Sadness Is Right Around The Corner...

Annie Murray is a 18 year old girl, just finished school and is being forced to live with her father. Annie's father Rian, abuses Annie and makes her do everything for him! But one day on One Direction decide to go for a walk and hit eachover with snow balls outside Annie's house in the cold snow. Annie's dad heats up the stove and places a pan on it, he then pushes Annie's back down on it as she screams Louis,Niall,Zayn,Harry and Liam all hear and decide to investigate.



1. Profiles And The Same Old..Same Old..

Hi I'm Annie! You're proberly wondering who I am well know you can know. I'm 18, I just finished school and I'm a huge one direction fan! My dad Rick, married my mum when they were 30 and then he killed her because he was angry at me so he took all his anger out on my mum. I prefer not to talk about it though. So Rick abuses me and sometimes even rapes me! My favourite colour is Purple and I have cuts, bruises and other wounds all over my body...Simple answer RICK!


Hi my real name's Ally and this is my first fanfic. I hope you enjoy please comment. Here's the interduction..



I was sitting in my room, listening to "One Thing" By "One Direction" through my headphones and watching TV. It was 6.00 so I decided to take a shower. I walked into the hallway and Rick always senses when I'm gonna do something or even try to think about running away.

So Rick says "Annie What Are You Doing?" I think for a moment then reply after a couple seconds "Having a shower, what? Don't you trust your own daughter?" I smiled but then heard footsteps, not knowing which direction they were coming from. Then I got slapped from the side and given a small but deep cut on my neck, I yelped and fell to the ground. Then I heard Rick say "Don't laugh at me Bitch" I nodded slowly, wiping the blood of my neck.

I got up and proceeded to the bathroom and turned the taps on. I waited for the water to turn warm, I looked at myself in the mirror and got undressed before getting in the shower.

Then I got in and washed my hair and body. I stayed in there for a matter of 5 minutes, yelping a bit at the pain on my neck. I slowly got out and turned the taps off. I then dried my hair and my body. I wiped my make up off and put my hair in a pretty, neat braid. I brushed my teeth and got dressed into a pink tank top that said "The House Bunny" on it and matching pink and white shorts. I put my fluffy, pink ugg boots on and walked out of the bathroom.

Just then Rick Calls "Annie start making dinner you faggot" I sighed and yelled in reply "Okay Rick!" I made my way down the creaky, wooden stairs and into the kitchen. I could see Rick watching TV in the lounge room. I got out some pasta and started cooking dinner. I finished cooking dinner and set the table. I spoke flatly "Rick Dinner's Ready" I sat down at the table with Rick across from me I stared at how messy he ate! YUCK! I didn't eat much apart from a few bits of pasta and a sip of my water. He ate his like a pig. I heard him mutter something to me then go up to his room. He muttered "Clean Up Then Go To Bed" I washed everything up and cleaned the table. 

Just then I had an Idea! Rick was asleep and luckily I had a jar of savings it had about $500 in it! I changed into jeans and a white crop top. And hot pink converse and brushed my hair. I packed some clothes, my savings and some snacks in a small but steady bag. I took a deep breath and thought for a moment. Where would I go? Would rick find me? Nevermind it's settled I'm running away, far away! I took my stuff and pushed the door open silently then closed it. I had a spare key to the house J-U-S-T incase!

I ran as fast as I could till I needed to stop for a breathe. I took a sip of my water and ate a chip from my bag. Then I saw the outside light and the door open from my distance to our house! RICK FOUND OUT I WAS GONE! Just then he saw me and started running towards me, I ran too and he shouted "COME BACK HERE YOU LITTLE BRAT" I started screaming as he came closer. He finally caught me and I cracked up crying and fell to the ground. He dragged me all the way back to the house and locked all the windows and doors in the house. He yelled at me saying things like "YOUR A LITTLE BITCH NOBODY WANTS YOU, YOUR LUCKY YOU HAVE THIS HOUSE SLUT" So I nodded and said simply "Im very sorry, it won't happen again" Then he said "You'll get your punishment in the morning, i'm too tired now go to bed!!" 

I nodded and went to my room. I snuggled under the covers and fell straight asleep. I woke up at 8:30 in the morning and got dressed in a purple flowy mini skirt with an white underlayer and a pink and black stripy girl's V-Neck. I put my hair in a plat and put my white toms on. I walked into the kitchen and saw Rick standing next to a heated up stove with a pan on it, then it hit me. He was waiting for me!

He said with an evil grin "Come Annie, infront of the stove and face me" I knew what that meant! I let out a yelp and shook my head meaning "No" He pushed me infront of it. He then slid his hand under my skirt. He put 3 fingers inside me and a small moan let my mouth. I was a virgin apart from the times Rick raped me. It was usually every day. Then he unzipped his pants and pushed his dick inside my pussy. Going in and out fast then he took it out and zipped his pants back up. I looked at him in fear and he just pulled another evil grin on his face.

He then lifted my top off. And pushed my back down on the burning hot pan. I screamed loud! And tried to move but he held me there!


Me and the boys were having a snow ball fight outside in the snow outside a few houses when we heard a scream! It was coming from the red and white house infront of us then another scream and another...when I turned I saw the boys already making their way over to the house. I shouted "WAIT FOR ME GUYS" And ran over to the window, beating the boys. I saw a girl being burnt by this man..She was screaming. But I know this isn't the time but WOW SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! Okay, okay Louis now we need to help this girl. 

I looked over at the boys for ideas and they pointed to the front door. We ran over to the front door and We all said "1...2...AND 3!" And we all smashed down the door at full charge! The man came running out with a knife and an evil but confused glare on his face. He shouted "WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU HERE?!?!?!" He pointed the knife at me as if he was asking me the question. I responded before any of the other boys could "Look..We heard a scream and what the window tells us, you were hurting that girl! Dosn't matter who we are" The boys nodded and the guy just shot me a glare then pulled an evil grin. 

The girl came running out, tears streaming down her face. I blocked Zayn just incase and whispered to him "Outside now..911" And I passed him the phone. He ran out and I blocked the door so the guy couldn't stop Zayn.


These boys broke down my door and came running in. So I pushed Annie on the floor and ran out to where 5 young and fit looking boy's were standing. I pointed a knife at them and shouted "WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU HERE?!?!?!" One tanned bloke ran out the door already on the phone to the police! Another blocked the door, so I couldn't stop him! Bitches..

Then Annie came running out crying. Looking as confused as me.


5 HOT boy's were in my house! YAYY!!!!!! But...why..? AND MY BACK HURTS SO MUCH. I watched as I cried.


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