U only can go ONE DIRECTION

GRACE is a normal girl who's dad abuses her so she runs away not knowing she will fall deeply in love with harry style moving on with her life help her face her Wirh her journey


4. What THE !!!!

shes been gone for 4 hours I'm going to look for her I call the boys and tell them to be on the lookout for grace they said they ll watch I started to cry I couldent help it she's the love of my life I went by the creek for no reason at all and I see a body hanging on the railing up side down about to fall in I run over help and I hear a familiar voice " go away"! GRACE!? Yes it's me now go away ! No I pulled her up from the ledge and said why did u do this u could have killed ur self I was scared half to death young lady
I snatched myself out of Harry's grip an started stomping away he screamed "WHY GRACE WHY"! I SCREAMED BACK "I M SCARED OKAY HARRY IM SCARED"! Job well done u found out I mumbled under my breath " grace if u told me u were scared I would help u but u dident why?!!!!" I dident want u to know but my dad will find me someday
And that day is coming I know it
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