As Long As I'm With You

A One Direction Niall Horan fanfic. Pretty much 19 year old Natasha and Niall are dating happily, until her assassin past catches up with her and puts her and Niall in danger as they struggle to run away from not only Russian agents, but their own doubts.


2. Flashbacks


They drove out to a secluded cabin by a riverbed. Inside it was cozy, a fireplace, tempera mattress, and stocked up food. As Natasha sat on the bed, she thought back to when she met Niall. She had been out of the agency for about a year, and decided to take a vacation in London.

Flashback Natasha POV

I walked blindly through the streets of London, finding myself looking back for anyone following me. I shook the feeling off, I was done with that place, and I was never going back. But nonetheless I still kept checking. I noticed a blonde boy stayed behind me for a couple blocks, and couldn't force myself to cross off the idea of a spy. After a few more blocks I was pretty sure he was following me but I didn't think he was a professional. He wasn't good at tailing me or being inconspicuous. I round the corner into an alley and waited for him.

Back to Present

"Hey, babe?" Niall shook Natasha out of her thoughts.

"Huh?" She asked.

"Can I eat any of this food?" Natasha smiled.

"Go ahead." Him and his eating. She joined him at the chestnut table with a bag of chips.

"What had you so zoned out there?" Niall inquired, munching on his freezer French fries that he apparently microwaved.

"I was just thinking." She stared off into space, but didn't zone out.

"Bout what?" He pressed.

"How we met." He laughed and continued eating. Knowing the Irish boy could eat on forever, Natasha let herself drift into thoughts and memories again.

Flashback Natasha POV

I waited until he casually turned the corner and ran straight into me. His aviator sun glasses fell askew revealing bright blue eye. He just stared at me, and said nothing.

"You're following me. Why?" I accused. He looked away.

"Well, you looked lost." He told me in a cute Irish accent. I chuckled. I needed to calm down.

"I am." He laughed softly.

"That's what I thought. Nando's?" He offered his hand. I took it, remembering the delicious fast food restaurant. We raced back down streets until we reached the place, then went inside. We ate and talked, and I found out he was in a British (besides him) boyband. I opened up to him, telling him about my being orphaned and going through abuse in foster care. He seemed to care, to understand. I never opened up to anyone before. We chatted until another band member, Louis, made him leave to go to a sound check. I knew right then that Niall Horan was special. 


Natasha looked out the window. It was getting late. She got in the bed and bunched up the blankets, which didn't seem to keep her very warm. In a minute a shirtless Niall scooted in next to her.

"Love, you don't have to sleep here if you don't want to, there's another bed." He shook his head and kissed her nose.

"Nope, your cold, so I will warm you." He wrapped his arms around Natasha, and she had to admit, it was comfortable. She huddled up and rested her head on his warm chest.

"I love you, Niall." She whispered, just loud enough for him to hear.

"Love you too, Nat." He kissed her passionately before they drifted off to sleep.

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