Sadness Is Right Around The Corner...

Annie Murray is a 18 year old girl, just finished school and is being forced to live with her father. Annie's father Rian, abuses Annie and makes her do everything for him! But one day on One Direction decide to go for a walk and hit eachover with snow balls outside Annie's house in the cold snow. Annie's dad heats up the stove and places a pan on it, he then pushes Annie's back down on it as she screams Louis,Niall,Zayn,Harry and Liam all hear and decide to investigate.



5. Never run alone at night

I ran as fast as I could, until Liam grabbed me, holding me tightly. I had tears streaming down my face, trying to get away. I screamed.

"Annie it's okay! What's wrong?!?!"Liam said. I ducked from his grip and crawled underneath him and started running again.

This time a lot faster and they soon had to stop to even breath! I didn't, I saw a dark figure appearing infront of me, i screamed loudly and shouted "HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

Niall's P.O.V

I heard a scream and a shout for help and froze. That's Annie! Oh no! I ran as fast as I could. I came to where a man was trying to push Annie into a van. She just kicked, and finally kicked him in you know where. She managed to run. He ran after her and she screamed "DON'T TOUCH ME" 

I ran over and punched him using all I have in me and knocked him out in a matter of 3 hard punches! 

She mumbled "I didn't need your help looner tick."

Annie's P.O.V

I mumbled "I didn't need your help Looner Tick" To Niall. I was really hurt, I felt dizzy. I nearly collapsed. I fell to my knees, I have a knife cut in my belly and multiple bruises and was loosing lots of blood, too much.

l got up and said "I..I'm okay" Liam said "No..Annie no your not" I said "Don't touch me Bastard" I reached slowly to the ground, having blurry vision in my eyes. I took a knife and pointed at them.

"Don't touch me I said" I say, they looked at me confused. "We're trying to help!"

Liam's P.O.V

We're only trying to help! I went to grab the knife out of her hand but she held it up to her own neck, no! She said "Touch me, I'll do..."it".." I backed away slowly. She's gonna die from blood loss!

I can't take this! I ran, grabbed the knife and threw it out of her reach. I then attempted to pick her up but some how she had another knife, I fell to the ground, she stabbed me!

Annie's P.O.V

I then realised what I just did, I didn't mean to! I began to cry and screamed "OMG I DIDN'T..MEAN..TO" The boys pushed me to the ground. 

Louis shouted at me "GO AWAY YOU BITCH YOU HURT HIM" I nodded, I slowly walked closer and slid the knife out of Liam. I whispered to him "Sorry" I then ran but the boys could still see me.

I took a deep breath and looked down aiming for my stomach. They shouted "NOO!" I stabbed myself and fell to the ground. I then crawled weakly over to Liam who when he saw me was crying. I whispered "Sorry again"

I then lost my breath and waved with a grin on my face. I motioned with my hand for Louis to come closer. He did, crying and took the knife out of my stomach and held pressure on it. I then dipped my finger in my puddle of blood and put a finger spot on his cheak.

I woke up and said a little too loud 'Oh it was just a dream" Louis looked up from his phone, I was asleep on in the lounge room. He said "What was a dream?" I shook my head and got up. 

I wanted to show Liam something, he was the most mature. I told him "I want to show you something, Louis's room?" He nodded and I opened the door knob.

There stood Rick, I began to cry as he said "Come here Annie or the boys die" A man pushed past us with the boys tied up.

I said "I'll come" I walked slowly, he held a knife firm in his hand. He stroked my cheak but then I realized he was cutting it with a knife.

By now Liam was tied up too. A tear slid down my face. They tried to move. He then walked around to the side of me. I stayed put and looked at him in the corner of my eye. Louis shouted "DON'T HURT HER"

Rick just chuckled. I said in a sad tone "How'd you get out of jail..Loonie?" He then did a deep cut in my neck, I fell to the ground, crying and bleeding. 

Rick said "Don't call me Loonie, I broke out of jail silly" I smiled, I remembered I had a knife attatched to my ankle just incase out of sight. 

He said "What are you smiling about?" I shook my head "Nothing" He then stabbed me again. "I can handle it now, go guard the front door downstairs. 

My smile grew but I stopped smiling when he turned to me. I said finally "THIS" And reached down in speed, grabbed a knife and stabbed Rick, covering his mouth. 

I was crying, biting my lip, He fell to the ground. I flipped the knife and wiped the blood on Rick from the knife and put it back on my ankle with a strap. He got out of breath..and left our world.

I turned to the boys who looked astonished. I smiled, cutting their ropes with my knife and taking the tape off their mouthes. I felt my cut and remembered. "Ughh.." I said as it hurt. 

Zayn said "WOW YOU GOT SKILLS WOMEN" Harry said "SHES MY NEW BODY GUARD" Louis just silently said "I didn't know you could do that" I smiled "You didn't know I kept a knife on me or can punch too did you?" Niall high fived me and Liam just smiled.

To show off my skills, I back flipped to the door. They clapped. I couldn't feel my shoulder anymore, no literally I couldn't feel my muscles or anything in it.

I ran to the kitchen and wiped the blood off my shoulder. "Owwww.." I said sadly and tried wrapping a bandage around it. I then looked at my leg. I did the same with it. They were only small bandages though.

Ha, Rick's friends must of left.



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