U only can go ONE DIRECTION

GRACE is a normal girl who's dad abuses her so she runs away not knowing she will fall deeply in love with harry style moving on with her life help her face her Wirh her journey


3. Wondering is he for me ?

is he for me I mean he sweet N all but idk he could turn on me he said he care knock knock I open the door there is a blonde chick give ing me and evil glare man if looks could kill she swung past me toharry why havent u answered my txts " yah Harry why havent u " I say with tears down my eyes an run upstairs slam the door
get out get out now I don't want to see u here again OUT
Fine she said and storms off I walk upstairs an into graces room It wasent what it looked like
Sure it wasent she said anger filling her every move I dident txt her cuz I met u and I care for u grace only u not her plz belive me she leans and crys on my shoulder she's so mean to me I'm gonna go out and hang for awile Kay? Sure grace watever u like
She goes out side

~hours later
She dident come back I'm getting worried !

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