One Direction Imagines and One-Shot ♥

Im making a One Direction Imagines and One-shot for youu!! If you want me to make it for you, please comment below or kik me: zyrahanneyf for which boy you want, how is it goes like and a romantic stories, funny or whatever it is! Remember to put your name so i would make it for you, i will comment 'done' and mention your name and what chapter your story is, for ex: "done, Sarah for chapter 22"

After done, please comment for how my imagine is like or is it a bad one. Please comment with NO LIES! I really want to improve my writing skills

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7. Imagine for Katie and Kerstin. (HARRY & ZAYN)


You and your bestfriend, Kerstin meet one direction at their signing. You planned to Kerstin not to fangirl infront of their face as they dont like it. So you both control you expressions and feelings infront of the boys.

You: "Remember Kerstin, just SMILE. No fangirling around them.. Just act cool and Talk to them okay?" you said reminding her.

Kerstin:"Oh yea for sure! I will remember that...Hey Kat look!! After these two girls its our turn!!!! Cant waittttt!!!" she looks so excited...

You:" SEE! you started it! Control!" you remind her not to fangirl.

So now its our turn..Kerstin is behind me so im infront. First is Louis and then Liam then Niall.. When we gets to harry, you can see that harry keeps looking at you and he smirk! He ask whats name

You:"My name is Katie..."

Harry:" your name is katie..nice name. Just like the person" he said. He is such a flirt but its okay! Hes flirting with you! He winked..

You:" ohh yeah thanks harry! And how was your day?"

Harry:" as you can see.. Been very busy.." and then paul ask you to move to zayn.

Wow this amazaynn! You really cant believe you talked to the most famous person worlwide? Its your turn to zayn and you can see that zayn keep looking at Kerstin and he was being shy! You have already done and you stand by the corner to wait for kerstin. Kerstin came up and she said tha zayn asks for her number and he gives his number too! Youre so upset and jealous. You look at harry and realise harry was looking at you. He started to move his hand signal to tell you open that book. Youre so shock coz inside's number in it saying 'Call me love xx'

You walk back home and from then on youre so close to harry and nor so long after that he became your boyfriend.

*AUTHOR: so how was it? Please comment below! Thank you..

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