The yearly romance

When sky and Morgan win a trip to go on tour with one direction their lives change, and something unexpected happens


1. Winners

Hey guys this is my first written book so I hope you like it :) ~Ellen Horan

Chapter 1:
Omg omg omg sis sis sis wake up! What? I yelled pulling my covers up over my head so the bright morning sunlight didn't get in my eyes. They are about to do the draw for who goes on tour with ONE DIRECTION!!!! I sprung out of my bed and ran to the radio. (all right folks here is the moment you have all been waiting for, we will announce the winners right after the break.) of course they would drag out the winners. I couldn't control my legs I was so excited, in a few minutes they were going to announce who the two lucky girls are to go on tour with one direction! My sister Morgan was a tall slim 15 year old with blue eyes and blonde hair, did i mention she had a major crush on one direction. I wasn't as fortunate as her I was a tall medium build 17 year old girl with brunette hair and green eyes. "and we are back!" we held our hands praying we won. "and the two lucky winners are Morgan and Sky! Congratulations!" me and Morgan dropped to the ground I can't believe we won! we were so surprised we were speechless! We just won to go on tour with One Direction! I quickly facebooked

Omg just won to go on tour with One Direction!!! Here we come boys! Ahhh can't wait <3

I couldn't believe it. We won. My heart was beating so fast I thought I would die. And then the fangirling began. OMG what if one of them falls in love with me? What if i start dating one of them? What if I had kids with them? It all seemed so fake, but it was real. As I was staring in space dreaming the phone rang. I answered it

Me- hello?
Ray- hey! It's Carly, Ray and John from the Edge! Is this Sophia or sky?
Me- oh hi uhm this is Sky.
Ray- Sky! Congratulation on winning the biggest competition like ever!!! What are you feeling right now?
Me- uh thank you. Words cannot describe what I am uh feeling right now. I'm over the moon happy! Ha I love the boys so much and it's been a dream to meet them.
Ray- well I guess your dream has come true aye!? Now here's what will happen you and your sister will catch a flight to a private airport just outside London, England. They boys are going to meet you there. And then you will get to spend the year with them!
Me- what a year? I only thought it was for the summer?
Ray- it was but we got a call and the boys wanted you and your sister to be with them for the year!
Me- ohmygod that's amazayn ahhh I can't wait to tell my sis
Ray- alright well we are sending you the tickets via email right now and we will talk to you soon
Me- thank you so much bye!!

*bing* I check my iPhone4s another item I won. ~new email~


Hey Sophia and sky here are you fabulouis tickets to London. You will be leaving in 3 days so start packing!! We will call you before you leave to talk to you on air! Talk soon!

Alright sorry if it was a short chapter oh and by the way those are fake email address I made them up :)
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