The yearly romance

When sky and Morgan win a trip to go on tour with one direction their lives change, and something unexpected happens


2. Airport

Chapter 2:

"Good morning my lovely sister" Morgan whispered
" hey! What's with the niceness?" I reply
"Oh you know being kind to you before I yell at you. MOVE YOUR ASS LETS GET TO THE AIRPORT!!!!" Morgan yelled
"I'm moving, I'm moving" I mumbled. I stumbled out of bed and quickly freshened up. Then it was off to the airport. We check out bags in and went thought security. Finally we made it to the terminal, I was starving, I hadn't had breakfast, and that is the most important meal of the day!! I made my way to the cafe. I ordered a flat white and a double chocolate muffin.

*bing bing bing* someone was calling me. I answered
-hey sky it's ray here!!!
-hey ray how are ya?
-good but the question is how are you? Are you all excited for meeting the boys and going out tour with them?
- I'm freaking out! Ha this is going to be so exciting! Hey look sorry got to go boarding the plane talk to you soon!
- alright bye!! Have fun

"Boarding for flight 234 to London" Came over the intercom.

Morgan and I quickly ran to the gate we could not wait to hit up London and meet the boys. We were waiting for the lady to arrive to check our tickets but no one else arrived to the gate. The lady came around the corner and said hello. She checked our tickets and waved us through. I asked her.

"Excuse me but where is everyone else?"
"Oh didn't you know that this is a private flight? Some guests got picked up in New York and came to pick you two up." She replied enthusiastically.
"Ok alright thank you"

As we walked toward the plane I heard what makes you beautiful playing. Ha they must have one direction music playing on the plane stereo. But as we got closer it didn't sound like a radio, it wasn't on a cd, it was live the boys were here on the plane with us! Morgan took one look at the boys and she sprinted up to Liam (her favorite member). I was stunned I was so shocked to see them here in Arizona. I took a look at all the boys and was memorized by Niall's cute smile and his amazing blue eyes. Everything about him was perfect. I introduced myself to the boys and they intruded themselves to us. I couldn't stop staring at Niall. His perfect Irish face was killing me. I had to get a picture with them.

*click* Got the photo and quickly posted it on Facebook.

-the boys surprised us here in Arizona!! Ohmygod Niall is perfect in every which way <3 I'm in love.

I soon had 500 likes and 157 comments! Niall asked what my last name was and I told him. Soon I had a friend request it was from some named Freddy, Teddy. Niall asked me if I liked the name. I couldn't stop laughing Niall added me on Facebook!! Crap he's going to see my recent post!

*new comment*
Freddy teddy- I'm in love with you too sky! Beautiful since the minute you got on this plane <3

I couldn't stop blushing did Niall actually think I was beautiful? This is the beginning of something new.
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