U only can go ONE DIRECTION

GRACE is a normal girl who's dad abuses her so she runs away not knowing she will fall deeply in love with harry style moving on with her life help her face her Wirh her journey


2. I care??!!!!!

Grace wakes up with Harry's arms around her she shot up watches Harry's eyes flicker open omg I'm sorry I felll asleep " that's okay
Next few days they hung out went shoping but the 5 day Harry makes a mean sandwich his mom says as she leaves for work make grace one shut the front do he starts making one grace decides to gross him out she pours ketchup on his shirt
" this is so uncalled for" he pours ketchup in her hair so she grabs flower and puffs it on his face she runs in the living room trips on a shoe falls on her back he chased her over and triped on her and they lay on top. Of each other harry says I have a prize for u
What? Puffs powder in ur face they giggle Harry says I care about u I think I love u ..,
U stand there speachless all u can say is I feel the same way ! But can barley speak 3 hours of fun and games they try and go to bed but that couple just can't they keep thinking about each other finally they get to sleep..!
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