Love is Just Around the Corner

Jacinta is just your average teenager, she goes to school has to do a ton of homework, Has a crush on a guy, Zach, has the best of friends who she can rely on for anything in the world. One day while she was working at her job, at the local hotel, usually where the more poor people stay, she bumps into a boy about 18. She couldn't see his face because his hood was so low, they quickly become good friends and called and text all the time. One day the boy asked to meet her again she obviously agreed but the person she was texting and calling was the one person she would least expect it to be. The boy she has a crazy obsession with. Her favourite in the biggest boy band in the universe, Harry Styles.


2. Working Together and Meeting Again

"So I was thinking we could start by-" My phone beeped signalling a text message, I owner who it was, "One minute." I said to Zach. I looked down at my phone, it was a text from Harry, I honestly didn't expect him too text me so soon, I still haven't figured out that one thing I found so familiar about him.
'Hey beautiful u want to come over 2day????'
'Sorry im busy maybe tomoz' I replied.
'Sure sorry if I bothered u :('
'No u didn't I just have to do a school project talk 2 u later' I sent the text and walked back over to Zach.
"Who was that?" He asked.
"Just a friend." I replied.
"What's her name?" He asked.
"It's not a girl it's a boy and his name is Harry." I swear I saw his smile turn into a frown for  second.
"Cool..." What's his problem he has a girlfriend.
"What's wrong?" I asked him.
"Oh nothing."
"I know something is wrong why won't you tell me?"
"Because nothing is wrong." He said, I decided to just agree and get back on with work.
"So I was thinking we could video tape them until they hatch then kind of make it into a short film." I suggested.
"Yeah that would be fun." Zach said. All night we worked on the project we were up till 3 in the morning and ended up falling asleep face first on the coffee table were we were working.

I woke up and remembered Zach was here, wait I think it was only a dream it must have been, Zach wasn't even here. I got up and walked into the kitchen surprisingly it wasn't a dream, Zach was making himself breakfast.
"Sorry Jacinta, I got a little hungry." Zach said while he ate his cereal.
"That's ok I just thought you might have left." I said.
"Haha on a long weekend, I don't think so." he replied
"How long are you staying for?" I asked him, I remembered I have to go meet up with Harry again today.
"Till about 12 is that ok?" He asked.
"That's perfect." I replied he smiled and started eating the rest of his cereal.

At 11:30 Zach left, I know, I know he said he would leave at 12 but his girlfriend wanted him over at her place. Oh well more time to get ready. I ended up putting on a pale blue skirt with flats and a cute T-shirt. Perfection.

This was defiantly the address Harry sent me, I read the text over and over again and looked at the house after I looked at the text. I finally decided I was being silly and walked up to the front door and knocked on it.
"Just a minute!" I heard Harry yell from the other side of the door. It slowly opened revealing the face of the person that I have been thinking of so much since I met him. That person was the very person I would have least expected it to ever be, Harry Styles. My mouth dropped open, all these years I have been fangirling over him just because I saw a picture in a magazine, all the support I have given these boys even though I know they never knew, all those years I cried because in reality I thought I would never meet them let-alone be friends with them.
"H-hi Harry." I stuttered.
"Hey Jacinta what should we do today." I was starstruck, Harry Edward Styles, was actually talking to me, and he knows my name.
"I was thinking maybe we could go too the movies." I said slowly trying not to stutter and make a fool out of myself.
"Sure, sounds like fun, just hang on a minute while I go inside and get a jumper." He said.
"Sure." I replied, I really had no idea what to say I was standing in front of Harry Styles and he knew who I was, but this was the boy I supported since day 1 of the X-Factor this was like a dream come true for me, I know a lot of girls would probably kill to be in my position so I'm going to try not to blow it. Harry came out, shut the door, and we walked to his car. He opened the door for me, like a real gentleman. We drove off to the cinema but it was a really awkward silence the whole way there, I just wish I could talk to boys more easily.

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