This Never Happens in Real Life

Renee is 15, a normal teenager from a small town in Ohio. Landon, 17, is a teen star from California. What happens when these two are paired up one fateful summer?


2. One Kiss, Two Kiss, Three Kiss, Four?

Just a few minutes after Renee had finished getting ready, she watched as a black 2012 Cadillac Escalade with tinted windows pulled up into the driveway of her aunt's house.

"Close enough," she said aloud, thinking back to what she had assumed.

Renee had nearly tossed aside the idea of a relationship with this boy when she saw him step down out of the car. He was tall, probably six-foot-one, at least. He was skinny, but had muscular definition to his arms and chest. A thick head of short dark brown hair, deep dark brown eyes, and a not-white, but, not-tan skin tone and clear complexion finished off what made for an incredibly beautiful man. Renee's heart nearly jumped up into her throat.

"I can do this. One date won't be so bad," she said to herself, a smile gracing her lips slowly.

The butler answered the door when Landon, the beautiful Landon Drand, rang the doorbell. He was brought into the living room where Renee had returned to her seat on the couch adjacent from where her aunt was sitting on the other couch in the room. Loni stood up to greet the boy before introducing the two teens.

"Landon, it is so great to see you! It's been what? Three years? You certainly have gotten taller and even more handsome since then," she exclaimed, bringing a touch of rose to Landon's cheeks. "Landon, this is my niece I've told you about, Renee. Renee, this is Landon. He'll be in town for the next few days and will be staying in one of our guest rooms."

Before she realized what she was doing, Renee quickly hugged the teenage heartthrob standing before her. Surprisingly, it wasn't that he was famous, or even that he was sexy, making her a tad nervous. She found herself strangely attracted to him in more than a physical way. 'I don't get it. He hasn't even spoken two words yet,' Renee thought to herself.

"Hello, Landon. It's nice to meet you," she said with a small smile once she had released him from the hug.

"You, too. I really have heard a lot about you from your aunt. I look forward to getting to know you better over the next couple of days," Landon said, making it Renee's turn to blush.

About a hour later, the house guest had unpacked his things into the room prepared for him. He showered to remove the airplane smell from his pores, changed into fresh clothes, and sprayed some cologne on. After what Loni had told him about Renee prior to his arriving, he knew to expect a beautiful young woman. What he saw when he walked into the living room downstairs was a drop-dead gorgeous young woman. She was beautiful and sexy at once without trying. But, for some reason, that wasn't the only reason he was attracted to her. Maybe it was the nervous smile she wore, or the sparkle in her green-as-grass-after-a-morning-rain eyes, but, he knew there was something to this girl. She was definitely different from the girls that trailed after him everywhere he went at home.

"Landon, I hope everything was to your liking in your room?" Loni asked as he rounded the corner to the kitchen after coming downstairs.

"It was great, thank you," he said with a bit of a chuckle to his voice.

"Good. If there is anything you'd like to eat, just tell the chef. He'd be happy to make you something."

"Actually," Landon started, turning towards Renee, who was sitting on a bar stool at the kitchen island, "I was hoping that Renee might like to catch a bite to eat with me somewhere. If that is alright with you, Miss Loni?"

Blushing again for the second time today, Renee dog-eared the page in the book she was reading. "I, I'd love to," she said.

"Of course! You kids go right ahead. Just don't get home too late," Loni said with a wink to Renee.

"Just let me go grab my purse," said Renee with a smile.

When she had reached her room, she grabbed her purse and headed to her bathroom. Two minutes and a fresh layer of mascara and lipstick later, Renee walked back into the kitchen, ready to go. "I'm ready if you are," she said to Landon.

Hopping off the stool he had taken waiting for her, he held his arm out for Renee to take and walked her to the front door, then to the passenger-side door of the black Escalade that had since lost it's personal driver for the night. Once she had swung her legs in, Landon closed the door, making sure not to slam it, and walked around to the driver's side.

"Is there anywhere special you would like to go," Landon asked Renee, ever the gentleman.

"Well, there is this little restaurant just a few miles away that I really love. A bit fancy, but, not too much," she offered up. It really was one of her favorite places, having ate there a couple times a week since she arrived in Idaho.

"Sounds great! Just tell me how to get there," Landon said with a smile. Really, he didn't care where they went, he just wanted to talk with Renee. To get to know her and about her life. She intrigued him so much.

Once the two had arrived, been seated, and ordered, they were finally able to speak with each other more than just directions on how to get there. Both were strangely comfortable being around each other and smiles across the table happened often.

"So, I know somewhat about you from what your aunt has told me, but not much. She told me that you live in Ohio, but are here for the summer. How long do you plan on staying?" Landon asked, the question being a good opener to what he hoped would be the first of many conversations they would have.

"Mhmm, I came up to Idaho right after the school year ended. I'll be leaving the weekend before classes start back up on the 27th. I've really enjoyed being here, but am ready to be back home at the same time."

"Really? Do you miss just being home, or your friends, too? A boyfriend, maybe?" Landon hadn't expected to be able to squeak in the ever-so-important boyfriend question so quickly, but the opportunity did present itself well.

With a smile, Renee caught on right away to what he had asked. "I very much miss my friends. I haven't seen them in a month and a half and I definitely miss my best friend. This is the longest I've gone without seeing him at one time. But, no, no boyfriend. I dated some once I got here, but, the guys were all quite shallow or, well, they're pigs," she laughed.

"I know what you mean. Back home, the girls I find interesting usually turn out to be clueless clones of the girls before them."

"Well, I don't think I'm like them. I guess we'll have to wait and see," Renee said with the tiniest air of confidence. And Landon liked that. He really liked that. He really liked her.

The food arrived as the two are learning more about each other. About Renee's relationship with her mom, rocky at best, but, they try. About her best friend, soon-to-be 18 year old Zach, whom she's known for four years. They clicked immediately, and have been best friends ever since. About Landon's job, working all month long, every month, filming episodes getting just a couple weekends off. About his year and a half long relationship with his now ex-girlfriend who kind of got scared off by how serious the relationship had gotten.

By the end of the meal, the two knew more about each other than most of their friends knew about them. And they still felt completely comfortable around each other; Completely natural.

When they returned to Loni's house, Landon walked Renee up to her bedroom. He was preparing to go back to his own guest room when she held on to his hand, preventing him from leaving. When he turned back toward Renee, she slowly leaned up enough to touch her lips to his. A quick, soft kiss. When it broke, she smiled and looked down at her feet. Regaining her confidence a moment later, she looked back up and was met with a big smile on Landon's face. This time, Landon leaned down to kiss Renee. This one a little more passionate. Sparks flew for each of them.

Renee reached her hand up to the back of Landon's head to gain more control of the kiss. After a few more seconds, they finally broke apart. With a small laugh, Renee leaned her head into Landon's chest.

"You are amazing," Renee said to him, looking up into his eyes.

"So are you, even more so. I'd really love to take you out again tomorrow, get to know you more," Landon said to her. If the feeling he had when he first met her and the feelings he had after all they had talked about weren't enough, he knew now after those kisses, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this girl was special. That he could not screw this up. He would regret it forever.

"I would love to," she said before a big smile crossed her face, "I really, -really- like you."

Landon smiled, kissed her once more, then said goodnight before heading off to his room.

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