Alice is a normal girl who loves the dark and all the mysteries it holds. Living in Colorado on her family farm she spends all her time in the woods. One day she is attacked by a wolf. But is it really a wolf and how will she go back to her life after learning so much about herself?


5. Revelations


"Your not even human" kept whirling round Alice's mind and she felt sick. 

"W...Wha...What do you mean i'm not human?!" She was shouting now. She'd been taken from her home and now her captures were telling her she wasn't human. Alice jumped up and started to walk towards Toby, her fists bunched at her sides and a face like thunder. Before she could reach him she saw stars again and stumbled backwards only to be caught by Kai and lifted bridle style back to the bed. 

"I don't really know how to tell you this Alice, but.... your a shapeshifter. A werewolf to be exact." Toby told her looking slightly guilty and like it pained him to tell her. 

"Hahahahaha! Your good! Ok Camille you can come out now! You have well and truly got me!" Alice shouted, tears in her eyes from laughing and walked towards the door expecting Camille her best friend to appear through it and tell her they were now even from when Alice had changed her shampoo to blue hair dye. "Camille?" She was getting worried now and had stopped laughing. "Camille? You can come out!"

"I'm sorry Alice but this isn't a joke. I am very serious. You're parents were killed by hunters when you were 8 months old and you were put into an orphanage and adopted before we could find you. By the time we knew where you were, you were 7 years old and settled having no idea what you were or that you were adopted. The council thought it would be best if you stayed with your adopted parents until before your first change when you would be bought to us." Kai looked at her with sad eyes as Toby told her this and made to take her back to sit on the bed.

Alice looked at them shocked and backed away. "Your crazy! Barking Mad! My parents are George and Amelia St. Claire. I was born 2 July 1994 at the Chicago Hospital. I have a younger sister! She looks like me!"

"Your parents were Lucia and Harry Silvercoat and you were born 2 July 1994 in Kildare. (pronounced Kill-derry) Its a coincidence you look like her, you were adopted by your 'parents' as you looked like them and wouldn't think that you weren't biologically theirs." 

Alice sat down and stared at them, put her head on her knees and began to cry. "They're going to be wondering where I am. How long have I been here? They are going to think I fell of and died. What about Enigma? Whats going to happen to him? and Anna? I'm never going to see her grow up!" She wailed, bawling her eyes out rocking back and forth thinking off the home she'd just lost.

"Hey. It'll be alright, you'll see. Its not so bad here" Kai came and sat next to her rubbing her back with one hand before gathering her up and letting her cry into his chest as he rocked her and made soothing sounds. "shuussshh, shuusshhh. It'll be ok. We will look after you." 

"I'll stay with her till she calms down and take her for something to eat" he directed at Toby who nodded and walked out shutting the door behind him. He moved with Alice to the bed where he stayed rocking her waiting patiently.

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