Alice is a normal girl who loves the dark and all the mysteries it holds. Living in Colorado on her family farm she spends all her time in the woods. One day she is attacked by a wolf. But is it really a wolf and how will she go back to her life after learning so much about herself?


2. The Beginning


Alice lay tossing and turning im her bed trying to get comfortable and fall asleep. It was midnight and as tired as she was she couldn't fall asleep. Alice climbed out of bed put on a pair of jeans and a jumper and creeped out the house grabbing a pair of wellies. She snuck down the drive avoiding the sensors which would turn the lights on and made her way to the path leading to the woods on her family's land. 


When she was younger Alice had been terrified of the dark and had to sleep with a nightlight and the door open with the landing light on to make her fall asleep. She didn't know why she was scared just that the dark in her room make her afraid. She would pick out shapes and think they were monsters.

It was just after they has moved to Colorado from Chicago when she was 11 and her dad had gone into cattle and horse breeding that she stopped being afraid. She'd never liked the city or had many friends at school. Alice loved the open spaces of Colorado and the woods held her in fascination with their tall trees and winding paths seamingly leading to no where. She would spend hours exploring them with her horse enigma a 15.2 black mustang gelding her dad bought her when they moved. She felt safe in the woods and found a calmness which soothed her when ever she went into them. The dark shadows and tightly packed trees didn't scare but made her feel like there was some big secret they were hiding.


She had always had trouble sleeping and would spend hours awake worrying about the creatures in the night. But in Colorado she wasn't scared. Alice no longer needed the nightlight or the landing light on, she would spend hours sitting on the deck staring at the stars and walking along the paddocks picking out the sleeping animals. She never strayed too far though incase something happened to her.


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