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(Fractured Fairytale of Romeo and Juliet) When they met, they instantly fell in love. Roman and Julie are star-crossed teens, their love seems to be doomed from the start. From Highschool Rivalries to Controlling Families, at every turn seems to be tragedy. A modern twist on a classic <3


7. Chapter 7 <3



Someone knocked on the door impatiently. My parents were out on a date at the moment-they were such teenagers- so I was home alone. In a daze, I walked out of my bedroom and hopped down the stairs. My thoughts were still lingering on Julie and the perfect afternoon we had together. Just thinking about her; her voice, her eyes, her lips, caused tiny electric shocks to run through my body. It was as if I was in an amazing dream or something. The knocks increased in volume and became more demanding.


“Wait a sec, I’m coming…jeez!” I called out and walked to the door grabbing my phone from the counter in the process. I glanced down at it and was surprised to see I had a message. It was from Ben and I quickly skimmed over it as I reached the door.


Hey Roman…did you hear that Rose’s boyfriend dumped her? Apparently she was caught cheating on him.  Maybe you still have a chance man :P


I scoffed to myself. I had completely forgotten about her. I can’t believe that I had ever even liked her, she was nothing compared to Julie. Plus, Ben was such a gossip. I hadn’t told him about Julie yet as I didn’t want to irk the Capulets and my own group, and knowing Ben, news would spread like wildfire. They would never let us be together. I opened the door and ironically, there stood Rose.


“Hey Roman” she purred. She was dressed in a tight black skirt and a loose leopard print crop top, along with a pair of black, heeled ankle boots. Her face was coated in makeup; lips bright red, eyes crusted in black sludge and skin looking an unnatural shade of bronze. I couldn’t help but compare her to Julie’s stunningly natural beauty and pure looks. I sighed, Julie was amazing and she was finally mine.


“Oh um hi Rose” I muttered


“So I’ve been doing a some thinking and have realised that I actually love you.” I stood there a little speechless. Last time I had talked to her, she had harshly rejected me. But I honestly didn’t care anymore; I was madly in love with Julie.


“Um ok?” I replied, not completely sure how to respond.


“And I even dumped my boyfriend so we can be together!” she continued with a squeal. I couldn’t help but chuckle as I remembered Ben’s text. This girl was quite manipulative.


“I’m sorry, but I don’t like you like that” I said half-apologetically, half-wearily. I just wanted her to leave.


“Excuse me?!” she angrily drawled. “I KNOW you secretly love me, Ben told me all about it” I rolled my eyes-of course he did.


“Seriously Rose, I have a girlfriend” I said sternly. Now that I was no longer infatuated with her, I was no longer blind to all her faults.

“I don’t care about that” she giggled as she moved closer and ran finger up my chest. I flinched and gently pushed her away.


“And I love her” I emphasised earnestly. I could feel my lips pull up in a dreamy smile just thinking about her.


“No” she refused “You love me! Not your weak, useless girlfriend. I could show you so much more” she suggested with an unpleasant, nasally voice and I had to resist the urge to growl in anger.


“Don’t call my girlfriend that! You don’t even know her” I snapped


“Well I do know that I would be a much better girlfriend than the one you have now. She is absolutely pathetic compared to me and you know it” she sneered. Mother always told me that I should respect women but I couldn’t help myself now; I just let the words flow out.


“Well at least my girlfriend doesn’t slather herself in makeup and disrespect herself by dressing like a trashy whore. And sweetheart don’t lie…I know that your boyfriend caught you cheating and he broke up with you.” Her mouth dropped open as she looked at me in shock.


“Julie is absolutely amazing and beautiful and I LOVE HER” I continued as I glared at her now furious face.


“Fine, but you know this isn’t over” she yelled as she stomped away from the porch and towards her black Sedan. I shut the door and sighed; Thank god she is gone. I walked back up to my room and turned the background music up, my mind already drifting back to Julie.




Once when I was only little, I was playing in our garden only to find a dead rabbit in the bushes. The rabbit was completely shredded, insides spilling out, with its stained, white fur soaked in blood. Later, my mother had told me that a fox had probably killed it, being the predator in the food chain of the woods. She had made it sound so cold and factual, no empathy for the bunny flesh splattered in the bushes. It was the first violent thing I has saw during my innocent childhood. I was so shocked and so horrified when I found it. It felt like I couldn’t breathe.


That is what I was feeling when I was told that I was going to be married to Pearce.

Nothing made sense. It was as if my brain had short-circuited and the words seemed to scatter as they entered into my mind.


“This marriage will greatly benefit both of our families and will open many opportunities for our companies.” My father continued, ignoring my vigorous protest.



“This is so exciting!” My own mother squealed. “We can have your wedding in the summer…oh! And you must have one of those dresses with a long train, they are so elegant don’t you think?”


“I don’t-”


“And we can have a classical piano playing in the background…hmm maybe an acoustic guitar instead, they are so much more romantic” Pearce’s mother chimed in


“Hanna will be the flower girl of course, she is adorable and absolutely perfect for the job” Mother trilled.


“But I-” I began again, only to get cut off once again.


“We’ll have to fly in my family for the wedding, because they are holidaying in Spain at the moment” My father noted.


“White gardenias? Or pink? Perhaps pink is too feminie for a wedding…maybe lilies instead? Oh remember our wedding Peter? We had those beautiful blue irises that complimented with the white lilies?” Pearce’s mother reminisced as his father nodded, placating his wife.


“Shut-up for one freaking minute!” I screamed, the horror I previously felt, now fading away into pure anger. My thoughts suddenly flashed to Roman. I loved him, he was my forever as cliché as that sounded.


“Julie!” my mother gasped, clearly scandalised. “Don’t you dare talk to us like that you! We are your elders and we demand respect!”


“I don’t care mother!” I growled “I WILL NOT MARRY PEARCE!”


“You will do as we say” my father menacingly said.


“I am not a child!” I spat “You can’t dictate every little aspect of my life, especially something as massive as who I’m going to marry! What is wrong with you?!”


“You and Pearce are only seventeen! Hardly adults!” Pearce’s mother scoffed. I looked over at Pearce who was rigidly sitting on the couch, clearly still in shock. Well he isn’t much help…


“This isn’t even humane! You are so freaking controlling! I have always been the obedient child. I would try my hardest to meet up with your high expectations and every time I failed I would always beat myself up for it. But this is too freaking far!” I shrieked. I was beyond subduing at that point. The hurt and betrayal my parents created was tightly wound around my chest.


“You are blowing this out of proportion! Pearce is a handsome, well-endowed and a highly educated young man. And apparently, you’re his perfect match” Pearce’s father noted doubtfully, looking me up and down; eyes hard with disdain. I hated these people, using me as a pawn in their sick power games. They were the type that expected everyone to do as they said without objection or complaint. I was absolutely furious; my face was flushed a deep scarlet and I was literally shaking in anger.


“You are quite pretty; clear skin and light eyes” Pearce’s mother said thoughtfully, grabbing hold of my chin and tilting my face towards the light. “You would make lovely grandchildren”


“GRANDCHILDREN!” I shrieked in absolute horror. My stomach turned and my vision fuzzed around the edges. I felt like I was going to be sick. They were thinking about grandchildren already! It was as if I were their puppet, my whole future predetermined. They had destroyed my options and completely caged my freedom.


“You ungrateful child! We have given you everything! A roof over your head, clothes on your body, all the food you need; and how do you repay us?! By being a selfish brat who can’t even do one thing for her family?!” My father bellowed. His face was crimson in anger and his nostrils flared.


The scary thing was, my father hardly ever yelled. When, on the rare occasion, he did raise his voice, it was the most frightening experience. He became so enraged that I was certain that I would suffer major consequences if I continued. Unfortunately, this time I stupidly ignored the warning signs and continued to provoke him.


I’m being selfish!” My voice screeched louder with each word. “You’re the selfish one you hypocritical bastard. Expecting me to marry a guy I had met last night, so your already successful company can be even more powerful! I don’t even love him! But you know, maybe those sorts of emotions are foreign to you. After all you always put work above all other relationships,” I venomously replied, hoping that what I said would sting him.


“How dare you!” he screamed, taking a threatening step forward.


“You are never even home! You have no right to say anything about how I live my life!”


“I am your father! Of course I have a right to tell you what to do!” he roared as he continued to advance closer, causing me to take an automatic step back.


“Well I haven’t had a proper conversation with my father since I was eleven! Congratulations… World’s Best Dad right here” I coldly commented, the sarcasm, making my words harsher.


Before I had time to react, he appeared in front of me. He raised his arm as his hand cut through the air and collided with my cheek, creating a horrible cracking sound. I gasped as traitorous tears welled in my eyes. I hated crying in public, I always felt so vulnerable. I blinked back the tears and placed a hand over my stinging cheek. It wasn’t that it was immensely painful; it was more the shock of the slap. He never used to get this violent, probably because I had never argued with him to this extent before. It was as if the slap had reverberated around the room, silencing everybody. I looked towards my mother with pleading eyes.


“I’m not getting involved” mother sighed, putting her hands up defensively and walking out of the room, after politely apologising to Pearce’s parents. I felt betrayed, but I guess I shouldn’t have expected less. I was, after all, a disappointment to my family.


“You WILL marry Pearce if it’s the last thing you do” my father hissed, hands clenched and eyes blazing with fury. With that, he stormed out of the room and shut himself into his study. I felt a few tears sliding down my cheeks, which I angrily wiped away before reluctantly turning to Pearce’s parents.


“I think its time for you to go,” I murmured. They silently stood up and walked towards the foyer. Pearce’s mother looked slightly shocked, yet resignedly so whereas his father simply looked amused and even a little satisfied. These people were horrible. Pearce slowly rose from the white couch. I followed him to the door and just before he walked out he turned back to me.


“I’m sorry” he looked at me apologetically. I scoffed, my annoyance flaring.


“Well it’s a little too late for that isn’t it?” I replied bitterly. I wasn’t in the mood to deal with anyone. He gave me one last regretful glance as he walked out of the door to where his parents were waiting impatiently. I slammed the door shut, feeling a little dizzy as my knees weakened and I sank to the floor. My mind was a whirl of incoherent thoughts while my whole body ached to be with Roman. I missed him so much; my heart seemed to split around the edges when I was away from him.


I slipped my phone from out of my pocket, scrolled through my contacts and clicked on the person I wanted to see most.


“Hello?” A husky voice came from the device


“Hey Roman, It’s me”


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