One Direction Imagines and One-Shot ♥

Im making a One Direction Imagines and One-shot for youu!! If you want me to make it for you, please comment below or kik me: zyrahanneyf for which boy you want, how is it goes like and a romantic stories, funny or whatever it is! Remember to put your name so i would make it for you, i will comment 'done' and mention your name and what chapter your story is, for ex: "done, Sarah for chapter 22"

After done, please comment for how my imagine is like or is it a bad one. Please comment with NO LIES! I really want to improve my writing skills

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2. Imagine For Taya, (NIALLER) ♥


You and niall are friends since he hasnt participated in the x-factor. You liked him and hae a secret crush on him for so long. He doesnt knew about it and decied NOT to tell him as you might embarass yourself if he rejected you. But you didnt know that he likes you too. As
One day. He tell you that he wanted to audition for the x-factor coz he wanted to show his talent to everyone that he can sing too. You're so upset that he will leave you and knew that you have no chance to confess to him. So you let him go..
7 mth has gone, and you see that niall is already famous in a boy band called 'one direction'. As that, you follow him on twitter and didnt expected that he will follow you. He followed. He dm'd you;

"Hi taya! Sorry for being to busy! I lost my phone and all my contacts so i hardly talk to you. Luckily you found me on twitter..." No wonder he didnt he mesage you as you thought he already forgets you and dont kbiw you even existed.

You replied: "It's okay niall! No wonder u message you and you didnt reply to my messages. I...I miss you.." you said. Even tho you're shy but....its ok!

Niall replied: "i miss you too taya!!!! Erm im in ireland now, how about we meet up? Its been so long ince 7mth past ago. Can?pleasee. ..ive gt something to tell you. Its...veryy..important to me.."

You reply:" okay! Ive benn wanting to meet you too!"
Niall reply:" how about nandos? Okay i'll meet you up there in 30 mins. Get dress quick!"


Niall stares at you like something feel uncomfortable..

You:" Hi niall! So wats up? And... Why are you staring at me like that?"
He smiles

Niall: "you look a princess. Princess to me."

You: "okayy niall? You havent answered my first question"

Niall: " yah! Ive been very good. Just a lil bit busy.."

You: " yeahh someone famous noww! I understand niall, i understand!" you tease him.

Niall: " whatever! I used to be the same niall u used to know." he laugh."Taya, ive got something to tell you..." he started. "err..i dont wanna lose you..."

You: " what? ! Ur joking niall. Me too.. I dont wanna lose you..." you said like teasing on him, but deep're killing yourself..

Niall: "im not joking. This is serious taya..i think its time now...i...i..I love you.."
Youre shocked but happy inside speechless. U didnt expect this would happen. So you start confess to him..

You: "i love you too...since i first met you..but i was...shy.." you said utterly.

Niall: "would you like to live in my life forever? Would you like to be the key to my heart taya? Would you be my...girlfriend?"

OMG OMG OMG!!! WHAT IS AIR?????!! Im the most luckiest girl in this world!!

You: " what about your carrier. I was scared it might get affected of these.."

Niall: " you are important to me. Not my carrier. And im sure all the fans will love you like they will love is it a yes or a no?"
He was begging you with his twinkle little eyes. The eyes that u would only see. The only eyes that can make your heart soften. That makes your heart skips a beat..

You: "its a. .. YES!"

Niall: " YAYYYYY! thanks. And now you are officially mine!!

You live wit him together and happy ever after. All the fans adore you..and that how lifes would be..

*AUTHOR: to taya! Im done... Sorry if it isnt what you wanted...its mind so i wrote it! HAVE FUN! ♥♥
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