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(Fractured Fairytale of Romeo and Juliet) When they met, they instantly fell in love. Roman and Julie are star-crossed teens, their love seems to be doomed from the start. From Highschool Rivalries to Controlling Families, at every turn seems to be tragedy. A modern twist on a classic <3


9. Chappy 9



“Julie, Pearce is here to see you!” was what woke me up from a deep and dreamless sleep. I looked around, and after a moment of disorientation, I realised I was in Julie’s room. I glanced beside me to see Julie, sleepily rolling over, her singlet top bunched around her stomach and shorts slipping off her waist. She was so beautiful that it hurt.


“Morning babe” she yawned, opening her eyes.


“Morning” I replied, tenderly brushing her hair out of her face.


“Julie, are you even up yet?! You have school!” A woman’s voice yelled, as the footsteps got louder. I looked at the alarm clock at the bedside table and could see that it 7 o’clock, school didn’t start for another hour and a half.


“Shit! She doesn’t know you spent the night” Julie hissed. “Go hide in the…closet or something” she giggled.


I rolled my eyes as I rolled off the bed, jogged towards her closet and stepped inside. The things I do for this girl. I heard her bedroom door swing open and caught wisps of muffled conversation.


“Pearce is not driving me to school!” I heard Julie suddenly shout from the other side of the closet door, followed by a heated lecture from her mother. I felt a seed of jealousy worm its way into my stomach. Who is Pearce? And why is this the first I have heard of him?


“Calm down Roman” I whispered to myself. “Maybe he’s her cousin or something…” I had a tendency to jump to conclusions.


The door finally slammed shut as I peeped my head out of the closet. Julie was sitting on her bed, now fully dressed and silently fuming.


“What’s wrong?” I cautiously said, walking towards her and slinging my arm over her shoulder.


“Family problems” she murmured sadly.


“I love you so much” I whispered pulling her tightly against me. It made me ache to see her sad.


“How much do you love me?” her words were cracking with vulnerability.


“Too much” I replied honestly “I love you so much that it hurts” she grinned and kissed me.


“I love you so much, that I would literally die without you” Julie suddenly commented. I loved the way she said it; as if she were talking about the weather or something else perfectly normal and factual and real.


“We could run away together, escape it all” she mumbled into my shoulder, words hinting at something I didn’t know. Escape what? I wanted to ask, but I knew she didn’t really want to talk about it.


 I let her lay my head onto my shoulder for a while until she suddenly stood up, as if she had an idea.


“Hang on, stay here for a sec” she instructed as she walked out of her bedroom door. Something bad was going to happen, I could tell. I slipped on my jeans and put on my shirt. With this sense of foreboding, I ignored my instincts and followed her down the stairs. I stayed close to the walls and hid behind a corner, as the voices got louder. I peeked around and saw her parents and an unfamiliar looking guy- Pearce I’m guessing. Julie’s mother pushed her reluctant looking daughter towards him.


The next thing I saw made me freeze. It was as if I couldn’t feel my body, the erratic thumping of my heart filling my ears. Everything was in painful slow motion.


Pearce leaned forward and planted his lips on Julie. My immediate reaction was to scream and punch a hole in the wall. But I bit back a string of profanities as I remembered that I was meant to be hiding. I was so enraged, my hands clenched with my knuckles turning an unhealthy shade of white. I wanted to grab Pearce and slam my fists into his freaking perfect face, until he begged for forgiveness. I wanted to lodge my foot in between his legs over and over again until he could no longer reproduce. At this moment I probably could have killed him.


What stopped me was that Julie didn’t do anything. She didn’t push him back, she didn’t slap him across the face and tell him that she had a boyfriend. In fact, she began to kiss back. The anger had faded away into pain, pure and simple. It was as if my heart was literally breaking. My body was ripping apart from the inside out. I was having trouble breathing, the turmoil becoming unbearable.


When they finally pulled away from each other-it felt like a million agonising years, her face was completely devoid of emotion; as if she didn’t even care that she had just cheated on her boyfriend. I gasped, a single tear trickling down my face.


She snapped her head towards the sound. Eyes widening in shock and mouth slightly parted she stared at me. I stepped out from behind the wall and faced Julie. I didn’t care anymore; I didn’t care if her parents saw me, I didn’t care if I got into trouble, The only thing I cared about was the throbbing ache of my heart beat and the girl who I thought was my forever.


“How could you?” I whispered; each word tortured.


“R-Roman I c-can explain-“ she stumbled, moving towards me. I took a step back; too hurt to even let her come close to me.


“Who are you and what are you doing in my house?!” Julie’s father rudely interrupted. I ignored him and moved my gaze towards Pearce. Before I had time to think through my actions, I stepped forward and punched him straight in the nose. He gasped and fell to the floor, holding his bloody nose in his hand.  That’s for kissing my girlfriend you bastard. Julie’s mother rushed beside him and helped him off the floor.


“How dare you punch my son-in-law?!” she screeched, her eyes blazing.


“Son-in-law?” I repeated, extremely confused.


“Yes son-in-law, as in my daughter’s fiancé!” she screamed. I stood frozen on the spot. A little part of my heart seemed to rip off. I was dying on the inside. She had been playing me this entire time. She’s actually engaged. I always knew I wasn’t good enough for her.


“Young man I think you should leave before I call the police” Julie’s father stated calmly, a menacing undertone to his voice.


“Already on it” I walked to the door, holding back the tears that were forming in my eyes with each passing second. I was devastated, completely and utterly wrecked.


“Roman!” Julie called, running after me. I ignored her and walked to my car. I slammed the door and started the engine. She ran out of the house, tears streaming down her own face.


“Please Roman, stop!” she screamed. I rolled down my window and looked at her, beautiful face, pain wrapping around my chest.


“I love you so much that it hurts and you played me…you fucking played me Julie. Did you know that I actually imagined marrying you? I guess someone beat me to it.” I laughed bitterly. “You were fucking engaged the entire time! I thought you were my forever but I guess not.” I couldn’t hold back my tears now, I was drowning in pain and I didn’t think I was going to re surface.


With that I drove away, leaving a tearstained Julie crumpled on the ground, out the front of her house. I wonder if you could die from heartbreak? I wish I could, anything to take away this agonising hurt consuming my body and clouding my brain. I needed a distraction since my world had come crashing down around me.


I grabbed my phone and dialled. It rung a few times before it finally answered.




“Hey Rose its Roman…have a little time before school?”

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