One Direction Imagines and One-Shot ♥

Im making a One Direction Imagines and One-shot for youu!! If you want me to make it for you, please comment below or kik me: zyrahanneyf for which boy you want, how is it goes like and a romantic stories, funny or whatever it is! Remember to put your name so i would make it for you, i will comment 'done' and mention your name and what chapter your story is, for ex: "done, Sarah for chapter 22"

After done, please comment for how my imagine is like or is it a bad one. Please comment with NO LIES! I really want to improve my writing skills

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6. Imagine for Mckenna, (NIALLER)


You and your husband, Niall Horan from one direction are walking at the park with your lil tiny baby, Naya around six mth old. She is very chubby and cute too. She loves to eat just like her daddy. Ten you walk with them at the with her around and you eat ice creM with niall. You notice niall was at looking you while pushing Naya's pram..y

You:"Niall!! Dont look at me like that..its so scary!" you said just joking around with him

Niall:" lets sit on that bench"

You:" Okay baby" you and niall sat and he start to hold your hands.

Niall:" you know Mckenna, even tho you gave birth to Naya. You still looking goid and sexy like the first time we met. I really miss those times when i saw you crossing the road..i am really lucky to have you! And remember when i spill my drinks on your clothes? Haha that was such a moment and your reaction at that time mad like hell. I was about to laugh at your face but then you are too cute!

You; " hahahaah! Those time. Yeaa really embarassing."

Niall:" thank you, :)"

You: " haha what? Thank you for?"

Niall:" for Naya, youve gave birth to such an cute lil baby to me.. My only assets that i have..."

You:" its ok niall! Its my job as a wife to give birth" you smiles and he kiss your nose.

And then you continue walking until you stop at the shopping centre to buy clothes and shopping too. The happiest day of your lifes.

*AUTHOR: done for Mckenna, chapter 6 :)
please comment below on how my imagine is. NO LIES PLEASE!♥♥

Enjoyy! Xx ♥
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