That Should be Me (BTR love story)

What if Gustavo has a niece? she has a full package but refuse to use her gift.. but thanks to her bestie she agreed to try it as long as they come as a package... what if Kendall for for one of them but he never tell her about Jo? what if james want to make a move to Feisty girl but the truth is she is vulnerable,, this is a story about family, friendship, betrayal, love, and BIG TIME RUSH :D read it if you wanna know


6. the Agreement


--- after school at lilly’s house---

Lilly : Mom, I’m.....UNCLE  ROCQUE??

Gustavo : my baby niece.... come here, give your unce a bear hug.

 Lilly :  Hmm -_- OK.. How are you uncle? (hugged gustavo)

Gustavo : I’m fine baby niece.

Lilly : uncle... I’m not a baby anymore and Please stop call me that. That is embrassing. Can you please tell me what do you want? If you want to talk about singing career i’ll go to my room now.

LM : I called him honey, we want to talk to you about something important.


--- at the palm woods apartment 3J---

Kendall : (sit in the couch) huh... what’s wrong with her phone?..

James : hey buddy.. are you okay? You seem little upset..

Kendall : nope nothing, I’m fine. Thanks for asking.

James : Hmm, kendall. I want to apologize about my word the other day. You know about you and Jo. 

Kendall : it’s okay james. Maybe you just in the bad mood that time. I’m sorry too okay.

James : so how is Jo?

Kendall : she is fine.. By the way I want to go to the gym. Wanna come?

James : naahh... I want to search for my angle. I want to go to the orphan house. Bye

Kendall : uuh.. okay, good luck buddy.


---Lilly’s house---

Lilly : WHAAT??? NO.. I told you i don’t want to start singing career.

LM : you know what honey, i really don’t understand you. You have a beautiful voice but you don’t want to use your gift. Why do you hate to be a singer?

Lilly : mom, you don’t understand. I need my privacy.. became famous means you lost your privacy.. i hate it when a lot of people following me around or taking my picture, what about my social life? Do you ever think about that? I guess not.. and who is the first person that support me for my real dream, YOU,, Remember? Beside I don’t wanna change like dad..

Gustavo : Lilly this isn’t your mom’s fault.. This is...

Lilly : I know... This is your fault.. what have you done to my mom?

LM : LILLY MOSKOVITCH ROCQUE ... QUITE PLEASE. Now hear me, when i saw you sing with your friends in the foundation.. it really open my eyes. No wonder your dad wants you become a singer. I know i’m the one who encourage you to look for a real dream not a fantasy dream like singer but i realize i was wasting your gift from your father. I know it’s already late but i want you to think about this.

Lilly : I’m sorry, i’m to tired of this drama.. I need some sleep. ( go upstairs with a flat face)


--- a few days after that at the orphans house---

Jamie : hey you’re from big time rush right? Can i get your autograph pleasse?

James : sure little girl, what’s your name?

Jamie : I’m jamie.

James : pretty name.. here you go jamie. Now can you help me please. I’m looking for someone, mmm she is a girl with brown hair. She sang in the orphans foundation with her friends.

Jamie : well i know 2 girls with brown hair.. do you mean cindy or lilly?

James : ok i think i need to see them personally.

Jamie : okay, i’ll introduce you to cindy, c’mon

James:  Ok.

Jamie : cindy, there is someone i want to introduce to you..

Cindy : yes jamie, who is.... o my gosh you’re from BTR.

James : yes that’s me. Do you want an autograph too?

Cindy : what?? Noo, i mean what the hell are you doing in here?

James : I’m looking for someone and jamie, she isn’t the one that I’m looking for.

Jamie : soo you’re looking for lilly,, definitely, (giggle)

Cindy : What?? What the hell are you two talking about? And what happened with lilly? Is she in trouble? Or is she make another trouble? And where do you know her anyway?

James : wow, that is a lot of question. First, I...

Cindy : wait,, (pick up the phone) hello... yes....mmm okay i’ll be right there Ms. Moscovitch. ( hang up the phone) jamie can you please watch the kids, I need to go just for an hour ok, and you ( pointing at james) you better leave now, lilly isn’t here. I gotta go bye jamie

Jamie : bye cindy... I’m sorry but you heard her. I’m really sorry that i can’t help you.

James : you already help me jamie. Now i know who is the girl that i’m looking for.. thanks a lot. Well i gotta go to jamie. My boss is already calling me. Bye

Jamie : bye..


--Lilly’s house--

Cindy : maddie, chelsie, what are you guys doing here?

Madd : well apparently lilly’s mom called you too

LM : girls, come here.. sit.. there’s someone who want to meet you girls. he want to talk to you about something.


--next day at school--

Lilly : (grab her book from her locker)

Madd,chels,cindy : morning lil...

Lilly : hey guys. What happened?

Chelsea : nothing.. what did you get?

Lilly: i got history class. What’s wrong?

Cindy: well.. umm do you wanna ditch class?

Lilly : What?? Cindy you wanna ditch class? Ok, this is getting weird..

Maddie : come on lil, we always be a nice girl. We can hang out in the mal or go shopping. What do you say ?

Lilly : well, i’m in bad mood too. So maybe i’ll come with you guys.

Cindy : then let’s go, before the class started

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