Fix you

(Fractured Fairytale of Romeo and Juliet) When they met, they instantly fell in love. Roman and Julie are star-crossed teens, their love seems to be doomed from the start. From Highschool Rivalries to Controlling Families, at every turn seems to be tragedy. A modern twist on a classic <3


5. Chapter 5 <3



I paced nervously back and forth, out the front of the Church’s intricately carved wooden doors. The sun was shimmering, the sky was an effervescent blue and the breeze lightly dancing among the trees. Everything was perfect and I had our whole afternoon planned out. I checked my phone and saw that it was already 1 o’clock. Where was she? Why wasn’t she here yet? I began to panic as I felt my stomach tie in knots. Maybe I came on too strong. Maybe she was lying when she said she loved me… I felt even worse now. I flopped onto the concrete steps with a sigh and let the little pessimistic voice within the back of my mind take over. My doubts were becoming increasingly more awful. Why would she love me anyway? I am just perfectly average 17 year old and she is extraordinary.


Surprisingly, a pair of warm hands slipped over my eyes. “Guess who?” a sweet voice sang merrily. I chuckled and turned around to see Julie standing behind me. She looked effortless in a flowing cream dress falling above her knees and a blue scarf wrapped carelessly around her neck. She was absolutely beautiful and I reminded myself how lucky I was to have her. I beamed and grabbed her hand pulling her into the Church eagerly.


“I want you to meet someone” I came to a halt in front of Fr Lawrence and gently pushed Julie forward.


“Nice to meet you” Julie politely said, clasping his worn hand with hers.


“So I’m guessing you’re the famous Julie? Roman has told me so much about you. I’m Fr Lawrence by the way” he replied cheekily, glancing at my reddened face. I glared at him and Julie chuckled.


“Hopefully all good things?” she happily giggled.


“You could say that…” he trailed off mysteriously. I groaned and wrapped my arms around Julie’s waist.


“So Julie, what do your parents do?” he asked. I tuned out of the conversation watching her bright face talking animatedly. I looked at Friar Lawrence and could see that behind his charismatic façade, he was carefully making judgements of Julie. I sighed in relief as he nodded to himself and turned to me.


“Well we have to go, I have got a big afternoon planned” I was eager to start our date.


“Just remember to slow down with your relationship, don’t rush into things, ” he warned, turning to Julie so she could heed his warning aswell. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes and slipped my hand into hers. Her cheeks attractively stained pink and I couldn’t help but smile at her absolute cuteness. I had only just met her but I knew in my heart that she was the one. I was going to marry this girl someday.


We graciously said our goodbyes as we casually walked out of the church. We walked for a bit, swinging our hands until we reached my beat up car. I had been saving up for a new car for so long, yet I was nowhere near my goal.


Like the gentleman I am, I opened the side door, motioning her to go inside. She slightly smiled and ducked inside as I made my way into the driver seat. The engine stuttered to life and I backed out of the Church’s limited car park.


“Where are we going?” she asked curiously.


“It’s a surprise” I replied with a charming smile.


“Well it’s a good thing that I actually like surprises,” she murmured.


I couldn’t help but grin in anticipation as we drove down the road.




The car suddenly came to a halt. I quickly looked out of the window and could see nothing but the clear, blue sky, looming trees and a winding road. He looked at me in excitement, clearly waiting for my reaction. I looked at him blankly, unsure of what to say.


“Um this is…a really nice place.  I’ve always wanted to have a date at the side of a road.”  I began jovially. He suddenly burst out into chuckles and handed me a blindfold.


“I’m just kidding, you should have seen your face!” traces of laughter was still detectable in his voice, “Put this on, I want to give you the full experience”


“I don’t know…” I hedged.  If you looked at this situation rationally, I was locked in the car with a guy that I had met last night and he was trying to make me put a blindfold on. Seems pretty legitimate right? Plus there was something about not being able to see that made me feel vulnerable. I tilted my head up shyly and watched his face. He was obviously eager, clear emerald eyes practically glowing with excitement. My insides warmed and my lips involuntarily curled up into a smile. I knew deep down that I could trust him. Call it intuition or Fate but we had this connection that seemed to be brought to life when I first laid eyes on him. We were meant to be…I could feel it.


“Come on please?” he begged, grabbing the blindfold from my hands. I hesitated a little and then nodded. “Here I’ll put it on for you”. He slipped the blindfold over my eyes and I couldn’t help but shiver at his touch. I could feel my cheeks become hot, but shook off the embarrassment. The car slowly rumbled to life as he continued to drive. After hours of driving-in reality it was probably only five minutes- the car finally stopped.


“Don’t take it off yet” Roman laughed and I pouted. He carefully guided me from out of the car and continued to lead me until my feet strangely sunk into the ground. I felt him slip the blindfold from my eyes and I gasped in shock.


We were at the beach! I hadn’t been since I was little as mother often commented that beaches were childish and no place for a proper lady. I looked over at him and could see he was peeking at me shyly. I flung myself into his arms and revelled in the tingling sensation throughout my body as our lips touched.


“This is wonderful.” I whispered happily.


“It’s just the beach Jules” he rolled his eyes but I could see that he was trying to suppress a smile.  Something in my stomach fluttered when he said my name. Not Julie but Jules.


He then led me to a partially shaded spot and grabbed a picnic blanket out of a backpack. He set out the food, stubbornly refusing when I offered to help. A smile was threatening to break across my face when I saw how much effort he had put into this picnic. No one had ever tried so hard for me before. I laughed a little when I saw that the entire picnic food layout was just desserts. There were cakes, biscuits fruits and ice cream. He even set up a wireless IPod dock so soft music played in the background. He was just too cute. I popped a juicy grape into my mouth and lay down, deciding to just relax in the sun.


“You’re perfect,” he suddenly said interrupting the silence. I flushed in embarrassment.


“Thankyou but I’m really not” I had been told often how I could never be the perfect child. When I was younger, I had tried so hard to meet my mother’s high expectations. Sit up straight, always be pleasant when talking to guests, cough quietly when you need to, don’t slurp your soup, listen to classical music, wear pastel colours and the list went on. It wasn’t until I was 12 that I realised that it was all right to have a personality and have my own opinion. My dad was never home enough to really have a say in what was happening within the household, so I was forced to hold my own against my mother.


I looked up at him and laughed at his face. He was eating ice cream and had gotten it all around his mouth.


“Hey you’ve got a little something there,” I giggled, tapping my own mouth to show him where. He suddenly smirked and squished the ice cream onto my cheek.


“Now we match” he said in satisfaction.


“What am I suppose to do now?” I laughed, fruitlessly searching around for a napkin. His eyes lit up and he licked my cheek, getting the ice cream off.


“Ew Roman!” I hit him playfully, trying to hide my blush.


“You love it” he winked and I chuckled once again. I was always so happy when I was around him.


We talked about everything and anything. I don’t know why but I opened up to him about my mother and my dreams. I secretly wanted to break free of my mother’s mould and find my own way in life. In return he chatted freely about his life, telling me about his bestfriends and his fears for the future. He didn’t know what he wanted to be or do, as he tended to live in the present. By the time we finished talking to each other, I pretty much knew every embarrassing moment, every dream and every little quirk and trait that makes him who he is. I just fell in love with him more.


Every time his hand brushed mine, my body would ignite and my heart would flutter. This feeling was so bright and exciting and different. We were lying next to each other, my head on his chest, his hands ruffling through my hair rhythmically, making me sleepy. His intoxicating scent of sunlight and peppermint swirled around me. It was silent-music playing softly in the background-but not the awkward kind, the comfortable kind where you know the world was finally at peace.


I knew I was in love. You don’t realise it, but before you’re in love, you live your life in sepia and monochrome. When you finally find that person, the one that you KNOW you will spend the rest of your life with, your world is suddenly splashed in colours. It’s as if you have been living life in the dark and you can finally see…actually truly see.


The song ended and “Fix You” by Coldplay gently flowed from the speakers, causing me to smile. He shifted from beneath me and my heart picked up its pace. He remembered. This was our song. I lazily rolled over as he sat up and grabbed my hand.


“Dance with me” he whispered, expression set in pure happiness. I couldn’t say no to his face even if I wanted to. He pulled me up and wrapped a hand around my waist as we began to sway back and forth to the music.


And high up above or down below/When you're too in love to let it go/But if you never try you'll never know/ Just what you're worth” he quietly sung along as we twirled around in the sand and closer to the ocean, our feet imprinted onto the surface.


“Julie?” he began. I looked up at him, a little startled as I had been dancing in a trance-like state.


“I know we had only met last night and I know it sounds cheesy but I feel like we are meant to be. I honestly love you as crazy as that sounds. Your smile, your beautiful eyes, your laugh, you’re my everything and I honestly don’t think I could live without you. Since I have met you, you’ve changed me into a better person. So Julie Fay Callistar…be my girlfriend?” he pulled a small box out of his pocket and handed it to me. I hesitantly took off the lid and gasped in surprise. Inside was a beautiful rose-gold bracelet. He clipped it on and I admired how amazing it looked. It was an intricate design of leaves and branches forming a delicate circle around my wrist.


“Yes” I replied breathlessly, throwing my arms around him, apparently putting him slightly off balance considering we fell onto the soft sand. His lips found mine, and my whole body tingled. His kisses became heavier and more urgent as he slipped his tongue into my mouth. He smiled into the kiss just before I pulled away catching my breath.


“And by the way, I love you too” I whispered lying my head back down on his chest. I glanced over him and saw a lone dandelion swaying in a sandy grass patch. I grinned, got up and plucked the dandelion from the ground, careful to not jostle any of the seeds. I squeezed my eyes tight and made a wish.


I wish that Roman and I will last forever. It sounded pretty cliché but I truthfully wanted us to be together for the longest time possible.


I sucked in a breath and blew with all my might, eliminating all of the seeds in one breath. I watched as the seeds floated away on the light breeze. I smiled at the wonder of it. As you grew up, you forget the little things that use to amaze you. I grinned and turned around to see Roman watching me curiously.


“What did you wish for?” he asked


I placed my hands on my hips mockingly “Now Roman, you know the rules, if I tell you my wish it won’t come true.”


He raised an eyebrow “Come on Jules, tell me please?” he begged, vastly over-doing the puppy-dog-face.


“Nope, sorry” I chuckled.


He smiled mischievously and lunged at me. I screamed in surprise as he picked me up and carried me towards the ocean. I pounded on his back and struggled violently yet to no avail as he carried me closer and closer to the waters edge.


“Don’t you dare!” I cried as he walked calf-deep into the sea.


“Tell me then” he blackmailed


“But it won’t come true!” I whined. He smirked and let go. I gasped in surprise as I hit the sandy floor, the sea coming up to my chest. The icy water swirled around my body and soaked through my white dress. I could taste the salt in my mouth and my hair clung damply to my back. I looked up and scowled.


“You would make a pretty cute mermaid” he commented as I stuck my tongue back at him.


He gave me a mock-apologetic look and offered me his hand. I smiled sweetly and grasped it, only to yank him off balanced as he splashed into the ocean.


“No fair” he yelled, glaring at me, the water already seeping through his clothes.


“All’s fair in love and war” I quoted and splashed his face with water. He opened his eyes, water beading on his dark eyelashes and dripping from his hair.


“Oh it’s on!” he challenged and splashed me back. This continued for a while until we were both completely drenched in the salty water. I looked up to see him fixedly staring at me. My eyes widened as I realised he was staring at my body. I looked down and saw that my dress had turned see-through with my pink bra and undies now showing. I could feel my cheeks heat up, that’s what I get for wearing white I guess.


“Hey pervert,” I snapped my fingers and he looked up at me and winked, blushing slightly. I laughed as we walked hand in hand to the shore, where our picnic was situated. He took out two towels and handed one to me. I took it and raised an eyebrow.


“Where you planning on dunking me into the ocean?” I inquired looking back at the towel. He sent me a crooked smile and continued to dry himself. I sighed and shook my head. That boy was lucky he was so damn adorable. I quickly wiped down my body and attempted to wring out my hair. I shivered a little and wrapped the towel around me.


“Come here” he sat down and opened his arms, pulling me close to his body, warming me up. I snuggled closer to him and played with my bracelet, as the rise and fall of his chest slowly made me drowsy.


“I love you” he kissed me on the forehead as I sluggishly drifted off to sleep.

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