One Direction Imagines and One-Shot ♥

Im making a One Direction Imagines and One-shot for youu!! If you want me to make it for you, please comment below or kik me: zyrahanneyf for which boy you want, how is it goes like and a romantic stories, funny or whatever it is! Remember to put your name so i would make it for you, i will comment 'done' and mention your name and what chapter your story is, for ex: "done, Sarah for chapter 22"

After done, please comment for how my imagine is like or is it a bad one. Please comment with NO LIES! I really want to improve my writing skills

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1. Imagines for : claudia


You are in nandos to queue for your favourite food. And then it your turn to order. Suddenly, someone came from the back and cut 'Q-ing' you. You're so mad because you have waited a very long Q and this boy just came out from nowhere.

You: "hello...err..please queue at the back. Ive been q-ing like forever and you just came out like that? That's so rude!"

Niall:" ohh im soo sorry! So so sorry! Im such in a hurry cuz my bodyguard tell me to make it quick! Im hungry, i apologise, mind forgiving me?"

OHEMMMGEEEE!!! ITS NIALL HORANNN! I CANT BREATH I CANT BREATHHHH! okay stop fangirling infront of his face...act cool...

You: "err yah sure! But you should have ask me so i wont be shock...nevermind. Go ahead!" you said try not to fangirling and act like he's someone you didnt even a strangerr...

Niall: "Okay cute girl.. Now here's my number" he winked, "Call me. I want to repay you for all that ive did. Is that okay?"

You: "Okay!" i dont know what to say.anymoree...Speechless!

Niall: "see you later!"

And from then on..its your first date ever with niall. And you'll be forever with him. All the fans also adore you bcuz of your gorgeousness and your cuteness. You're like an inspiration to them. You and eleanor are now bestfriends for ever!

*Author :Imagines for sarah!
Kik me im done :)
Sorry if it was too short and bored... But i find this lovely!
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