Adventure Diary

find it out yourself, girl.


3. january 13-14

Katie and Diane planned that i'll celebrate my birthday earlier. we did all of these activities at the garage. i mean we don't actually have a car. at least we have a quiet working place. we were all quiet as we worked. Katie was humming a song while she was knitting. Diane carried her piano and practiced playing the HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG. i was so happy that they did this all for me. it's hard to find two friends just at the corner but i found them at my second day of school. we all worked happily until the next day.

January 14

our alarm clocks rang. it startled us. we turned them off. we started again. since we carried our things in boxes, there was no problem. we put on drinks and paper cups and salads. we actually need to have diet so we can do our work earlier. "guys, i can't just stand there doing practicing the piano and guitar, have some exercise!" she said as she opened the garage door. the sweet, bright sunshine shone on our faces. we all went outside for a while. "it's breathtaking!" Diane said. "okay, girls, we'll walk but not too far." i said. "ooh! look at those flowers, maybe that can be the color of my dress, well not my dress our dresses." Katie said, touching the petals. "it's not that bad but what if my dress is blue? or maybe blue and red with a piano on it." Diane decided instead.  "oh, the blue and red is Ghoulia from monster high, caught ya!" Katie said giggling. "i like cupid. well she 's pink but not too much pink only like blushing roses."i said. "well i like bright pink like Draculaura!! AWESOME!!"Diane said. awesome!! for me too!!

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