True Loves Kiss

Katie, the girl who is always last to be picked for kickball, and is hardley noticed at lunch, but could she be the girl who catches Harry's eye at the mall?


23. Years gone

Katie's POV The weeks after I broke up with Harry, I finally got connected with the media world. Harry an Kara were publicly official. Blech. Some thought he was cheating on me, some thought that WAS me what Harry until word got out that I was in a coma. After I broke up with him, the 'Karry'  news stopped, saying they were broken up. I had a tinge of guilt build up inside my stomach. I should have trusted him. I knew he would break up with her. I should have trusted him. Years have past now and I haven't heard one word from 'him'. I actually have a new boyfriend now and have finished school. I moved back to America with my mom and started over. My new boyfriends name is Zach. Although he is sweet, he isn't like Harry. I guess I do miss him, but after what he did, I shouldn't. I walked out of the small coffee shop I worked in and started the walk home, the warm Florida breeze brushed my skin. When I saw a familiar car drive down the street a waved, knowing it was Zach. I waved and waved, but he just drove by, not giving me a glance, a stern look on his face. I sighed and kept walking. I heard rumors that the boys... Excuse me, 'One Direction' were in town I have been careful to avoid them. Yes three years have passed and I have moved on but I still have this small longing for Harry. I kicked the sidewalk in frustration. Who am I kidding. I want him back. It was my mistake, breaking up with him. I can't lie anymore. Not to my friends, my family or myself. Zach is a horrible boyfriend and I terribly miss Harry. I kept walking forward, my house in view. I heard a rumbling of an engine and a squeak of brakes being slammed. I looked up and saw a van skidding towards me. I stood in shock for the next few seconds. I couldn't move, I couldn't talk. Nothing. The last few seconds were full of panic and a last minute scream as the van collided with my body.

Harry's POV I missed Katie. I needed her. I knew she probably moved on because she moved back to America. Probably back to Florida. A few days after we arrived i Florida for our tour, the boys took me on a car ride. I knew it was to look for Katie. I looked out the window, staring at the houses sizzling by. I sighed after hour went by. "Let's go back to the hotel," I wined. The boys all shook their heads and kept staring out the window. It became dark and everyone's eyes were sagging from exsaustion. Now I wasn't alone begging to go home. "No! We have to keep looking," said louis. We rolled our eyes and fell asleep with our heads pressed against the windows. "THERE SHE IS!" Louis screamed causing our driver to be startled and slammed hard on the brake, making the car skid. I saw her. Her beautiful eyes full of panic. She wouldn't move. I screamed in those last seconds before I heard a blood wrenching scream and a thud against the car. My heart stopped. First I cheat on her now we hit her with a car? Oh my god. Louis was the first to jump out of the car, me hot on his tail. Liam was on the phone with 911 and zayn and Niall popped out of the car soon afterwards. I sprinted to her lifeless looking body, blood smeared over her face. Tears rolled down my cheek as a pained squeak escaped my lips. Louis rushed to her side and motioned me to do the same. We lifted her up and a soft groan escaped her mouth. I bit my lip nervously as we lay her on a near by bench. I nodded at louis to stay with her as I sprinted to the nearest house and knocked on the door. "Hello..." A little girl about the age of nine poked her head out. When she saw me, her jaw dropped. "Hi, I'm sorry but I don't have time for a picture. Is your mom or dad home?" I asked. She nodded her head yes and ran off. I stood in the door way and tapped my foot nervously, taking glances at Katie still lying on the bench. "Hello, may I help..." A woman walked up to the door and her jaw dropped. No time. "I'm sorry, miss, but I'm in a hurry. Would you mine sparing me some clothes and possibly a first aid kit? My girl..." I coughed, "my friend is hurt." She nodded her head and scurried off, coming back with a man and a stack of supplies. "Hello, I heard from my wife your friend is hurt. I am a doctor. Is there anyway I can help?" I quickly nodded my head me lead him to Katie and the boys. "Hey guys, move back." I demanded. More people have gathered around the bench, watching. some brought first aid kits and blankets. i took them graciously. "thank you so much for your concern, but it would be greatly appreciated if you go back to your home. thank you." They looked at me with scared eyes and obeyed.

Louis POV "Alright, let's see what I can do," the man said, kneeling down and acting very calm. The boys looked at me with worry and I mouthed "he's a doctor." They nodded their head and looked back at Katie. I finally got to look at her. Her gold brown, wavy hair was longer and her usually kind of pale face had a light tan. Looking at her skin on her bare arms and legs, I saw light bruises. I shook my head. Probably just a little clumsiness. Nobody would hurt her.

Harry's POV

The paramedics came soon afterwards the doctor assessed her with broken ribs, arm and leg and would need stitches on her forehead. I winced. That's bad. I felt horrible. When the paramedics took her away. I thanks the doctor graciously and jumped into the ambulance with Katie, the boys in the other car. I was surprised to see louis on the other side of the ambulance, holding Katie's hand. She was like a sister to him. Even for the short time they knew each other. When Katie left, louis had been spending plenty of time in his room or taking short trips. He never admitted it but I believe he was with Katie. I stared at her limp body and cried. Louis looked up at me, not saying a word, all the way to the hospital.

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