That Should be Me (BTR love story)

What if Gustavo has a niece? she has a full package but refuse to use her gift.. but thanks to her bestie she agreed to try it as long as they come as a package... what if Kendall for for one of them but he never tell her about Jo? what if james want to make a move to Feisty girl but the truth is she is vulnerable,, this is a story about family, friendship, betrayal, love, and BIG TIME RUSH :D read it if you wanna know


2. Mckinley Girls


--At Mckinley High School--

*Cindy POV*

Where is Lilly? Oh God why she is always late. She should meet me 30 minutes ago. If she’s not here any minute i’m gonna give her cockroach for her lunch. I bet she will faint like last year (giggled)


~begin of flashback~

Cindy : wow girl, you’re really hungry don’t you? You ate like a wrestle.

Maddie : (laughed) that’s really funny cindy.

Chelsea: umm, lil what’s that??

Lilly : whaf? (accidently spit her food)

Maddie : EWW... GROSS, could you please swallow that food first?

Lilly: alright. Now, what are you sayin’ again chels?

Chelsea : that!(pointing to the food) what’s that?

Lilly : I guess that the bacon

Cindy : uhhh.. Is bacon moving? Because i swear that thing just moved.

Maddie : (look closer) ARRGHHHH!!!! That’s not a bacon. IT’S A COCKROACH

Cindy/Chels: (scream too)

Lilly : Did I....(Fainted)

Cindy/chels/maddie: LILLY!!

~End of Flashback~


Since that day, Lilly always faint when she sees cockroach. But i never understand this. Lilly is gustavo Rocque’s niece but she kept that secret away from everyone. Only me, maddie, and chelsea who knows her secret. Her real name is Lilly Moskovitch Rocque but she changed it into Lilly Moskovitch. Why she hates to be popular and be famous? She prefer to be loser like me, maddie, and chels. The popular kids always make fun of us because the first day of school maddie, lilly, and me were helping chels. “The queen bee”(the popular girl ) were bullying chels so maddie kick all their butt. But the popular guys came and tied us into the mascot statue. Uuh... why am I remembering that terrible story? On second thought, that wasn’t bad at all. I met my BFF here..



Lilly: (sneak from behind and scared cindy) HAA!!!


Lilly : hahaha.. sorry. Beside this is your fault, why are you daydreaming?

Cindy : My fault?? Are you nuts? what took you so long? I’m waiting for you like forever. And what happened to your phone?

Lilly : Geeez calm down MOM... i’m only 30 minutes late. No big deal.

Cindy: WHAAT!!! NO BIG DEAL! (hit the back off her head)

Lilly : Oww.. What was that for? It hurts. (rubbed the back of her head)

Cindy : Big baby.. now what are you want to talk about?

Lilly: okay, you remember jamie?

Cindy : the girl that fainted yesterday?


~begin of flashback~

Maddie : this corndog is really good.

Chels/Lilly : AGREE, (still eating the corndog)

Cindy : hey guys, look at that girl. She looks pale.

Chels: what girl?

Cindy : that girl. (pointing to the girl).

Lilly : ooh that girl... yeah she looks really pale

Maddie : OMG guys,  she is fainting.

(all of them run to her, Lilly called 911)

--At the hospital--

Chels :Are you okay Little girl?

???? : yes, now i’m fine thank you. I’m jamie

Maddie: hi jamie, i’m maddie, that one is Lilly, the one who wears glasses is chelsea and..

Cindy : and i’m Cindy, nice to meet you.

Jamie: nice to meet you guys.

Chelsea : Where do you live jamie?

Jamie : in the happy orphans house, 5 bloks from here, i guess

Lilly : oh.. ok then we’ll take you home

Jamie : thank you

~End of flashback~


Lilly : yes jamie, mom throws a orphans foundation on Saturday and she want us to sing.

Cindy : wait..wait you mean you, maddie, and chels right?

Lilly : that’s ALMOST right? (smiled evily)

Cindy : WOAH... NOO. I’m not gonna sing. You know i hate perform in front of people.

Lilly : please just one song.... please...pleasee( do the puppy face)

Cindy : uurrgh.... i hate when you do the puppy face. FINE i’ll do it. But promise me only one song.

Lilly : Promise.. ( do the secret handshake). Now we need to tell chels and maddie about this.

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