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(Fractured Fairytale of Romeo and Juliet) When they met, they instantly fell in love. Roman and Julie are star-crossed teens, their love seems to be doomed from the start. From Highschool Rivalries to Controlling Families, at every turn seems to be tragedy. A modern twist on a classic <3


4. Chapter 4 <3



This is not what I thought he would say. I was talking to Fr Lawrence at the local Holy Chapel. This Chapel was quite spectacular and considered a treasure in Verona. The artwork situated within the church was amazing. The statues were extremely detailed that you expected them to come to life, the stain glass windows were magnificent and saturated the pews in soft, colourful light and the paintings on both the walls and ceiling were incredible. Fr Lawrence-a tall, balding man- was like the closest father figure that I had ever had. My actual father was away on business trips so frequently that I barely saw him anymore. We were generally always on the same page…except for now.


“I thought you would be happy for me” I said empathetically.


“Roman, be serious. Didn’t you love Rose yesterday” he sarcastically replied, putting air quotations on the word ‘love’.


“Yes, but I had actually forgotten that name and the sadness associated with it, as I now know what true love feels like.” I determined


“Young men don’t love truly with their hearts, but with their eyes” I heard him mutter to himself. I glared at him and his eyes widened.


“Come on Father, you have often annoyed me about loving Rose” I reminded him


“Doting, not loving,” he corrected. I sighed to myself…this wasn’t getting very far.


“Look Father, I love her and she loves me and I plan on making her my girlfriend today” I explained.


“Well, I guess that’s good then” he said still a little unconvinced. “Maybe this will finally bring peace between the Montagues and Capulets.”


I looked at him in surprise. “How do you know about the feud? I thought it only happens in our Highschool”


He breathed out a gust of air. “These bitter feelings between both groups have been taken into adulthood. Many of the people who come into this Church fight with each other about the old feud that occurred in Highschool! Can you believe that?! Fighting in God’s house!”


“Well maybe you can meet her later?” I murmured hopefully.


“Your serious about her aren’t you?” he sighed


“Yes” I replied.


“Ok” he finally consented. I smiled in triumph. My life seemed to be finally coming together. I rushed off to find Marc, tripping over in the process.


“You will stumble if you go too fast” he said wisely, a double meaning to his words trailing after me as I walked out.




I heard a knock at the door and I jumped up in anticipation. It had been an awfully slow and torturous morning. My mother seemed continuously more irritating, praising Pearce and trying to play Cupid. All that I could think about was Roman. His smile, his hair, his amazing emerald eyes…


Parting with him was such sweet sorrow.  It felt like I only came alive when I was with him. My heartbeat and my breath were just for him. I sent Netty out a while ago to collect word from Roman to see what he had planned this afternoon and she was finally back.


“Netty!” I screamed happily as the door swung open. “Did you meet with him? What did he say? He’s cute isn’t he? Do you like him?” The words were simply spilling out of my mouth in excitement. I led her down the hall and into the spacious living room.


“Calm down Jules” she laughed and plopped down on the white leather couch with a sigh.


“Netty!” I whined, urging her to continue.


“I’m so tired” she complained, clearly dragging things out just to irk me.


“Tell me!” I commanded eager to hear what Roman said. She continued to stay silent so I picked up a pale blue cushion from the sofa and threw it at her.


“Hey!” she cried indignantly. “Can’t you see that I am out of breath from carrying your messages all around town?”


“How are you out of breath, when you have enough breath to say ‘I am out of breath’?” I replied impatiently


She rolled her eyes. “I’m kind of hungry…” she trailed off. I dramatically sighed and ran to the kitchen. I came back to the living room with a plate full of cookies that I had baked yesterday. I set them on the glass table and watched as she devoured one. I tapped my foot impatiently on the polished wooden floor waiting for her to speak.


“Seriously Netty, what did he say?!” I desperately burst out.


“Fine” she drawled. “Do you have time to go out this afternoon?” I quickly nodded my head. Both my parents would be away on business this afternoon so I was free

until they came back. If they ever found out where I was going, they would have a heart attack. I was their precious, obedient daughter, free to mould as they pleased. God forbid if she ever developed a free-will.


“Meet him at the front of the Church at 1 o’clock” she said, mirth twinkling in her eyes. I looked at the clock and saw that it was already 12. Outfits and accessories immediately listed in my mind as I began to rush up the spiralling staircase.


“And for that other question, yes he is quite cute. He’s a keeper that one” she called out gleefully as she followed me up the stairs.

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