That Should be Me (BTR love story)

What if Gustavo has a niece? she has a full package but refuse to use her gift.. but thanks to her bestie she agreed to try it as long as they come as a package... what if Kendall for for one of them but he never tell her about Jo? what if james want to make a move to Feisty girl but the truth is she is vulnerable,, this is a story about family, friendship, betrayal, love, and BIG TIME RUSH :D read it if you wanna know


5. The Crazy Fans


--after the show ‘s over—

Maddie : Finally, it’s over... I’m soo tired.

Chelsea : but this is really fun. I mean I didn’t know that those kids have a lot of talent

Lilly : Guys... less chatting and more cleaning

Chels n’ Madd : Fine..

Cindy : hey guys... need any help?

Lill, madd, n’ chels : WHAT DO YOU THINK??

Cindy : Well,, I guess you need help ( giggle)


--The next day at Mckinley High--

Screaming girls : That’s Lilly and her friends..  GET THEM!!

Lilly : What are you doing!! LET ME GO



Chelsea : GUYS... HELP ME!!!


--at the gym--

(the screaming girls had tied Lilly, maddie, cindy, and chelsea together)

Cindy : Lilly,, seriously what have you done this time?

Lilly : I didn’t do anything I swear..

Maddie : What do you want??

Screaming girls : we want to ask you.... is it true that yesterday BTR perform on your orphans foundation?

Lilly : yes, it’s true. Why?

Screaming girls : (screaming really loud) REALLY??? OMG..OMG.. why didn’t you tell us? Did you guys ask for their autograph? Are they cute or maybe Hot? What song did they sing? why didn't you invited all of us?

Maddie : oh boy... this isn’t good at all

Chelsea : yep...

Cindy : GUYSS!!! CHILL...  we will answer that after you untied us.

Screaming girls : we’re not gonna do that. Answer first.

Lilly : FINE... first we didn’t tell you or invite all of you  because we don’t know who the guest star is.

Screaming girls : how come?

Lilly : my mom don’t want to tell me.. second we didn’t ask for their autograph because we don’t have time for that.. third in my opinion they’re just a bunch of idiot guys.. last i still don’t want to invite you even if i already know the guest star is, because you will scare them away

Cindy : (whispering) what are you doing?

Screaming girls : HOW DARE YOU TALK TO US LIKE THAT? Maybe all of you, want to stay in here until tomorrow, is that right?

Chelsea : What? Noo..

Maddie : let Us go Bitch!!

Screaming girls : come on girls.. Bye LOSER!!

Cindy : uhh...GREAAT. we’re stuck in here..

Maddie : THANKS A LOT LIL,,,

Lilly : What?? I’m telling the truth.

Chelsea : GREAT,,, after all this year, you wanna start to tell the truth IN THIS SITUATION??

Cindy : guys stop. This isn’t Lilly’s fault. Well maybe little bit lilly’s fault, but that’s not the point. The point is we have to get out of here. Now..

Chelsea : well if maddie can reach my phone in my back pocket maybe we can survive.

Lilly : well... Let’s try that.

Maddie : WAIT.. why me? I’m not the one who cause all of this.

Chelsea : well first you tied beside me and lilly tied in the other side of us so it’s IMPOSSIBLE that she could reach it.

Cindy : c’mon maddie, you don’t want to miss your dance class, right?

Maddie : fine, (started to reach chelsea’s back pocket) I think i got it..

Chelsea : c’mon madd, you can do it... i can feel that you can get my phone.

Maddie : I GOT IT, now what??

Lilly : well, idk maybe YOU CAN CALL SOMEONE WITH THAT...

Maddie : oh yeah you’re right but you missed something.. THIS IS TOUCH SCREEN PHONE AND I CAN’T  SEE THE SCREEN BECAUSE MY HANDS ARE TIED BECAUSE OF YOUU..

Chelsea : O MY GOSH,, we’re DOOM

Cindy : if there is someone call you we’re not doom but if there is no one call you, maybe this chair can be a cozy bed.. WHAT AM I SAYIN’? OMG WE’RE SOOO DOOM

Maddie : NO, WE’RE NOT. This phone is shaking.


Maddie : ok...ok, i get it. Geez...


--- on the phone---

??? : chelsea,, where the hell are you? Class almost starts

Maddie : Thank God, Juliet.. please help us. We were tied in the gym by some crazy girls

Juliet : Maddie?? Is that you?? Ok..ok.. i’m on my way


--- 5 minutes later---

Girls : JULIET... THANK YOU..THANK YOU...THANK YOU SOO MUCH (give juliet a bear hug)

Juliet : Guys... i---can’t---breath

Girls : sorry (stops the hug scene)

Juliet : what happened?

Girls : LONG STORY..


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