Sadness Is Right Around The Corner...

Annie Murray is a 18 year old girl, just finished school and is being forced to live with her father. Annie's father Rian, abuses Annie and makes her do everything for him! But one day on One Direction decide to go for a walk and hit eachover with snow balls outside Annie's house in the cold snow. Annie's dad heats up the stove and places a pan on it, he then pushes Annie's back down on it as she screams Louis,Niall,Zayn,Harry and Liam all hear and decide to investigate.



8. More Drama

Annie's P.O.V

I got pushed to the floor as soon as I walked in. I looked up in pain and saw Louis and Niall on the ground unconcious. Liam, Harry and Zayn were tired up with musking tape on their mouthes. I began to scream for help then just screamed. 

I looked up and saw a guy, who knew what Rick did to me but never really stopped him. He hated me and Rick but he liked Rick a little bit because of what he did to me. He hated me because he knows my gift.

I shouted "NO DO THEY KNOW?" He laughed and grab my arms and held my waist. I pushed him away. He answered "No they don't know about you're secret, but I'm planning on telling them ALL when your other, weak friends wake up" I turned "You Bastard" I reached for my pocket knife but in about a minute or so he took it off me and threw it away.

"What do you want from me?" I answer, crying. He ties me up to, I look at Zayn, Liam and Harry, who have confused looks on their faces because of what the guy said about a secret.

Just then Louis woke up.

*5 Minutes Later...*

Louis and Niall had just woke up, the guy tied them up to. He had given me a few cuts on my arms and I was bleeding. He then smiled "Great now that your friends are awake time for them to know your secret, Would you like to tell them or I will and you might have to die soon afterwards" 

I mutter "I will.." He says "What did you say?" "I said I will tell them, deth man" He then slapped me and I started sobbing. "Well go ahead tell them your little secret"

I looked at them "Look you're probably not gonna believe this but.." I took a deep breath and paused then spoke again "I can talk and interact with wolves, when you left that's where I went. This may seem strange but it's true" I began to cry. 

"Now, for a punishment for getting Rick in jail Anne, I want you to kill the clan of wolves" I screamed "NOO!" He smiled 'Or..I will kill this feller..what's his name? Oh right I think It's Niall?" I said "I'll do it" He smiled "Great, see how much easier it is if you do what I say" He says. 

He pulls all of us outside and tells us to walk, he walks at the back behind us all with a knife, guiding us to the forest. I whisper to Louis "I'm s-sorry..please believe what I said back there, it's true" He is still in shock.

Then we walk into the forest and pushes the boys behind a bush and he sits next to them. He then points a knife at me and tells me to do it. He gives me a knife and pulls out a gun just incase I try to hurt him. 

I cry and start walking to the wolves. I quickly wipe the tears and walk over to a wolf, I pat it and whisper "I'm sorry" I use my gift and begin to look at him without talking, but we're actually talking in our brains.

He's the leader of the black wolves and the strongest. I tell him in his mind "6 Men Are Behind the bush over there, they want me to the kill you wolves but I won't. The one with no hair and is wearing an old, checkered shirt has a weapon, it can kill you easily. So you and the other wolves attack him but not the other 5 boys. Okay?" It blinks its eyes in response as a yes. I take a deep breath and whisper "NOW" All of a sudden the leader barks at the others and they all run and jump on the guy who made me do this.

(The guy who is making Anne do this, his name is "Allan") Allan shoots me quickly and I fall to the ground. Then the wolves finish him off. The boys run to me and the wolves bite the ropes off their hands. They rip the musking tape off themselves themself. 

There's a lane of blood dripping all the way down and around rocks. I black out.

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