ll be there in 15 minutes.

Gotta go baby sis, (kiss her forehead) bye

Katie : (shake her head) saved by a phone call


--apartment 3B—

Carlos : (put maddie in her bed gently)

Chels : what happened to her? And where is my smoothie? OMG you’re carlos garcia?

Maddie : I fell from my skateboard. aww.... slow down little bit will ya!!

Carlos : (roll his eyes) spoil brat

Maddie : you are spoil brat

Carlos : Did Not!!

Maddie : Did too!!

Carlos : DID NOT!!!!!

Maddie : DID TOO!!!!

Cindy : OK....OK CHILL. Geez... you two are like tom and jerry, maybe worse than that. I’m sorry chels I forgot about the smoothie.

Chels : it’s fine. I’m gonna buy it myself. Do you want something?

Cindy : i’m fine

Maddie : can you buy me blueberry smoothie?

Chels : sure. (went to smoothie bar)

Carlos : (walk outside maddie’s room)

Cindy : hey carlos!

Carlos : yeah (turn around)

Cindy : thanks (smile)

Carlos : it’s ok... Cindy, right? And that one?

Cindy : that is my lil’ sis, lucy.

Lucy : hi.. (wave at him)

Carlos : nice to see all of you. (got a text message) ergh, I gotta go. I need to babysit katie. Bye spoil brat, bye girls

Cindy n’ lucy : bye carlos

Maddie : Ergh..cindy could you please close the door please, i wanna take a nap

Cindy : could you please stop act like b*tch maddie? (cross her arm)

Maddie : excuse me?!?!

Cindy : carlos tried to help you, and what do you do huh?? You yell at him..

Maddie : hey, he started.

Cindy : I don’t care who started.. you’re not baby anymore so stop being a spoil brat. (close maddie’s door). (pick up phone call) hello? Hi kelly.. now? wait a sec, alone? Okay then(hung up). lucy i wanna go to the rocque records. Could you please watch maddie?

Lucy : sure...

Cindy : Ok thanks lucy.


-smoothie bar at palmwoods--

Chelsea: two blueberry please

??? : one blueberry please

Lady : okay three blueberry coming right up

??? : (see chelsea) hey... are you new here?

Chelsea : yeah I’m----- Oh God, you’re Logan.... Logan Mitchell?

Logan : (smile) yes I’m logan mitchell.... so you are?

Chelsea : I-I-I’m chelsea, Wow.. you’re here, talking to me (still not believe what she saw)

Logan : have we met somewhere?

Chels: I don’t think so. But you probably saw me in the foundation, that time I wore a glasses

Logan : yeah, of course..

Lady : here you go three blueberry smoothies

Logan n’ chels : thanks

Logan : (give the money to the lady) keep the change (smile)

Chels : wait a sec, did you paid my smoothie too?

Logan : yes, just consider that as friendly gift

Chels : well, thanks. That’s really kind of you.

Logan : hey chelsea.. do you wanna hang out? I can be your tour guide.(winked)

Chels : ehm... I’d love to but I can’t go today. Maybe some other time?

Logan : yeah sure, well in that case here is my number. If you have spare time, you can call or text me for movie or pizza (flirty smile)

Chels: (gigle) okay.. I gotta go, thanks again for smoothies..


--at Rocque Records—

Kendall : So, why am I here?

Kelly : you will record a song.... with someone

Kendall : someone? Who?

Kelly : There she is.. (point to girl)

Kendal : (turn around) Cindy??

Cindy : Kendall? What are you doin’ here?

Kendall : wait a sec, i should be the one asking you that kind of question.

Cindy : huh?


Kelly : come on guys

(Kendy) kendall n’ cindy : (walk to recording room)

Kendall : gustavo, why is she here?

Gustavo : kelly, call the rest of the dogs and girls, NOW...

Kelly : i’m on it

Kendall : gustavo why is---

Gustavo : YOU TWO----BOOTH-----NOW!!!

Kendall : he’s really ignore me, isn’t he?

Cindy : yup.. (smile)

Kendy : (walk to the booth)

Gustavo : you guys gonna sing “No Air” by Jordin sparks feat chris brown, i’m already put song sheet right there. So DON’T SCREW IT!!

Kendy : (look at each other confused) mmm... okay

--- they start to sing “No Air”---

*the rest of BTR came*

Logan : so, why gustavo need us anyway?

James : i don’t know, maybe talk about our next album

Carlos : wait, we wanna make another album? SWEET!!!!

James : I don’t know, i’m just sayin’

Logan : hey guys, did you hear that. I’m pretty sure the guy voice is kendall but the girl... sounds familiar

L,J,C : (look to each other then run to recording room) sup, Kelly... sup, freigh train...

James and carlos : (look who’s inside the booth) Cindy?? (look to each other) you know cindy?

Logan : who’s cindy?

Carlos : that girl over there (pointing at cindy)

Logan : I don’t know her but she is good.... they’re both goood...

James : (thinks: why did I felt like there something strange between both of them) it’s like they’re meant to be together.

Carlos : it’s weird but i agree with james

---after they sang---

Gustavo : AMAZING!!! Both of you are amazing..

Kendy : (look at each other) really?? Thanks (walk out from the booth)

Cindy : hey guys (wave at them)

*suddenly chelsea and lilly came*

Chels : hey everyone, Cindy you were here... we’ve been looking for you everywhere

Lilly : why all this dork came here too?

BTR : HEY........ we’re NOT A DORK

Lilly : yes you are...

Gustavo : DOGS---GIRLS---QUITE!! Wait, where is maddie?

Cindy : she fell from her skateboard.

Gustavo : (shake his head) ok..ok.. at least she is not in hospital right?

Girls: right...

Kendall : So, why were they doing in here? And why am I singing duet with cindy?

Gustavo : They are my new singing group.


Logan : you mean the KAT’S CREW insident will happen again?(shiver)

Lilly : yup, boys... we will replace all of you (smirking)

James : NOO!!!!!! Gustavo is that true? (look at lilly)

Cindy : lilly stop it. We will not gonna replace anyone james..  Don’t worry. She’s just playing you

Lilly : it’s your choice if you don’t believe me

Kelly : Girls, boys stop it... cindy’s right. they’re not gonna replace you. We have enough budget from griffin to make another group. we called you boys to talk about your next album. We called you girls about you band’s name.

Chels: name of our bands? Well we haven’t think about that yet..

Lilly : chelsea right uncle, we need more time. We will tell you about that tomorrow.. how’s that sounds to you uncle?

Gustavo : okay... tomorrow don’t be late.

Girls except lilly : thanks gustavo

Lilly : thank you uncle bear.. (hug gustavo)


Kelly : lilly is gustavo’s niece

BTR : (look at lilly. mouth drops and not movin’)

Chelsea : kelly I think they’re dead.

Cindy : nah.. they’re just shock.

Kelly : cover your ears everyone (push bullhorn)


Kelly : it works all the time (smile)

Gustavo : girls and dogs.. I’m already pairing you up with each other to sing as a duet. The songs will be put in the girls’s album and BTR’s second album. The pairs based on your vocal ability. Kendall and cindy, Maddie and carlos, logan with chelsea, and last lilly with james.

Lilly : WHAATTT?!?! Why am I stuck with that thing over there?

James : It’s a destiny.. suck it up will ya!! (smile)

Lilly : ergh...

Gustavo : ok girls you may come back to palm woods. Don’t forget to give me the name of the bands tomorrow

Girls : ok, thanks gustavo, bye.... (go back to palm woods)

Gustavo : and for you dogs... I have an important task for you. You have to make a song for your next album.

Kendall : what? a song?

Logan : you mean a real song?

Carlos : did you not remember last time we wrote a song?

James : yeah.... we ALMOST killed each other.

Gustavo : QUITE!! I don’t care... I just want A song from you, because I need to write another song. I want to hear the song on Monday.

Gustavo : Yes.... now I need to give you your last task. I want you to keep an eye on my niece and her friends since they’re gonna go to same school as you.

James and Logan : REALLY?? SWEET!!!

Gustavo : (give them a weird look) okay.... I’ll see you dogs on Monday


--- On the way to palm wood ---

Kendall : so guys, what song kind of song that you guys wanna write?

James : stop right there buddy... we? What do you mean we?

Kendall : are you deaf or something? Gustavo said WE should make a song.

Carlos : yeah we know that but WE almost destroyed each other last time. Maybe this time it’ll better if you wrote the song alone.

Kendall : what? Why me?

James : well, because I have another mission (smile evily)

Logan : Beside, you wrote the giant turd song. I believe you can write another song, right?

Kendall : WE wrote that song together.

Carlos : yeah but we just help you a little bit.

Kendall : but still...

L,J,C : Pleassee,, K-DOG.... (did puppy dog eyes)

Kendall : okay..okay


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