Sadness Is Right Around The Corner...

Annie Murray is a 18 year old girl, just finished school and is being forced to live with her father. Annie's father Rian, abuses Annie and makes her do everything for him! But one day on One Direction decide to go for a walk and hit eachover with snow balls outside Annie's house in the cold snow. Annie's dad heats up the stove and places a pan on it, he then pushes Annie's back down on it as she screams Louis,Niall,Zayn,Harry and Liam all hear and decide to investigate.



2. A New Start

Annie's P.O.V 

I could hear sirens from police cars and ambulances in the distance. I stood there in shock, tears dripping down my face. I was so scared! And my back was killing me, but that isn't even the worst of my injuries from that bastard! 

I love one direction and..and...OMG THEY SAVED ME! Dream-come-true-. Ha Rick you can't kill me like you did to my mum now can you? I started to remember about my mum..her beautiful blonde hair..she had a job as an architec designer and it pays well. But then Rick killed her! She didn't deserve to die, she was elegant in beauty and never did anything wrong!

Then 5 police men busted through the door and put handcuff's on Rick and took him in a police car. A police officer asked "what happened?" I studdered, and when I looked at my 5 hero's they had confused faces as if they were wondering the same thing. I finally put a sentence together and said "My dad...Urmm..I mean Rick was..uh.. burning me..on the he usually..does" I was still crying and frightened. I keep shaking, One of my hero's..Louis, come over and gave me a hug. I cried into his shoulder.

The police officer nodded and said he would ask me more questions in the hospital. He then lead me to where an ambulance was waiting and the boys got in the back too. I lied down on the small bed in the back with the boys. I looked at them.

Then Niall asked me "Umm..hi..I'm Niall and that's Liam,Zayn,Louis and Harry..What's your name love?" I managed to pull a smile and said calmly "Annie..Uh I never really got the chance to thank you for saving me..I don't know what would of happened if you wouldn't have busted in"

They all smiled and Harry said "Anytime Love...are you okay? I'm guessing your back hurts huh dear?" I sighed and nodded, reaching a hand and touching my back. It was starting to bleed..I stared at my hand with blood on it. It hurt and was burnt but I didn't know it was bleeding!

I never liked seeing blood...Ew! I wiped it on my jeans and looked up. I loved One Direction but Louis was always my favourite, his beautiful greeny-bluey eyes, neat, brown hair and I adore it when he wear's suspenders!

Zayn was on his phone, from what I've seen he's pretty shy. But you can tell he cares when something like this happens. The rest still had their eyes fixed on me. Louis pulled out a water bottle and offered me a sip. I gladly took it and layed back. Biting my lip, letting out a small yelp from the pain in my back. Zayn quickly looked up and said "Are you okay?" I nodded slowly, fist tightened. I thought.. Im just gonna have to get used to the pain!


Zayn's P.O.V

Wow Annie was bea-ut-iful! I have a huge crush on her. Im really shy I can't really say much to her. I was pretending to be on my phone but I was watching Annie in the corner of my eye. Staring at her. She has long, beautiful, blonde hair with a light yellow streek at the front. Brown eyes, tanned skin, French tips and she was dressed beautifully. She was stunning!

Just the kind of girl I like, but I think Boo Bear And Nialler likes her too..uh oh! I'll just have to fight for her heart, even though I don't know her very much yet. But I cared about her!

Niall's P.O.V

I admit it, I love Annie I like-like her, you know? The way she dresses, her beautiful brown eyes, the way she acts..everything! I can't help but want to know more about her and her past. I feel so sorry for her..That guy..what's his name..oh yeah Rick! Abused her for years! That's never happened to me so I'm pretty sure she feels horrible.

I can tell we're gonna be close friends and if I'm lucky..even more! So I decided to make my move to get to know her past.

I broke the awkward silence and asked Annie "So..Rick abused you for years? How long was it exactly?" She slowly answered "He abused me since I was 10..I'm 18 8 years exactly" I was shocked..8 YEARS! No way..that's horrible! I asked another questio n

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