Alice is a normal girl who loves the dark and all the mysteries it holds. Living in Colorado on her family farm she spends all her time in the woods. One day she is attacked by a wolf. But is it really a wolf and how will she go back to her life after learning so much about herself?


3. The Encounter

Alice and Enigma were out in the woods sitting in the meadow they had found when they first arrived at the farm.

She always came here when she wanted to get away from everyone and everything. There had been a few brambles and fallen branches when she first found it but she'd cleared them away and piled up the logs to form a few jumps that she and Enigma always did when they came. Alice loved the feeling of flying as they went over the jumps and lying in the grass watching the clouds move overhead when they stopped for a few hours. Alice came to this place whenever something was bothering her or she was angry, which was very often she'd always had a fiery temper that often got her in trouble.

It was one of those days when she went to the meadow. Her younger sibling Anna had taken her favourite poster and ripped it in half. Alice had slapped her in anger and chased her into her room. Her mum had gotten really angry and said "you don't hit!" whilst comforting her brat of a sister. She didn't even let Alice explain just told her to go to her room. Alice had glared at her grabbed her tack and taken Enigma to their special place. 

She was lying in the grass with her head on Enigma's saddle. As he grazed around her she talked to him about what had happened. 

Suddenly Enigma started, throwing up his head and skitted away from Alice watching the far corner of the meadow with wild eyes. Alice bolted upright and ran to Enigma trying to calm him and find the source of his fear. Then she saw it, a wolf was standing in the far corner with its head low and teeth bared. It was as black as the night she loved and slowly stalking them, Alice looked around frantically for her saddle and bridle and saw them lying in the grass a few feet away. She looked at the wolf again and saw it was now with in 100 metres and gaining. She started towards her tack hoping Enigma would stay with her long enough to get it on.

The wolf snarled a low and menacing noise. It was too much for Enigma who reared striking out with his front feet before turning and galloping for home. Alice stood there too shocked to move until another snarl sent her running after Enigma calling his name. She turned to see if the wolf was following and tripped over a branch flying through the air to land with a thud. The last thing she remembered was seeing the wolf walk up to her with saliva dripping from its jaws.

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