True Loves Kiss

Katie, the girl who is always last to be picked for kickball, and is hardley noticed at lunch, but could she be the girl who catches Harry's eye at the mall?


14. Coma

Katie's POV

I was in a black pit. A black, dark pit with sleek, slippery walls. I jumped and yelled for help, but all I heard was the echo of my noiseless screams. I gave up and sat, waiting, waiting for something to happen. I could hear faint voices. I listened harder to make out what I was hearing. It was a boy, two boys. I could hear them, but not see them. 

"Its alright Louis, she will be ok." Louis, he is here. And Harry. I wanted to hug him. To tell him I was okay, but I could do nothing. I jumped and tried to climb the wallless pit...

Harry's POV

Three weeks have past, and I haven't moved from the hospital chair next to Katie's bed. I waited, sang to her, talked to her, waited for a sign of her wellbeing. Louis was here just as much as me. I cried into his shoulder. I really loved her. Here beautiful eyes, her kind heart, her shyness. I really loved her. I could tell at how Louis looked at her that he had a liking for her too, but after what he did, I don't know if she will ever forgive him, or will ever have the chance too...

Weeks, Months, now 2 years have past, and there has been no sign of Katie waking. I eventually had to be taken from the chair to do our shows. I canceled enough of them, I was also really close to canceling a tour when Liam knocked me into shape. I wanted to be the first she saw when she woke. None of the doctors could predict when she was going to wake now. It could be more than 5 years. My life just collapsed. Without her, I wasn't into the music we sang. I ran off the stage after shows to get to the hospital when possible. I couldn't sing some of the songs or I will break out crying. Everyone has tried to cheer me up, nothing is working. I would do anything just to see Katie smile again. Anything. 

Katie's POV

I have tried harder than anything to come out of the darkness. I have had too much of this darkness, loneliness.  I needed Harry. I could hear him crying when he visited. I needed him. 

"Hi Katie," I searched my memories to see if I recognized the voice. Oh yes, it was Zayn.

"Katie, Harry is a mess. He misses you so much. It has been 2 years. Please, try to come back. We need you, he needs you, please." He pleaded. I could feel him squeeze my hand and lay his forehead on my balled fist. I tried harder than any other time. I tried to break free. I needed to break free. I needed too...

Zayn's POV

Harry was a mess. We all were. Louis isn't his goofy self anymore, Harry spends all his time in his room or at the hospital. He needed her back. I snuck out of our flat and drove to the hospital. the doctor said the Katie could hear us when we talked to her so I went to talk to her. Yes, it was a little strange to talk to somebody who was almost lifeless but I needed to tell her everything. She needed to try more than anything to come back. 

I walked into the room and sat next to her. 

"Hi Katie," I began. I sighed and grabbed her hand. "Katie, Harry is a mess. He misses you so much. It has been 2 years. Please, try to come back. We need you, he needs you, please." I lay my head on our hands and sobbed silently. After a few minutes, I got up, wiped away my stray tears and kissed her forehead and began to leave. I sighed and grabbed the doorknob, I heard a groan coming from behind me. I whipped my head around and ran to her. I grabbed her hand.

"Common, Katie. You can do it. Please Katie we need you..." I pleaded. More groans escaped her mouth and I pressed the nurse assistance button next to her bed. I smiled and talked to her more, more encouragement.

"She's waking up!" I exclaimed when the nurse walked in. A smile filled her face and she went to get a doctor. "Katie! Common, wake up, love. Wake up, Katie." I looked at her eyes and felt her arm twitch. "Wake up, Katie. Common you can do it! Wake up, love." Her eyes fluttered and I saw her shimmering blue eyes. A smile filled mine and her lips and I hugged her. The doctor came in withe nurse and saw me hugging her and her hugging back. He smiled.

"Alright, Katie. You are up! I am just going to look you over then you can come home tonight!" The doctor looked at me and said, "You please go out to the waiting room. I will send you in in about 10 minutes." I smiled then nodded and left. I walked all jumpy to the waiting room. The 10 minutes seems like and hour. I texted Liam.

To: Liam :)

Make sure all of the boys are at the flat in 45 mins. Make sure Harry and Louis are there too. I have a surprise. :) Zayn

10 minutes past and Liam replied he would make sure all the boys were there. I smiled when I was taken back to the room and Katie was back in her clothes and walking over to me. I hugged her tight.

"I'm glad you're back," I whispered in her ear. I helped her to the car and drove her home. Exactly 45 minutes past when I reached the flat. "Everyone doesn't know you are up yet. I am surprising them now." I told her. She nodded then smiled. I led her to the door and told her to be quiet and stay there while I got the boys. I closed the door and saw everyone but Harry and Liam in the living room. 

"Liam is getting Hazza." Niall said. I nodded and walked to Harry's room.

"I am not going out there." Harry said as I walked in. Liam was pinning Harry to the ground and Harry was struggling under him. I chuckled and helped Liam pick him up. He struggled in our arms and we threw him on the couch. He huffed and crossed his arms stubbornly. 

"Guys, come to the door." They all followed me, curiously.

"Guys, welcome back," I opened the door, "Katie!"


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