True Loves Kiss

Katie, the girl who is always last to be picked for kickball, and is hardley noticed at lunch, but could she be the girl who catches Harry's eye at the mall?


25. Beaten

Kaite's POV

When Louis left the room, I had this small longing for him to come back. I have always loved Louis as a brother. But maybe there is something more...

I sat up and rested my back against the back board of the bed. I winced as a slash of pain ran through my chest. I had thought about my relationship with Harry and decided what I was going to do. I wanted Harry but I don't think I could ever fully forgive him. I sighed. I love Harry, I really do, but I don't think I could feel the same about him again.

The rest of the boys cam into the room and gave me warm hugs. I really missed them.

"Hello, love. How are you feeling?" Zayn asked, concerned.

"I'm great, now that you guys are here. To tell you the truth, I really missed you guys." When I said that, it felt like a million pounds lifted off my chest. But there was still this weight inside of me weighing me down. The boys smiled.

"So, what have you guys been up to?" I asked so I didn't to talk anymore. It was nice hearing them talk to me again. I really did miss them. I don't think I could live anymore without them.

An hour had passed and Niall was talking about their most resent tour when the door slammed open and we jumped back. Zach stood there, anger burning in his eyes.

"Why didn't anyone tell me you were in the freaking hospital?!" He screamed. I bit my lip and looked away, making sure not to look at him in the eye. The boys sat, there eyes wide with fright.

"Um guys, meet Zach. My, um," I coughed "boyfriend." Liam looked at me like I was crazy and I gave him a nervous smile.

"I asked a simple question, now answer it!" Zach yelled. I bit my lip.

"Because I didn't want you to know," I whispered. Zach glared at me.

"What did you say?!" he roared. I took a deep breath and sat up straight.

"You heard me," I snapped, "I didn't want you to know." He took a step towards me, his eyes livid.

"Why not, sweetheart? Don't you love me?!" He yelled. This is it. I'm done with him.

"Zach, just please leave me alone. You know you are the worst boyfriend anyone can have! You abuse me! You beat me! And you really expect me to love you?! And aren't you going to give me the least bt of simpithy because I'm in the hospital?! Because I got hit with a freaking car?! Zach, we are done. I NEVER want to see you again and I pray to god that every other girl you try to hook up with will come to her senses, fast and end it with you because you are the worst person I have ever met!" I screamed. There was this deathly silence in the room other than my heavy, frustrated breathing. Seconds later, there was a slash of pain across my face where a punch just hit me. I let out a pained sqweak and watched Laim jump up and push Zach against a wall and sock him in the eye.

"Don't you hurt Kaite, EVER," He said through gritted teeth. Niall ran up to my side and sheilded me from Zach. Zayn did the same. I pressed the Nurse Assistance button next to my bed urgently and seconds later, a boy nurse came in and saw Liam and Zach beating each other up. Because of Niall and Zayn in front of me, I couldn't see the fight, as much as I want to see Zach being beaten up. The nurse rushed up to the boys and split them apart. Liam came back to us, anger burning in his eyes, bruises forming all over his face.

"Thank you so much, I was so stupid to say that. " I whispered to him. He gave me a smile.

"Katie, he deserved it. I'm so sorry he hit you and beat you and abused you. We should have been there. I'm so sorry." A tear rolled down his cheek and I pulled him in for a hug. I watched as Zach was dragged out of the room kicking and slashing everywhere.

"Katie! I will get you for this! Next thing you know it, I will be the one hitting you with that car!" He screamed. Worry flooded my body, but I got a reassuring hug frim Niall.

"I'm so sorry Katie," He whispered against my hair. I hugged him tighter.

"I shouldn't have said that. It was terribly stupid of me. I'm so sorry," I said, a tear running down my cheek. Niall pulled back and wiped the tear away with his thumb.

"It was good of you to stand up for yourself. I can't belive he did all these things to you. I'm so sorry we weren't there for you, to protect you." I smiled. Zayn handed me a ice pack and I pressed it against my eye. The same nurse entered the room again.

"Miss, I am so sorry about him. Are you ok?" He asked worried as he pushed his way up to my bed and took the ice pack away from my eye to look.

"I am fine, thank you. Just a little bruise. Thank you so much for getting him out of here. I'm so sorry about him," I said back. he gave me a reassuring smile. "Would you mind looking at my friend, over there." I gestured to Liam who was sitting in a chair next to my bed with an ice ack pressed against his cheek. The man smiled and walked up to Liam and assesed his injurys.

A couple minutes later the nurse left and the boys stood to leave. Before they reached the door, Louis and Harry barged in and ran over to my bed side.

"Oh my god, Katie. Are you alright? I'm so sorry." Harry said. I gave him a small smile and kept the ice pack against my eye.

"Thank Liam for beating him up. I probably would be in worse shape if it wasn't for him." Louis ran over to him and gave him a big hug. I laughed. Harry looked at me with sad eyes.

"Katie, I'm so sorry. I should have been there to protect you. I should have been here, watching over you. You wouldn't be in this situation. You wouldn't have that Zach guy. You wouldn't be in possible danger. I'm so sorry." Harry pleaded. I took a deep breath.

"Harry, I really like you a lot, but I think I just want to take this slow. Let just hang out again like we used to and just see where it takes us. I don't want to rush things." Harry nodded his head quickley and gave me a hug.

"Thank you so much, Kat," he whispered against my neck.

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