This Never Happens in Real Life

Renee is 15, a normal teenager from a small town in Ohio. Landon, 17, is a teen star from California. What happens when these two are paired up one fateful summer?


1. Spoiled Little Rich Girls


As she walked out on to the porch and felt the warm summer Idaho breeze, Renee felt a million miles away from her small-town home in Ohio. It was the summer after her sophomore year of high school and Renee felt like the world was at her fingertips. Immediately after her last class ended in June, she hopped a plane to Idaho and waited at the airport for her aunt to pick her up. In exchange for babysitting Aunt Loni's three children a few times a week, Renee lived in the luxurious six-bedroom, five-bath mansion of a house for free. She worked part-time at a local movie theater for extra cash.

Quickly, Renee made friends with the other 15 year olds in the neighborhood. These girls were the children of rich investors, came from descendants a part of the gold rush or oil discoveries, or were living grandly on the money their grandparents made from farming potatoes. Money was built into this part of town. The nights Renee had free were often spent at bonfires and alcohol-fueled parties, out to eat at expensive steak houses with her girlfriends or on a blind date with the latest pompous boy Renee's friends set her up with. This life was fun, but it wasn't Renee. Back home, she wasn't the kind of girl to stay out until three in the morning drinking and having sex with any guy that would have her. This wasn't her.

Shortly after her 16th birthday in early July, Renee called it quits on the six weeks she had spent hanging out with the rich and spoiled. She focused her efforts on work and the family she was staying with.

One day in late-July, Renee's aunt came rushing into the main living room out of breath, trying to explain something to her shocked niece. When Loni had finally calmed her breathing, she explained that she was late getting home and that Renee needed to go get cleaned up immediately. That a family friend would be landing at the airport any minute and would be on his way over. Not understanding the grave importance of her meeting this family friend right away, Renee started to question her aunt's motives, but headed to her bedroom to shower and get dressed.

"Why exactly do I have to meet this guy?" Renee asked once she had finished cleaning up. Her medium-length bright blonde hair straightened, then pulled back in a ponytail. Black mascara to make her green eyes shine bright and a touch of lipstick was all the makeup she needed to look even more beautiful than she already was. After a short debate with herself about what to wear, she settled on a pair of worn-in skinny blue jeans, an only slightly-revealing white baby doll top, and black high-heeled knee-high boots. The outfit altogether meant more for someone a couple years older than herself, but flattering nonetheless.

"Well, he's actually the son of a good friend of mine, Luca. He is on break from filming the TV show he does and we, Luca and I, thought it would be good to introduce you two…"

"WHAT? You're setting me up with some actor-freak friend of yours? Why? I told you I was done with dating and fooling around with these spoiled rich people. I just want to take things easy until I go back home next month," Renee reacted harshly, yelling at her aunt. If there was one thing she didn't want, it was to get involved with an actor who would probably only want her for a quickie in the back of his tinted-window limo. "And why are you setting me up anyway. I'm 16. I'm old enough to be set up with my friends' brothers or cousins or something. NOT old enough to be set up by my aunt with her friends from California."

"I realize that. I'm not expecting this to turn into a life-time thing, I just think that you will really like him once you get to know him. Plus, he's cute. He can't be all bad!" Aunt Loni joked, defending her actions.

With a loud sigh, Renee gave in and agreed to meet this boy Loni felt so highly of, "Fine, I'll meet him. But, I'm not guaranteeing I'll even go on a date with him. I'm just meeting him! So, what's his name, what's he like?"

"His name is Landon, Landon Drand. He's 17 and he is on that, oh, what's that show on one of those channels for teens. It talks about all of the things that only happen to kids on TV or in movies, never in real…"

"Drama Universe?" Renee cut in, realizing whom her aunt was talking about.

"Yes! That's it. Anyways, he really is a nice kid. I've known him ever since he was born and have seen him turn into a handsome, genuine, and smart guy. He's quite the gentleman, too!" gloated Aunt Loni.

Renee hated to admit it, but he really did sound like a nice guy. And she remembered seeing him on television before and thinking he was pretty cute. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

"Well, he sounds like a great guy. I can't wait to meet him," Renee said with a slight smile.

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