Sadness Is Right Around The Corner...

Annie Murray is a 18 year old girl, just finished school and is being forced to live with her father. Annie's father Rian, abuses Annie and makes her do everything for him! But one day on One Direction decide to go for a walk and hit eachover with snow balls outside Annie's house in the cold snow. Annie's dad heats up the stove and places a pan on it, he then pushes Annie's back down on it as she screams Louis,Niall,Zayn,Harry and Liam all hear and decide to investigate.



7. Hide and Seek!

Hi guys. I hope you're enjoying this Movella so far, It's my first one. I'm just gonna keep adding and adding chapters to it. So don't stop reading this. Thanks Be prepared for something un expected to happen in this chapter.

Anne's P.O.V

I ran and ran, until I had to stop for a breath. I kind of was scared, I had a secret and I didn't want anyone to find out. I am not a wolf or a were wolf, but I can talk to wolves and interact with them.

Ever since I saved a wolf from dieing, I was blessed with that gift.It's like their my best friends. So my 1# Idea of where to go was head to the forest. The wolves were like my family. 

I ran to the forest and began to search for the clan. I searched and couldn't find them. I whistled and began to start crying. I hope nothings happen to them, I had no one to turn to. I decided to call one of the boys, I was running and fell and hurt my knee on something sharp.

There was no resepction so I couldn't call anyone. I ran to a street, my knee bleeding and hurting like hell. I turned to see Louis running for me. I put my phone away and stared but his eyes were fixed on my bloody knee.

"Look, I don't want to go back dad never let me out around the town as you can see, so do you know where a hospital is?" I said calmly but clearly in pain. He sighed. "Please come's like we were good friends at first and its like something just switched off with you, you're acting so strange!". Louis said. 

"Look Louis..I've got a secret that nobody knows, and i'm planning on keeping it that way. I don't want you to know, and you'd hate me and think I'm strange afterwards, you might not even believe me!" I said slowly, with my eyes tearing up. 

He picks me up "Louis..NO PUT ME DOWN!" I kick and squirm, attracting lots of attention but he just runs and puts me in his car in the passenger seat in the front seat. I looked down at my knee and said angrily "Let.Me.Out!" He shook his head.

"you know this is kidnapping" I said and laughed. He says "Look I'm only trying to help" He drove into his driveway. I screeched "Not here, I thought you were taking me to the hospital!!" He went to get out of the car then walked around and opened my door. 

He had to carry me because of my knee. "Why can't you let me just go sleep on the streets or something" I moaned. He says "I wouldn't do that now I'll see what I can do with that knee". "Please don't touch it" I say. He goes and gets the first aid kit.

I sit, with my eyes tearing up. He comes back with a wet face washer. He wipes some of the blood off and I scream. I begin to cry. He stares at me. I move up the sofa away from him.

"Im sorry for hurting you, it's not ment to hurt that much Anne..It might be broken. It needs to be cleaned though so stay brave anne" He says. All of a sudden I think I trust him now. I get that feeling that I love him again.

He gets all blood of it and wraps a bandage around it. Then the boys walk in and stare. "Before you feel your minds of the comment that I came back here myself, Louis made me come because of my knee" I say, sitting back.

Theres an awkward silence before Zayn shouts "VAS HAPPENIN?!?!?!!?!?!" I begin to giggle but try to keep a straight face. Okay so I have a small crush on Louis and trust him, and I think I'm beginning to trust the boys again too.

Liam's phone rings and he answers it "Hello Liam Speaking?" He says. I think it's Paul. "Right now?" (********) "Huh okay" (*****-BLUH BLUH-***) "Bye Paul" He hangs up and says "We need to go to the recording booth for a few hours, then all of their eyes look at me.

Louis says "I'll just have a quick, private talk with Anne, go upstairs boys" I stare at Louis before he says "Anne, I'm sorry for everything. I just wanted to know, that we care for you and the boys are sorry too. Do you trust us?" I tremble a little bit before saying "You and the boys are forgiven, I'm sorry too, yes I do trust you and the boys"

He smiles and gives me a kiss on the lips. I smile against his lips and kiss too but then break apart. "Wanna move back in?" He says "Sure thanks!" I answer. "Bye we gotta go to the recording studio, will you be okay here by yourself?" He says. "I'll just go for a little walk, i'll be back in an hour or so, thanks again....for everything Louis" I answer, he smiles then shouts "BOYS WE'RE DONE COME BACK DOWN!!!" 

All the boys race down and Harry says "We should go, bye Anne" They all nod and leave. I get up, flinching a bit at the pain in my knee. "Ouchh..owww" I moan. I have an apple and a glass of water. I quickly do my hair in a pony tail and put a pair of black skinny jeans and a half top that has a full moon on it.

I put my black vans on and wash my teeth. I take a drink bottle and open the door, step out, lock it. I start going the short way to the forest. I run to where the clan usually is and there's a pack of wolves from the clan surrounded around something.

I run over and begin to cry. The main leader of the white wolves is dead. I sit next to her and look at her. It's a beautiful, girl, white haired wolf. A wolf rubs against me with its nose trying to comfort me, I pat it but never take my eyes of the leader.

They knew my name was Anne but they all never had names, they can understand my english and I can understand their barking, sounds etc. I get up and walk over to where all their hunted food was. Sometimes I peel the skin of their animals for the younger wolves.

I get a pocket knife out and cut the skin of some of the animals and push them all in a pile. I cut off the un-eatable parts too. I wipe my hands on the grass and go over to where a baby white wolf lays, it was the baby of the white leader that died.

It was sick so I got some of the meat and hand fed it. I then poured some water out of my bottle on it and in its mouth. I stood there was a little while patting it and comforting it. I sigh and put it down. 

I sing to it "She Wolf" By "David Guetta" On perfect pitch "A Shot In The Dark..A Part Lost In Space..Where do I start?..The past and chance..You hunted me down..Like a wolf.., a predator..I felt like a love lights" I hummed along too and finished the song. I continued to pat the wolf then got up and walked away.

I continued to sing while I fed some of the other baby wolves some meat and gave them water. I gave all the wolves water too. I smiled and started to head back. I got hit with a dart and fell to the ground, getting tired.

I looked and there was hunters, they must of thought I was a animal and hit me by accident. They were running towards me to help and dropped their guns. I kept myself awake. It was hard but worked, the dart only hit me lightly so it didn't have much affect.

They quickly took it out and asked "Are you okay? We're sorry for hitting you with that dart, you were the first thing we saw and we thought you were a wolf, apolagises ma'am" I nodded "It's okay, I go here to get away from all my problems I was just walking around, the dart didn't have much affect anyway" They nodded and started walking away. 

I ran back to the house, I saw the van already parked. I opened the door and immedietly got pushed to the ground. I screamed!



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