U only can go ONE DIRECTION

GRACE is a normal girl who's dad abuses her so she runs away not knowing she will fall deeply in love with harry style moving on with her life help her face her Wirh her journey


6. Ice cream isent fun anymore

went headed out the door Liem walked me down the block to the ice cream shop there where some out houses we both had to go to the bathroom I got out and looked around Liem wasent there I thought he might still be in the bathroom so I lent against the wall and waited a man came up to me "HI SEXY HOW ARE YA " get away I said and he touch my private and pined me to the wall I screamed Liem came out saw him and punched him in the face he took my hand and ran me out of there till we got home I was crying when we got in but bad new Harry was home and not the best time to cry !!!!!
Liem where the hell were u and why is she crying LIEMS face full of guilt Tell me LIEM NOW I took her for ice cream I went the bathroom an when I came out a man pined her against the wall I'm really very sorry Liem walked away with his head down "oh Harry it riminded me of my dad "! Still crying tears escaped I wipe them with my thumb nothing will happen to u again I said trying to make he feel okay umma have a talk with Liem a looonnnmgg talk!!!
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