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(Fractured Fairytale of Romeo and Juliet) When they met, they instantly fell in love. Roman and Julie are star-crossed teens, their love seems to be doomed from the start. From Highschool Rivalries to Controlling Families, at every turn seems to be tragedy. A modern twist on a classic <3


3. Chapter 3 <3



“Where are you going Roman?” I heard Marc yell from behind me. It was midnight and the hall was still bursting with life. The napkin that Julie had written on was clenched in my hand. I couldn’t stop thinking about her all night and just wanted to get out of here.


“I think I’ll just go home, I’m kinda tired” I lied. I just ached to see Julie.


“Why be a party pooper Roman?” Marc yelled, while maniacally doing something that probably was meant to be dancing, but resembled him looking as if he were having a seizure. I walked outside and silently gazed at the pale moon, bathing the trees in white light.


“It’s cause of Rose isn’t it? You know she is pretty sexy” Marc provoked.


“Why would you say that, you’ll just make him angry…” Ben’s voice trailed behind me. I ignored both of them and continued walking down the street. Her face was everywhere I turned. I wanted her…I needed her,


She WILL be mine.



I couldn’t sleep. I wearily ran my fingers through my hair and glanced at the clock on my white nightstand. It was already 1am. I blindly reached over the clock and felt around for my lamp switch. Dim light gently flooded my messy room and illuminated the band posters on my lavender walls. My room had been my sanctuary for many years now. The cream carpet had nursed my tears, the soft purple bed had protected me from the monsters of night and the large bookcase on the left wall had fuelled my imagination ever since I was a little girl.


Why couldn’t I go to sleep? Thoughts annoyingly buzzed around my head, immune to whatever mental swatting I had attempted. They all related to him of course. I was so confused on what to do. These emotions had come so suddenly and so passionately that I wasn’t sure what was real anymore. Although I was sure that I loved him, even though I had only just met him as foolish as that sounds.


When Pearce had dropped me home a few hours ago, my mother kept hinting at how handsome and how well endowed he was. I knew that she wanted me to like him; he already had her seal of approval. I knew that the rest of the Capulets would like Pearce aswell. My mother had been a Capulet when she had been in Highschool and had stayed bitter towards the Montagues, even though that was years ago.


I slipped out of bed in my white nightdress and walked out of the doors and onto my balcony. The warm breeze caressed my face as I leant against the railing. I plugged my earphones into my phone and turned up the music as loud as it could go, aiming to drown out my thoughts. I looked up and saw the ashen moon at the centre of the darkened sky, highlighting the flower garden below. My balcony was situated at the side of my house, facing the vast wood neighbouring us. His face popped up in my head again and I pulled my earphones out in exasperation.


“Oh Roman” I sighed loudly to myself. “What is the point of the fighting between the Capulets and the Montagues? I mean what is a Montague? It is merely a name, not hand, nor foot, nor face nor any part of a man. If you think about it…what’s really in a name? If a rose was called by any other name it would smell just as sweet.” My thoughts were spilling out of my mouth.


Suddenly my phone vibrated. I looked down and saw that I had gotten a text from an unknown number.


‘Look below ’ was all it said


I glanced over the railing and I squealed in delight. There, standing below my balcony was Roman.


“Hi Julie” he said softly


“Hi Roman” I giddily said back.


“Not that I am not completely glad that you’re here, but why are you here? If my mother finds out she will be furious” I said, slowly coming back down to reality.


“I just couldn’t stay away” he grinned with a wink. I could feel a blush creeping across my cheeks. He was absolutely adorable.


“You know” he began “I don’t care about the feud if it means spending time with you.” My face got even hotter.


“I am sick of the fighting anyway, and the aggression between your group and mine is getting carried away.” I muttered


He nodded solemnly. I leant a little more across the railing, longing to be in his arms.


“Come down” he pleaded


“I can’t,” I said regretfully. There was an alarm that was sure to go off if I even set foot downstairs.  


“Then I’ll come up!” he cried dramatically, making me giggle. Architecturally, my house was Renaissance styled from the 15th century with a massive garden and paved area outside. It was made out of grey stone with thick vines crawling up the walls that when in bloom, scattering snowy buds around the building. These vines were strong enough to carry his weight as he ascended up the wall and unto my balcony.


I immediately ran into his arms and felt complete. We just stood there in silence, within each other’s arms, letting the mild wind swirl around us. He titled his face closer and my thoughts scattered away, leaving my mind completely blank. His lips connected with mine and I felt as if I could fly. In reality, we could have been kissing for minutes or hours but it only felt like a few seconds. It was amazing…he is amazing. I pulled back and gazed at his emerald eyes, feeling warm.


“I love you,” he whispered




I instantly squeezed my eyes shut in absolute embarrassment. God, why did I just say that! I had only just met her. She probably thinks I am a creep. Although, I couldn’t deny the feelings inside of me, I really did love her.


Stomach full of dread, I waited for her reaction. Maybe she was so disgusted that she would push me off this balcony. Ugh I hope she did, I totally messed up. I hesitantly opened my eyes to see her looking down, cheeks adorably flushed. I immediately faltered, heart aching. I knew it…she didn’t love me. I mean how could she? I was just some guy she met at Prom.


I was about to move away when she tilted her beautiful face up and said four words that took my breath away. Four simple words.


“I love you Roman”


I kissed her passionately, completely overjoyed. As we continued kissing, my head felt light and fireworks were exploding inside of me.


“I know that we have just met but I want you to be mine.” I murmured, lovingly stroking her dark hair. She gave me the most marvellous smile and I swear my heart stopped.


“Are you sure?” she asked timidly, happiness peaking from her eyes.


I looked up at the sky and an idea formed with my head. “I swear by the moon-“ I began but she cut me off.


“Don’t swear by the moon. It is inconstant and always changing”


“What shall I swear by then?” I asked puzzled. She poked my cheek at my confused expression and chuckled. I became distracted by her tinkling laugh and committed that sound to memory.


“Swear on yourself, because you are truly everything to me…” she trailed off shyly.


“I swear on us that you will be mine but I want to do this properly.” I whispered.


“You’re the sweetest” she smiled. I poked her stomach and she jumped as if shocked.


“Don’t do that! I’m ticklish,” she said mock-sternly, wagging her finger at me. I step forward with a smirk and her eyes widened.


“You wouldn’t!” she hissed


“Oh but I would” I chuckled and ran after her to the other side of the balcony. I trapped her in my arms and tickled her. She was squirming with laughter, chocolate eyes twinkling. Her giggles were loud and carefree. I absolutely loved the sound of her laugh.


“Julie?!” I heard someone call from within. I immediately stopped and clamped a hand over her mouth.


“Julie! What the hell is all the racket?” the voice repeated, slightly raised in volume.


“Coming!” she yelled.


“I’ve got something planned for tomorrow” I whispered quickly, eyes twinkling.


She laughed. “Technically today since it’s already…” She glanced at her watch “4am”


“Also,” she continued “I can’t leave the house in the morning but I’ll get Netty to send word to you.” I nodded and she embraced me in her arms. I gently pressed my lips against hers, aiming for a goodbye peck, but she deepened the kiss, our breath mingling while our hearts raced.


“Julie Fay Callistar!” The voice screeched.


“I really should be going,” she murmured regretfully, in between kisses. I let her go as she rushed to the glass doors. Just as she turned the silver knob, she spun back around.


“Goodnight Roman” she breathed and walked inside.


“Goodnight beautiful” I replied but she was already gone.

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