That Should be Me (BTR love story)

What if Gustavo has a niece? she has a full package but refuse to use her gift.. but thanks to her bestie she agreed to try it as long as they come as a package... what if Kendall for for one of them but he never tell her about Jo? what if james want to make a move to Feisty girl but the truth is she is vulnerable,, this is a story about family, friendship, betrayal, love, and BIG TIME RUSH :D read it if you wanna know


10. Maddie is baking?? WTH


--- next day (apartment 3B)---

LM(aunt hannah) : (prepare breakfast)

Cindy : morning aunt hannah... (drink the milk)

Aunt hannah : morning dear, where’s the rest of the girls?

Cindy : I dont know, probably still asleep

Maddie : moning everyone.. smell good in here . Mmm... bacon (eat the bacon)

Cindy : hows your feet?

Maddie : better..

Aunt hannah : good. But remember you cant play skateboard or anything else that dangerous

Maddie : got it..

Lucy/Chels/lilly : morning... (sit beside maddie)

Aunt hannah : So whats your girls plan today ?

Cindy : jogging

Chels : probably something but I dont know what

Lilly : go to rocque records

Lucy : eat choco puff

Maddie : bake some cupcakes

Cindy/Lucy/Chels/Lilly: (choke their food) WHAAT???

Maddie : WHAT? Did i do something wrong?

Aunt hannah : cupcake huh? That sounds fun. I think i’m gonna help you, dear.

Maddie : thanks aunt hannah

Lilly : did you hit something when you fell?

Chelsea : why you suddenly wanna bake cupcake?

Cindy : are you sure you okay madd?

Madd : im fine guys, i just wanna bake, is that wrong? Can we change the topic like what is our band name?

Lilly : sh*t... i forgot. So?

Cindy : well.... I--- have nothing

Maddie : what if “TOXIC MELODY”

Chels : sounds interesting but I dont think it’s fit us

Lilly : name is important guys. Because it describe us

Cindy : That’s it.. “CHARM” (look at the girls) it describe us perfectly

Chels: yeah, it sounds like we’re teenager that wanna to stand out by our music. Because...

Maddie : music is our life AND.. everyone were enchanted by us not only because of our song but also our charm. Right?

Lilly : Wow where did you get those theories? Sounds smart.

Maddie : Ouch?!?! That was hurt so deep,,, in here (pointing in her heart)

Lilly : (laugh) ok ok.. I’m sorry.... so? CHARM

Maddie : CHARM

Chels/cindy : CHARM

Aunt hannah/lucy: CHARM (smile)

(all the girls and aunt hannah laugh)

Lilly : ok.. I better go to rocque records then. See ya..

Cindy : yeah, i better start jogging then bye

Maddie : chels why dont you help me bake cupcake? (grin)

Chels : what? O... no. I’m not gonna clean your mess. Sorry.(go to her room)

Maddie : ok.. i guess only aunt hannah will help me anyway, unless...(look at lucy)

Lucy : dont look at me.. i hate baking, ( go to the counter) where’s my choco puff?

Aunt hannah : Ooh honey, i forgot to tell you. Your sister eat the remain choco puff yesterday.

Lucy: Noooooo!!!!!!!!


--- In the park---

~~Cindy’s POV~~

I cant believe I almost forgot how much I love running although i said  to aunt hannah i want to jog (smile)... I remember i always be the fastest girl in class when i’m in elementary school. And I cant believe that i used to win every single competition... but used to.. until that insiden happened. Why am I remembering that again? (sigh) Now I’m wondering where the hell was my dumb brother? He said he wanna take care of me and lucy.... what a liar. Hey... I think I heard something (stop for a while)

~~End of POV~~

??? : (playing guitar)

Cindy : (walk toward the tree behind the bush)

??? : (still play the guitar and take some note)

Cindy : (pops out beside ???) BOO!!!

??? : Argh.... What the---- (look who’s beside ???) are you always do that to stranger?

Cindy : never but I like to do that to my friend, especially new friend..(laugh)

??? : yeah real funny (playing with the guitar again)

Cindy : okay..  I’m sorry I did that. I’m just think that it would be funny. Beside if you wanna write a great song you have to chill... let your emotion and imagination travel inside your brain.

??? : a girl that wear sweats say what?

Cindy : HA.. really funny kendall. at least I’m still stay in my gender. Look at you, you look like my grandma theresa.

Kendall : ssh... i dont want my fan caught me. Beside I need to finish this song today. I cant write it in my apartment because all my buds “busy”.

Cindy : what do you mean “busy”?

Kendall : did something stupid or something else, I guess...

Cindy : okay..  well can I hear it? Maybe I could help you a bit.. what do you say?

Kendall : yeah I guess. But promise me you wont laugh ok.

Cindy : Okay I promise cross my heart with a touch of pinky promise.. happy?

Kendall : (laugh) ok here we go. I’m gonna sing the chorus ok..


I don't know why you always get so insecure 
I wish you could see what I see when you're looking in the mirror 
And why won't you believe me when I say 
That to me you get more beautiful, everyday 

When you're looking at the magazines 
And thinking that you'll never measure up 
You're wrong 

Cause you're my cover, cover girl 
I think you're a superstar, yeah you are 
Why don't you know 
Yeah, you're so pretty that it hurts 
It's what's underneath your skin 
The beauty that shines within 
You're the only one that rocks my world 
My cover girl 


Cindy : (Think : O God.... He’s amazing)

Kendall : so? Is that bad? I knew it, I just knew it... the song was too cheesy, it’s bad I---

Cindy : (cover his mouth) You’re really chatty you know that? The truth is you’re chorus was amazing..

Kendall : (take her hands off him) really?

Cindy : yeah, in fact,,, I cant believe you can wrote that kind of lyric.

Kendall : what kind of lyric?

Cindy : the lyric that make a lots of girl smile probably laugh... BUT they feel special at the same time(smile).

Kendall : well, thank you.... it’s kind of my thing (brag).

Cindy : (punch his arm playfully) Idiot

Kendall : Hey... (rub his arm), that’s hurt.

Cindy : (laugh) what a baby.... okay save the chit chat and write more lyric. Got it?

Kendall : yes Ma’am!!!

Cindy : really funny...


--- In the rocque records---

Gustavo : ok lilly and james you’ll be singing “As long as we got love”. Now you better move to the booth or I swear I’m gonna—

James/Lilly : we know already.... (go inside the booth)

Lilly : you better not ruin this diamond..

James : me? Ruin a thing that I love the most in my life? Never...


*they sing “As long as we got love” beatifully and after they finished*

Gustavo : I am AMAZING..

Lilly/james : EHEM?!?! We are the one who sing that song.

Gustavo : yeah but I’m the one who paired you two together

Lilly/James : (sigh)

Lilly : Uncle.. this dork didnt block my beautiful voice right?

James : what? What do you mean im blocking your voice..

Lilly : excuse me if im wrong but the fact is I never wrong, that you are blocking my Microphone the WHOLE TIME

James : woah...woah.. stop right there pretty devil. Im blocking your Mic? Seriously? You are the one who’s blocking MY Mic!

Lilly/james : (still arguing)

Gustavo : (push the eject button) bye2

Lilly/james : UNCLE / GUSTAVOO!!!!!!!!


~~In Chelsea’s room~~

(get a call from juliet)

Ch : hy girl, what u doin’?

J : As usual. Hy is that true that u r movin’ to palm woods to become a singer with the rest of girls?

Ch : Mm.. yes. Im sorry i didnt tell u about this. This happen so fast

J : it’s ok.. so did u meet cute guys there?

Ch : You’re not gonna believe me who is staying in the same apartment as me!

J : Who? Tell me

Ch : promise me dont freaking out

J : Try me

Ch : Big time rush

J : OH MY GOD...OH MY GOD....OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ch : (laugh)Is that all you got... oh my God?

J : can I come to your place? Please...please...please..

Ch : Fine as long as you’re not scare them away.. wait there is incoming call. BRB jules

J : kk


Ch: hello, chelsea here

??? : hey chels, are you free now?

Ch : well I guess.. wait who is this?

??? : Im sorry, its logan..

Ch : Logan?? Where did you get---my number? I never give it to you right?

L : Just say that I know People.. (laugh)

Ch : (laugh)Okay.. so what is it?

L : well, Im wondering if-----

Ch : yes?

L : can you help me with my homework? (gulp)

Ch : what the--- homework? Seriously?

L : yes, is that weird? Im sorry if its too weird, im just—

           Ch : logan chill... im gonna help you. Do you want me to go to your apartment or—

            L : No not in here in Library. I wanna do some research. So I’ll meet you in the lobby in 30 min?

            Ch : okay. 30 minutes

            L : okay its a date then..

            Ch : what?

            L : ergh... bye (hung up)

Ch : Jules, are you still there? Hellooo???? EARTH TO JULES, COPY???

J : sup, Im sorry im bored waiting for you so i went downstairs and grabbed some snacks. Who’s calling you anyway?

Ch :Ehm..... a friend... I guess..

J : OMG a guy called you? Who is he? Tell me? detail please

Ch : what?? I said a friend not a guy (chuckles)

J : oh please Chels, you’re my best friend. I know what you do or say when you’re lying about guys

Ch : (sigh) smarty pants.... okay you’re right. It’s a guy. Well actually he just wanna ask for help. He has a homework that he couldnt figure out, so he want me to help him, i guess. We’re going to library in 30 minutes

J : who’s the guy? Have i met him? Did he going to same school like me? Tell me!!

Ch : (mumble) logan mitchell

J : (giggle) it’s funny chels I thought you said---- O MY... YOU B*TCH.... You HAVE A DATE WITH LOGAN MITCHELL!!  THIS IS AWESOME

Ch : watch your mouth Jules... its not A date. We’re just studyin’. Can you keep it quite please?

J : ok ok I promise. What are you waitin for? Go get ready!! You dont want your prince waitin for you

Ch : oo...shut up..... okay bye jules (hung up). Now what should I wear?.....(open her wadrobe)


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