U only can go ONE DIRECTION

GRACE is a normal girl who's dad abuses her so she runs away not knowing she will fall deeply in love with harry style moving on with her life help her face her Wirh her journey


1. Not loving life ;(

GRACE GET DOWN HERE NOW her father screams "yes dad" she speaks quietly not trying to make him mad U DISERVE A SLAP !
BECAUSE I WANT TO ! Dad slaps her across the face as my dad walks away I run as fast as i can out the door miles away I sit in a soccer field catching my breath did not bring supplies " how stupid of me not to bring supplies"! I slept on that bench the next day I got up and started to walk around England gorgeous city. Found a bench to sleep on through the cold night cars were honking people were walking I couldent get any sleep the next morning tired and crying I got to a quite nieghborhood
I got up for breakfeast my mom was making eggs I went to go get the mail and I came across a pretty young woman worn out and tired
Hello u look tired let me help u .
No I'm thx but I can handle it
No come with me I grab her arm and take her in I give her some hot coco to warm her up
Thx for the help !
Harry's mother well Harry's sister Gemma is gone u may use her room to sleep in we can leave u on the streets now can we gemma gone to. Collage so ur fine sweetie
Oh my thank u my name is grace
Hello grace I'm....
I know who u are ur from one direction Harry u took Justin BEIbers spotlight lol
I said as I sit on my bed Harry sits by me " I'm not trying to be rude but how did u endup on the streets? Well my father abused me so I ran away
Harry sat there with a scared look on his face he grabed my hand an said I'm so sorrrry that u went through all of that
Its not ur fault !
Well I better get to finding a job on a computer cAll me when it's dinner please Harry
I'm going crazy do I like him??? No I can't like him I have just met him but he makes me feel safe ah snaps out of it grace shy he's coming wait why Am I sh ing myself and he won't even be able to hear me oh well
Harry peeks throught the Collagedoor am I bothering u at all
No not one bit
Dinners ready let me show u were to go Harry grabs my hand hugs me them still holding my hand Leads me to the dinner table after we finish eating I head up to my room. Harry follows me
What are u doing?
I want to talk to u
Okay prepare to be boreded out
Harry an grace talk for a long time at 8 grace goes to bed Harry accedenly falls asleep with her ...
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