True Loves Kiss

Katie, the girl who is always last to be picked for kickball, and is hardley noticed at lunch, but could she be the girl who catches Harry's eye at the mall?


10. Kiss

Katie's POV

I sighed in happiness as Harry put his arm around me while we were sitting in the sand. This was the best date I have ever had. When we stood to leave, I felt like I was walking on water, as cheesy as that sounds. I felt truly in love with Harry. I peeked at him to discover he was looking at me, his deep green/gray eyes were mesmerizing, goodness I am really cheesy in my mind. Harry slowly started to guide me to the side of the road against a rock. He pressed me up against the rock and stared at me before leaning in. Closer and closer until his lips were pressed against mine. The kiss was perfect, our lips moved together in sync. He pulled away with a smile on his face. I blushed and pulled my hair behind my ear.

"Your beautiful, you know that?" Harry said, staring at me. I blushed more that humanly possible. Harry chuckled and I pushed him lightly.

"What! Why are you laughing?!" I exclaimed. Harry stopped laughing and ducked his head bashfully.

"I'm sorry," he said, sadly. Guilt flooded my body as Harry ducked his head farther.

"No, no Harry! Im sorry, I was only joking!" I pleaded, I can't loose the guy to a silly joke. Sadness filled my body and my face drooped quickly. I have had a lot of practice with other guys making my face sad like this, maybe he is just the same.... A cheeky smile filled his face as he looked up at me. I pushed him jokingly and his smile widened as a grin filled my face. He wrapped his arm around me and we walked off to the car quietly. I have made up my mind. I love him.

Harry's POV

I opened the door for Katie and she slipped in. I slid in next to her and started the car. turned on the radio and the song that turned on was What Makes You Beautiful. I smiled and sung, purposely sounding off tune. She giggled. I swear that giggle is going to kill me someday, it was so adorable. Like a sheet of happiness and sweetness wash over me. When it was my solo in the song, I sang quietly in her ear, "You don't know your beautiful, thats what makes you beautiful." She blushed. I squeezed her hand we talked about random things about each other, where she lived, where she is going to school, that kind of thing. But when I asked why she moved here, she started to cry...

Katie's POV

We were in the car having a great time talking and asking each other questions, but when Harry asked why I moved to England, I burst out crying. 

"I'm so sorry, Katie. I shouldn't have asked. I didn't know, I am so sorry," Harry looked at me with his big puppy eyes, asking for forgiveness. He shouldn't have to say sorry in the first place.

"No Harry, you didn't know it was such a... sensitive topic. No need for you to be sorry. I am the one who should be asking for forgiveness for breaking down like that. But since, I hope, we will be spending more time together, I should tell you." Harry nodded his head, still looking at the empty road, but taking glances at me to show his attention. I took a yoga fire breath and began, "I lived in Florida with my mom, my older brother, who is now in the army, and my..." I stuttered, "father. When I was 14, I had this boyfriend who's name was Henry. I thought we were in love, we were so happy together, until when I was about 15 and 16 I just turned into a sex object for him. When I started to object, he started to take away things like being to see my friends and eventually my own family." Tears formed in my eyes. "Until I was stupid and found a time to run away when I was 16 and I did. I went home, not knowing were else to go. It was a stupid decision, because, Henry found me. He found me and climbed through my window. Before I could do anything, He duck taped my mouth shut and tied my hands and feet and threw me in the closet, of course locking it behind him. I remember was finding the spare key I had hidden in the closet just for a situation I did get locked in the closet and struggled to open the door. When I did eventually open the door, I saw Henry was spilling gasoline everywhere and pull out a match. I screamed against the duck tape and he looked at me and snickered as he lit the gasoline and fled out of the window. Luckily, my father found me and carried me out, but..." By this part of the story, I was struggling to get the words out of my mouth, "but an explosion hit and my father threw me onto the grass before it actual impact happened and, he got killed in the explosion. My mother and brother were fine but me and my father had a special bond, like nothing I have ever had. I loved my father so much, and... and Henry killed him. I told the cops, but they never found him. Nether did they find any evidence that he did it, even with me being an eye witness." Harry rubbed circles on my back as I bawled. 

"Its alright, I am so sorry. He won't hurt you any more. If he does, he is going to have to go through me first." I smiled through my tears. This is what I needed, a person who would listen to me, who really cared, who would protect me. I leaned my head on his shoulder and slowly drifted off to sleep...


~~~~~Authors Note~~~~~

I am sorry for not updating in like a month! I hope you didn't loose interest in the story! 

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