One Direction Imagines and One-Shot ♥

Im making a One Direction Imagines and One-shot for youu!! If you want me to make it for you, please comment below or kik me: zyrahanneyf for which boy you want, how is it goes like and a romantic stories, funny or whatever it is! Remember to put your name so i would make it for you, i will comment 'done' and mention your name and what chapter your story is, for ex: "done, Sarah for chapter 22"

After done, please comment for how my imagine is like or is it a bad one. Please comment with NO LIES! I really want to improve my writing skills

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5. Imagine for Katie (ZAYN)


You've been invited by your boyfriend to the One Direction Tour in Paris. You're so damn excited as Paris is your dream country to go. Well you cant afford to go there coz your parents is just an average person. And you havent go for any holidays in your lifetime. You went there with Danielle and Eleanor taking ghe same flight. You, Danielle and Eleanor are now best CLOSE friends. Easy said BFF. So when you reach there, at the concert as you can see. There is ALOT of girls and you're in the second row. Your boyfriend Zayn, and the boys come out to sing. You have butterflies in your stomach everytime you saw zayn and misses him for every day,every minute. Now that is why he loved you for who you are..And then out of a sudden, he invites you to the stage! You were shy and dont know what to do...

Zayn:" I've got something to tell you all and the boys aswell.. KATIE, where is katie?" he said as he searching for you. You kept quiet cuz you just dont know what to do..

Zayn:" there you are Katie! Come up to stage please...come on here.." he said smiling.
So you came up to stage. His knees on the ground and proposing you infront of everyone. Youre blushing!

Zayn:" Youre my life. My love for heart..will you marry me Katie?" he said. Omg! I can see those eyes. Theyre just soo gorgeous! His twinkle eyes. You havent answered. The boys and zayn started to sing 'moments' and you just stand beside zayn. While he was singing, he looked you into your eyes...and holding your hands. After the song has finished,

Zayn:" Will you marry me katie? Do you love me and really wants to marry me katie?"

You answered
You:" I DO :)"
He jump around happy and the background sound started to play the song 'I DO' by colbie caillat

*AUTHOR: so how was it?*
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