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(Fractured Fairytale of Romeo and Juliet) When they met, they instantly fell in love. Roman and Julie are star-crossed teens, their love seems to be doomed from the start. From Highschool Rivalries to Controlling Families, at every turn seems to be tragedy. A modern twist on a classic <3


1. Chapter.1 <3



“You look absolutely beautiful Julie!” My mother cried as I hesitantly walked down the stairs, nervously clutching the railing. Tonight was the much-anticipated junior prom and my mother had eagerly paid all the expenses for my ruffled pale-pink dress and silver high-heeled shoes. As I descended down the steps, I couldn’t help but glance at the mirror in shock. My brown eyes sparkled, framed with long dark lashes, my usually colourless cheeks were rosy and my long naturally wavy hair was curled to perfection. Honestly, I felt like a princess.


My friends had been excited about Prom all week. They had all been so flustered, getting the final preparations done; organising rides, preparing outfits and finding last-minute dates. My mother-being the overbearing person that she is- set me up with a date before hand. I was slightly annoyed that she wouldn’t let me pick for myself, but I obediently did as she wished. I had no urge to make her upset.


The doorbell rang, disturbing the silence of the foyer. My mother clapped her hands in excitement and swung open the door. Confidently standing on the front porch was a guy in an expensive looking tuxedo. He had a faint smile on his clean-shaven face and his dark hair was neatly combed back. He was rather handsome in the clean, stereotypical way.


“Julie” my mother started with enthusiasm, “This is Pearce”


“Hello” I shyly murmured.


“Hello” he said with a smile, revealing dazzling white teeth. I had never had a boyfriend before, much less a date so I had no idea what to say next. Thankfully, in her usual fashion, mother filled the silence with useless chatter, which I quickly tuned out of.


My thoughts began to drift to more pleasant things when suddenly; something immediately drained my happy thoughts away. It was bothering me at the back of my mind and I simply could not just shake off.  I hoped, no I PRAYED that they wouldn’t be attending. For if they did, a fight was sure to break out.


At my Highschool, if you looked at the social scale, there were two reigning groups; the Capulets and the Montagues. Every year as the seniors students would leave school to find their way in life, they would choose a freshman boy or girl to take their place. Therefore, each group was made up of a mix of 14-18 years olds and both groups ruled the school. It was considered an honour to be chosen, an instant ticket to popularity. Whatever clan you had been put in, it was essential that you ALWAYS stayed loyal, they were like your new family. Being in either group opened you up to so many opportunities. Parties, events and school secrets were all shared between your own group.

I was lucky enough to be in the Capulets. When I had originally been initiated, I was surprised by how many people seemed to want to know me. I knew the reason why, was because I had been chosen to be a part of one of the coveted group. It was as if I had the most friends, the most people to say hello to in the morning.  I soon came to realisation that I had only been chosen because of my mother. She was one of the main leaders of the Capulets in her Highschool years and by the hopeful and admiring glances the other Capulet members seemed to give me, I assumed they wanted me to be as powerful as her.


The Capulets and Montagues were the elite groups that every boy and girl longed to be chosen for. The only problem was, the Capulets and Montagues were in a horrific feud. I don’t exactly know how it began but it seemed like the Montagues and Capulets were always fighting about which group was stronger and more powerful than the other. The Capulets were obviously better as I sincerely did not like the Montagues one bit. The feud started as an argument but by now, it had escalated into a full-blown war. Violence was often carried between the two groups and even just recently, a brawl had broken out and some of our own had to go to hospital. This feud was getting out of control.


“Julie?” I heard a voice say, forcing me to resurface from my thoughts. I blinked and saw Pearce and my mother staring at me expectantly.


“I’m sorry what?” I politely said.


Pearce cleared his throat and held out his arm to me. “Shall we?” he asked charmingly. I hesitantly smiled and looped my arm through his as we stepped out of my house and into the dark covers of night.




“I don’t want to go!” I muttered as Ben and Marc tossed me a tuxedo and ordered me to change. The last thing I wanted to do was attend some stupid Prom that the school was holding. I just wanted to sit in my room and wallow in absolute sadness. Nothing made sense anymore since Rose broke up with me. She was my everything. Why must I love someone who does not love me back? If I were Cupid, I wouldn’t be so blind to make people fall in love without having that love returned.


“Come on man, there will be plenty of hot girls there…it will definitely take your mind off Rose.” Ben wriggled his eyebrows suggestively, trying to convince me. Just the sound of her name made my heart ache.


“Yeah tonight is going to be awesome!” Marc cried, crazily dancing around my messy room. Ben laughed and began to fist pump to some imaginary music. I rolled my eyes and sighed. I can’t believe that these two freaks are my bestfriends.


“No!” I stubbornly said. I missed Rose. Her silky blonde hair and glacial eyes were at the centre of the thoughts desperately circling around my mind.


“Plus…” I began “The Capulet’s will be there.” I knew that Ben had recently been in the middle of a brawl over the dispute between our group and the Capulet’s. People had almost been lost, on both sides of the fight. Ben had just gotten out of hospital because he was unconscious after the conflict. That was how out-of-hand this feud was getting. I hated the Capulet’s as much as the next Montague, but I was sickened the fighting between the two groups.


“We’ll just avoid them” Ben reasoned. A crashing sound drew my attention as I watched in amusement at Marc who had just tripped over a shoe in the midst of his erratic dance.


“You obviously have dancing feet” my voice dripping in sarcasm “Whereas I don’t so I wont be going tonight”


“I know your upset about Rose but-“ Marc started but I cut him off.


“Upset?!” I replied incredulously. “I am torn apart! Love is the most horrible thing, it just bullies and hurts you!” I buried my head in my hands.


“If love bullies you, bully love!” Marc cried jovially. Ben and I laughed at his logic. I half-heartedly grabbed the tuxedo from next to me, faced the mirror and held it up to my body.


“Fine” I finally consented.


Marc and Ben cheered as they danced out of the room, leaving me alone to get dressed. I couldn’t help but feel something big was going to happen tonight that would ultimately lead to a bad ending. This sense of foreboding was so strong that I literally felt sick.


“Please keep me safe,” I whispered to whatever or whoever was watching over me.

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