Adventure Diary

find it out yourself, girl.


1. january 11-12

January 11

I made my way to the bus stop "Wooh, just in time" I said as I looked at my Rolex watch. I stumbled in the steps before anyone. I found an empty seat near the bus driver. I looked outside the window for my friends, they still weren't here. A few minutes later, I spotted my two girls, Katie, and Diane.

"Ginnie!" Diane said cheerfully and waved at me.

" Heya, you ready for the field trip?" I asked them both curiously.

" Hell yeah" They chanted together. Katie is American- Ukrainian, she has brown straight hair and brown eyes, she wants to be a musician someday,and her voice is amazing and she's the "darer" of the group she has the ultimate power of courage. Diane has blondish hair and blue grey eyes, the usual look of an American girl. Diane also wants to be a fashion model. "guess what Diane did know? she bought three white T-shirts and put them with pink BFF prints." Katie said. Diane's face was lighting up. "well that's not all, i also made a clay "best friend" bracelet. mom took me into pottery class." she explained handing me a clay bracelet. we finally reached our school. Diane took her home-designed basket. me and Katie took our bags. "Diane, tomorrow is summer vacation, mom is taking me to the beach in one week, you  wanna come??" i asked. "SURE!!" they screamed. "is there a concert on the beach?? i want to bring my microphone and my guitar and my-" "is there any details? maybe i can host a fashion show and maybe after school i can make some summer dresses!!" she squealed. we all laughed. "the beach has a stage, i'm not sure if we can host this." i said. they were disappointed. "i know! let's ask your mom if she can ask the host!!" Katie said. "if not, i'll be the one who'll ask". "Katie, you're a genius!! i can design a clothing for your performance and maybe for my fashion show, i'll design some dresses, it will be the best!"

January 12

okay, January is school time but mom gave me a chance so that i'll be able to celebrate my birthday. we went to the bus stop. suddenly pushed me. it was Jennifer she was a popular girl the no. 1. plus she's super mean. "Watch your step, Loran!" she said to me. "UM, Jennifer, you can just call me Ginnie" i said in a gentle voice, i hope she doesn't get mad at me. "OOH, Don't tell me you're going to that lame beach!! what's your name again little bunny? Nori, list her name at the lowest rank of popularity. this little girl is a scaredy-rabbit!" she said scornfully. "you're listing population??" i said, bewildered. "BOO-HOO-HOO, worried little bunny? you know when you mess up with the ultimate diva of the school you'll get into the loooooooooooooowest rank of popularity" she said meanly and walked away. "That girl must learn a lesson from me!" Diane shouted. "guys the bus is going! run!" i shrieked. we ran because we don't know the way home. "this is the first time i'm sweating!! i'm destroying my fashion designed T-shirt!!" 

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