Alice is a normal girl who loves the dark and all the mysteries it holds. Living in Colorado on her family farm she spends all her time in the woods. One day she is attacked by a wolf. But is it really a wolf and how will she go back to her life after learning so much about herself?


4. Information

Alice's head hurt. She could smell damp and something else she couldn't make out. Her eyes flickered and she groaned before opening them to find out where she was. The light was blinding and she immediately shut them again and blinked to get used to the light. Alice finally had her eyes opened fully and tried to sit up before giving up when she started to see stars. Resigning her self to lying down she looked at her surrounding and found she was in a cave with a bed and a small cupboard and two wooden doors one that looked like it lead to a bathroom.

"She should be waking up soon"

"She hit her head pretty hard. You were just meant to bring her back not kill her!"

Alice heard male voices coming from outside the door opposite the bed and quickly closed her eyes pretending to still be unconscious. The door creaked as it opened and Alice could hear two pairs of footsteps approach the bed and stop. 

"Her colour is better and she looks asleep rather than unconscious now" said one voice.  

"She's not as cold" said the other as he laid a hand on her forehead and Alice tried not to flinch. 

"She is strong and will recover well. The real problem could be getting her to accept what she is and the role she has to play." Alice stiffened at this and wondered what they could mean. They must have noticed as one shushed the other and spoke to her.

"Alice? Alice? We know your awake. Please open your eyes." 

She blinked looking at the two men who had come into the cave. One was older than the other probably 30 and the younger one looked no older than 20. Both were dressed in jeans and t-sirts and clearly worked out from the muscles she could see down their arms and through their t-shirts. In other circumstances she would have thought the younger one was very good looking with dark hair swept off his face, piercing blue eyes and plump kissable lips. Alice wondered what it would be like to kiss those lips; have them moving against hers and running her hands over his chest. He must of caught her staring as he winked and she snapped out of it, quickly looking at the older man.  

"What do you want from me?" Alice asked sitting up and trying to back away from the men but another wave of dizziness had her swaying and falling back onto the bed. 

"Take it easy, you hit your head pretty hard"the younger man said putting his arms under her back and helping her sit up. She tried to move away but was too weak and gave up. The feeling of his arms round her had given her a strange warm feeling. 

"Thank you" she mumbled looking down at the bed. 

"I'm Toby and this is Kai" the older man told her. 

"Why am I here? What you want from me?" asked Alice looking at them with frightened eyes. 

"Have you ever wondered why you love the dark and can see so well in it? Why all animals love you? Or you know things before people say them? Or how you can never sleep on a full moon but have to go for a walk round the woods?"

"How do you know about that? No one knows I know what people think sometimes. And I've always struggled sleeping its nothing unusual loads of people struggle sleeping."Alice whimpered drawing her knees to her chest. 

"Thats because your the same as us. We have excellent night vision, can hear thoughts and need very little sleep" Toby explained 

"What do you mean the same as you?! I'm a normal girl! There's nothing special or different about me"Her voice had raised an octave and tears started to stream down her cheeks.

"How old are you Alice?" Kai questioned giving her a reassuring smile.

Alice chocked out "I'll be 18 next week" through the tears.

Kai and Toby looked at each other and Kai sat down next to her and began rubbing circles in the palm of her hand. Alice immediately felt better and the warm feeling returned. 

"I'm not sure how to tell you this Alice... but... your not a normal girl, in fact your not even human..."


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