That Should be Me (BTR love story)

What if Gustavo has a niece? she has a full package but refuse to use her gift.. but thanks to her bestie she agreed to try it as long as they come as a package... what if Kendall for for one of them but he never tell her about Jo? what if james want to make a move to Feisty girl but the truth is she is vulnerable,, this is a story about family, friendship, betrayal, love, and BIG TIME RUSH :D read it if you wanna know


1. Big time Return :)


--At The Palm Woods (apartment  3J)--

Logan : I can believe we’re here. HELLOOO PALM WOOODDS I MISS YOUU SOOO MUCHH.

Carlos : (go to swirly) SWIRLY!! I miss you (hugged it)

Kendall : Home Sweet Home. i should tell jo about i’m coming home.(texting jo)

Mrs.Knight: Hello boys. How’s the tour?

Kendall: MOM!! it was great.( hugged her) i miss you mom

Mrs.knight: aww, my baby boy miss me.. i miss you too. (pulled him away) well i made you guys something. (take out a lot of food from the oven)

Logan/Carlos/James : FOOODD!!!!!! (Look at each other). MIINNEEE!!!!! (look at each other again) DIIEE!!!(Starts to fight)

Kendall: it’s good to be home.(still texting Jo)

Katie : hey big bro, How you doin’?

Kendall: (stop texting) hey, lil sis. ( hugged her)did you miss me? Because i miss you.

Katie : Nope... HA!! KIDDING. I miss you so much. (look at the other guys) uhh.. and i miss the idiots too. (katie always called them idiots when they’re fighting)

Carlos : (knocked them all) YAY!! I WON.(run to the food and eat greedily) hey.. Kafiee. Miff you soo muff

Katie : What are you sayin’??

Kendall: I think he said Hi Katie. Miss you so much

Katie : ooh.. hi carlos. I miss you too

Logan/James : Hi Katie. We miss you sooo much (both hugged her and kissed her cheek)

 Katie : eww.. GROOSS... (wipe her cheek). You guys know that i hate it when you kiss my cheek..

Logan/James : ohh.. Sorry we forgot. Please forgive us?

Katie : FINE. But don’t do that again.(go to her room)

Logan/james: we won’t, we promise.
Logan : hey guys i got a message from gustavo. he said DOGS MOVE YOUR BUTT TO THE ROCQUE RECORDS NOW!!
James : HEYY!! I'm not deaf so Don't yell
Logan : ooh.. right (embrassed) sorry bro

--In the Limosine--
Logan : so kendall how's Jo?
Kendall : she's fine. she said Europe was amazing and she will finish her movie soon
Carlos: wait.. you guys still together??
kendall : yes, i told you long distance is not soo bad
James : Nah.. I bet you guys gonna broke up soon.
Kendall : Oh really?is that so?? i'm not like you playboy.. did you see i'm dating another girl?? NO, right?
James : I'm not talking about you idiot, i'm talking about Jo and Jett. do you trust her with him?
Kendall : Yess, I trust her.. Now SHUT UP because I'm done talking with your negative thought.
James : Fine.. for your note, i'm just worried about you. but i guess i don't have to worried (look at the window)
Kendall : thanks but i'm fine. (texting with Jo again)

--at the Rocque Records--
Gustavo : DOGS COME HERE!!
Kendall : I thought the tour was over.. that means no rehearsal right??
Gustavo : You're...WROONG. Griffin wants you to perform for the Orphans Foundation on Saturday (btw it's wednesday)
logan : well.. i think this could be fun
Gustavo : alright then, now GET TO THE BOOTH
Carlos : But.. we're really tired gustavo. (yawning) can we rehearsal tomorrow?
Kendall : carlos right gustavo, we just got here..
logan/james : Please...Please...Pleasee gustavoo (did the puppy face)

Gustavo : Alright....alright... you guys start rehearsal tomorrow. BUT DON’T BE LATE


The guys : we won’t. Thanks Gustavo


--at palmwoods pool--

 Logan : huuh... i need a girlfriend (look at the sky)

James : what happened between you and camille?

Logan : we’re breaking up right before the tour

James : Why? Because long distance?

Logan : yess..

Carlos : but you’re back now, why you guys not getting back together?

Kendall : maybe because of that. (pointing at camille and her new boyfriend)

Carlos : ooh.. don’t worry buddy, we’ll get you a new girl.

Logan : a guy that doesn’t has any girlfriend say what??

Kendall/james : hahaha... that’s funny

Carlos : hahaha...( put on his helmet) DIE!!!

Logan : Oh no...

Carlos : Oh yeah.. (laugh evily)

(carlos tackled logan and threw him to the pool)

Logan : CARLOS!!!


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