Adventure Diary

find it out yourself, girl.


2. january 12-13

"yeah, if we don't get home soon my socks are probably super stinky, and i'm doing my own laundries!" Diane cried. "hey, i thought you weren't doing your own laundries." i said. "well that was before."she replied. "i'm dehydrating!" finally we reached our avenue. we all huffed and puffed. "what do you say if we have some strawberry smoothie blast at home." i asked. "course!"

January 13.

this day, i was crying. mom said that we can't go to the beach because the bank was burned down. and she was supposed to get her saved money. and she said we'll just go there next year. i was offended. so i went up slowly. i put on my fabulous lacy shirt that Katie made. and the sweet perfume from my aunt Theresa. aunt Theresa was my favorite aunt. sometimes she goes here at america with surprising gifts. i went downstairs to eat breakfast. since i was depressed, i only ate a  cookie. i went to the bus stop. Katie and Diane looked surprised when they saw me a bit guilty. "Hey, Ginnie, what's shakin'?" they asked. i told them everything. they were also depressed. "i understand that even we can't go to the beach for your birthday, we'll celebrate it here!" Katie said. "Katie's right, at least were all together."Diane said. "i know the perfect outfit: a pink and lavender princess dress, a pair of victorian gloves, and a gold coated crown." Katie said. "me and Diane can do the details after school. so you won't be sad, we'll celebrate your birthday with your family and us!" aren't they the best?

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