True Loves Kiss

Katie, the girl who is always last to be picked for kickball, and is hardley noticed at lunch, but could she be the girl who catches Harry's eye at the mall?


1. Odd One Out

I stepped out of the warmth of the classroom and onto the crisp, cool winter air. I quickly pulled my sweatshirt sleeves over my hands and ducked my head. I slid through the shadows without anyone noticing me. Good. Being the most ignored person at school had its pros and cons, mostly cons. Sometimes I liked being alone, but mostly, I was just... I guess you could say, lonely. I wasn't like most girls. I wasn't into wearing makeup like the girlies or playing soccer like the athletes. Nor was I into music. I breathed in the crisp air one last time before entering the best place at school, the library. I felt like my only friend was the characters in the book and sometimes the book itself! I slipped into one of the back chairs and quietly pulled my book out of my book bag and placed it on the table. I studied the cover and wondered what it would be like to be in the situation Katniss was in in the Hunger Games. I wish life was like a good book, most always having a happy ending. Thats the problem. Not all books have happy endings, I feel like I'm in that kind of book.
Time seemed to slip by as I got lost in my thoughts.
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