True Loves Kiss

Katie, the girl who is always last to be picked for kickball, and is hardley noticed at lunch, but could she be the girl who catches Harry's eye at the mall?


2. Finally

The clatter of the bell snapped me into focus. As everyone filed out of the room I sat still. I finally started to leave my seat when I began to think I might be drawing to much attention to myself. I stepped out of the library and through the now empty hallway to the parking lot. I slid into my car and carefully backed out. There were clumps of people in there cliques everywhere. The girlies crowd around a small bench under a tree. The popular cheerleaders and football players all filed into their fancy cars. I sighed and pulled away.

"Common Mom! I have pleanty of clothes in my closet!" I moaned. My mom rolled her eyes and stomped out of my room. "Be ready in 5!" she shouted over her shoulder. I blew out a huff and slipped on a pair of black boots over my leggings. I padded over to my small mirror and took a peek. I actually   didnt look that bad, even though I hardly cared. My dirt brown hair was put neatly in a bun and my clear skin seamed to gleam in the sun. I rubbed my hand on my face to stop that from happening when my mom slipped in. "Ready?" she asked. I nodded and we walked to the family car. I plopped into the front seat and stared off into space. Before I knew it, I had fallen asleep.

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