True Loves Kiss

Katie, the girl who is always last to be picked for kickball, and is hardley noticed at lunch, but could she be the girl who catches Harry's eye at the mall?


21. Break up

Katie's POV
I awoke with a crick in my neck and a cramped back. I sat up and cracked my back, waking Harry who was sprawled on the ground below me. I licked my lips nervously as I looked at his curly hair all messed from sleep. I walked to the kitchen, sighing, with Harry hot on my tail.
"Katie..." I spun on my heel to look at Harry.
"What?" I snapped.
"I heard your conversation with Liam and Louis last night and..." I cut in befor sherry could finish, shocked at what he had said.
"So your dating my TWIN behind my back while I was in a COMA and now your eves dropping? Wow Harry, great situation you got your self into." I snapped back, turning around to walk away. I felt a strong hand hold my shoulder firmly.
"Katie, wait let me explain." He pleaded. I rolled my eyes and shifted my weigh and crossed my arms. Harry opened his mouth to begin. This better be good...

Harry's POV
"So your dating my TWIN behind my back while I was in a COMA and now your eves dropping? Wow Harry, great situation you got your self into." She snapped at me. I sighed. She made the situation much clearer. This was bad.
"Please, let me explain." I took a deep breath and began, "Katie, you don't know how much I missed you those 2 years and I didn't know what I would do without you. I would sing with heart, I would skip practices and cancel concerts. I was about to cancel a tour but Liam told me not to. Anyways, I missed you so much and I guess I just realized that ka..." I coughed, " she looked like you and I needed you and she was as close as I could get to you. I'm sorry. I never ment for the situation to get worse. I promise to break up with Kara ASAP. Please stay with me," I pleaded. She shook her head and took a deep sigh. After that, she walked out of the door and into the living room. I didn't move. That was not the reaction I was expecting, and nether is the situation I am in. Welcome to reality, Harry. We have missed you.

Katie's POV
I sighed and walked out of the room. I could tell that was not the reaction Harry was expecting. I can't take this any more. Good thing we aren't official yet, this should be easy. I got up from the couch and walked into the kitchen to see Harry, sitting at the bar, with his head on the counter.
"Harry," I called. He looked up quickly, pleading. I slipped in next to him and took a deep breath.
"I know we aren't official," Harry sucked in a breath, "but I think we should become official any time soon. I think we should take a break after all that's happened." A tear rolled down his cheek. I got up and patted his back, leaving the room. I grabbed my coat and shoes but double-taked before leaving. I grabbed a not pad and pen and scrubbed down a note. I tiptoed into Louis Room placed it on his chest while he was sleeping.
"Sorry, Lou." I whispered, I kissed his forehead and left his room. For the short time I have know the boys, I really have grown a close relationship with them. Louis was like a brother to me. It hurt me more to leave him than anything. I reached the door, the house oddly quiet. I grabbed the handle and began to spin the handle when I was startled by Liam.

Liam's POV
I heard Harry and Katie argue in the kitchen. Even though I couldn't hear what was going on, it didn't sound good. I bit my lip as I listened to Katie break up with Harry. I shook my head. This is all my fault. Why did I suggest Kara? I watched Katie right a note and go to louis room after grabbing her cost and shoes. Harry still sat with his head on the counter but with tears running down his cheeks. I sighed and walked over to Katie, right as she was about to leave.
"It was my mistake," I began. She looked at me startled then shook her head.
"Harry went along with it. He doesn't... He doesn't..." She sniffled. "Love me," she whispered and opened the door and left. I stood there in shock but was snapped out of it when I heard louis bound down the stairs and right out of the door, a note in his hand. Probably chasing after Katie. Good luck, lou. I watched him rundown the hall, screaming Katie's name.

Louis' POV
"Dear louis, Harry eavesdropped on us last night. After all of this, I can't take this any longer. Your like a brother to me. I love you, Lou. I'm so sorry. Things just didn't work out for me and Harry. Lou, I will miss you so much. You have my number, call me. ill miss you so much. I just had to go. I'm sorry. Love ya, Katie" I read aloud to myself. I ran down the steps and out the still open door, a shocked Liam stood there. She's not far if she just left. I sprinted down the hall, screaming her name. I found her, standing by the elevators, the down button glowing from being pressed. I ran up to her and hugged her.
"Don't go," I whispered. She sighed and hugged me back. The elevator dinged open and she let go of th hug and stepped in. She sighed and pressed the lobby button and stared at me te whole time as the door closed.
"I love you, Katie," I whispered, walking back to our flat.

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